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Habakiri chapter 1 . 8/19/2016
New in the fandom (only two years now; late, I know), I haven't read this fic yet. And I would like to leave thoughts in each chapter as I go. We don't get much of ArisaxSuzuka stories and this is truly something to enjoy, I know.
In this chapter, I've to note that your description of the surrounding kind of... ruined some percent of the charm for me. To be specific, I found it inconsistent that the parking lot had people at first, whereas they suddenly seemed to be in a desolate place once the kidnapping happened. I can see the unpolished nature of the work from here. But regardless, it doesn't have to stop me from reading the next.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.
Steveaaml chapter 16 . 1/21/2015
I loved this story. Thanks.
Steveaaml chapter 15 . 1/21/2015
This is such a great story. Lindy is a total badass, and Arf was great too. I love the idea of them working together, and I'm so glad that Arf got a chance to be helpful again.
Arisa is also perfect. Suzuka is fantastic, of course, but the way you write Arisa is so wonderful. The way she speaks is delightful and blunt and sincere.
Steveaaml chapter 6 . 1/21/2015
Ha! The omakes always make me laugh.

Your Arisa is so very sweet, and this confession scene was as charming and earnest as they come. In fact, I'm favouriting this story because of this chapter.
Steveaaml chapter 3 . 1/20/2015
This is really funny. The Omake was great too.
DschingisKhan chapter 16 . 8/29/2014
My memory being what it is, I only realised about halfway through that I already read this. (Out of curiosity, I looked at the review history. It was actually June of 2012, before I made a proper account. ;)

And now I've read it twice.
Guest chapter 2 . 3/25/2014
nice American jab
Queensarrow chapter 5 . 5/19/2013
"That can't be too good for the salarymen, though."

"Why? We certainly aren't any harsher than any other major corporation is on our workers. Probably less, when you factor it all in."

"Maybe now, but what about when you take over? I can just see some office manager saying to his staff, 'Our CEO is dead and she's still putting in a full day's work, and you're complaining about a couple of hours' overtime?'"

Orzhova, the Church of Deals. For some reason this popped into my head on reading this part. Anyway rereading just because. (no hope for a sequel is there?)
Cunning Linguist chapter 16 . 6/8/2012
Interesting, now you've got me thinking of the long implications! For example, with enough training could Arisa do body manipulation (e.g. form a mana blade)? There's no reason to believe that The Proteus Effect doesn't generalise to situations where the true form is mutable according to self-perception. For that matter, with greater focus, I imagine she could make herself invisible to whomever she should like by restricting her psychic projection. Considering her bonds with Suzuka, I wonder if they can do a unison? What would its nature be? Could they fly? That would be romantic; I hope so. If you gave her a device, would it put undue pressure on her form? Or in keeping with the above, might it allow her easier form manipulation? At that point, one could envision a "doll device" body that she can take control of to reduce energy strain and to allow her to get normal wedding photographs. Speaking of which, does the potency and quality of Suzuka's meals affect her operating parameters? Is their link empathic as well as energetic? Telepathy? Can Arisa push her projection beyond line of sight? Can she distort her apparent position and cause attacks to miss? Shadow clones? This has potential...

(In case it wasn't obvious by now, I liked it. Thanks. :)
fan-rei chapter 16 . 1/3/2012
i'm always glad to read about secondary character. i feelt bad for them being forgotten past the firsts episodes.

"So this year's graduating class includes an air combat mage from a family of ninja, an air combat mage who's an alien clone, the inheritor of a centuries-old tome of black magic and its Guardian Knights, a vampire raised by androids, and a half-foreign ghost. Whatever happened to the days when a transfer student from Osaka was something unusual and exciting?"

still i agree it's a little much.

the story was cute. thanks your for sharing.

on a side note even 'normal' secondary characters need love.
Artorius XV chapter 16 . 12/5/2011
Despite my early disappointment of Arisa's death, I think this fic finished quite well.
Artorius XV chapter 14 . 12/5/2011
Due, now that, I did not expect.
Artorius XV chapter 2 . 12/1/2011
Arisa, dead?

Awww, the only filler character I liked is dead already. D:
The Ansem Man chapter 16 . 6/2/2011
Of course, I owe you a proper review.

Arisa was awesome-it appears that not even death can get her down, and you even make mention/use of the whole Burning Arisa business.

The connection between Arisa and Suzuka was powerful-probably one of the strongest I have seen in a good while. I owe it to the fact that my heart broke when Suzuka contemplated suicide, and the implications on the extra when she was acting as the willing energy host for Arisa's continued existence.

There was some notable comedy-like Arisa's "oh I'm dead, nothing changes." and Hayate's omake joke on that ("See look I'm talking to the dead right now!")

Enjoyed, and as previously seen, on my favorites list.
IzanagiMikoto chapter 16 . 2/27/2011
Well, this story ended pretty much how I expected, which isn't necessarily a minus. Despite my criticism about the lack of angst on Arisa's part about being dead, in hindsight, I probably wouldn't have wanted to read about it, given how long it would realistically take to resolve.

I like happy endings, and you never disappoint. Compared to your other stories, I don't know why, but I didn't feel the same sense of urgency or danger, like in your Grim Grimoire stories. I guess alot of it had to do with Arisa's ghost status - already dead, what worse could happen to her.

I liked Lindy and Arf swinging in to save the day, though I would've liked to have seen more or have them arrive a little bit earlier. I really felt for Arf's situation, hearing that she was more of a burden to Fate than an ally. It was probably the second most emotional scene, losing out to the most obvious Suzuka murder Arisa contemplating suicide scene.

The only other thing I wanted to point out was that in comparison to Arisa who had a number of supernatural powers, Suzuka didn't have many despite being a true vampire, or if she did, I can't remember them off the top of my head, though its been awhile since I've read this. I just thought I'd drop a review before I forget again as my payment for reading.
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