Reviews for Dolores Bested
LavernaG chapter 1 . 11/6/2017
This was really great. It was a great twist, and the whole scene was just perfect. :) I enjoyed this story a lot. Thank you for sharing!
WaterPhoenix2112 chapter 1 . 8/17/2017
This is perfection!
trickster32 chapter 1 . 3/15/2017
That was fantastic!

Bested by an unholy group of students & Professors. Too bad that she will recover someday.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/18/2016
Not sure where to begin, except to say; HAHAHAHAH! I love this!
Guest chapter 1 . 8/22/2015
I couldn't stop laughing. It's awesome!
CoraismyHomie chapter 1 . 7/7/2015
That was totally awesome :)
Anna Doherty chapter 1 . 7/26/2013
Loved this story almost choaked with laughter when the twins told her pink made her look fat. Anna
pantomimicry chapter 1 . 11/6/2011
I just searched through over 2000 summaries to find this...that should tell you how much I love this!
SonataEternal chapter 1 . 12/10/2010
This is hilarious and well thought out!
BuzzCat chapter 1 . 7/21/2010
XD XD XD May Umbridge burn in... the deepest pits of Hell. Not normal Hell. I don't want to be seeing her every other day.
Puppyluv09 chapter 1 . 3/9/2010
This was so cute!
MarinaB chapter 1 . 11/7/2009
Loved the twist! Cheers!

OSuzanne chapter 1 . 8/29/2009
You are quite right, I did not see that twist at the end coming. If Umbridge wasn't so evil and slimy, I might have even felt bad for her; such a nasty trick they played on her. Quite a funny piece.
Bergere chapter 1 . 8/21/2009
Oh! Taht was so funny and nice ) I really loved it ! )
IAmCertainlyMMAD chapter 1 . 8/17/2009

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