Reviews for Siren of the Sea
Coolyo chapter 10 . 8/14
Read this since you first started this story and i go back here oce in a while if youve updated your stories. sad to not see new chapters. anyway, hope youre fine and doing what u love. ((pls update your stories))
Art chapter 10 . 7/27
FUUUUUUUDGE! I STILL CAN'T FORGET THIS STORY! I wanna see the end of this fic but I guess it'll never happen. :'(
Guest chapter 10 . 6/29
I get that you got a life but it's been 4 years and you still haven't updated. I know it takes a super long time to write these awesome stories but I doubt it that this chapter so long that it will take so much more than 4 years to write. You have already written it down on paper and all you have to do it post it on the site.

Anyways, I hope you haven't gotten a major writers block or you lost the inspiration to write SoS but this story will probably end in two chapters by the looks of it but me and many other people won't mind if you write more :P

So please don't abandon (even though it seems like you have abandon Sos and monster) Sos and monster and finish the fanfiction so it will put all of your fans out of our misery.
Nami Ozawa chapter 10 . 6/28
Please come back :'(
Nae chapter 10 . 6/25
This is one of the best story on this website...I hope that you will continue it
Guest chapter 2 . 6/23
Meh. I can see why this is abandoned. Shizuru's an unredeemable monster. Having Natsuki warm up to her is ludicrous. But then, Natsuki's a hypocrite, refusing to save Takeda. Quite an unsympathetic couple, and completely ooc.
KagamineCraze chapter 10 . 6/23
Please come back! I beg you!
asaroth chapter 10 . 6/17
i think that other's who patiently waited your 2 blockbuster stories are already dead buried six feet on the ground. the thing is you still dont care to update it.

it's also a bullshit to even say things for those who wait...when all along that's a blatant lie!

you can erase your face here and no one will mind just like how u dont mind about a hundreds pleas for the update. The karma !
S chapter 10 . 5/27
Crime: M.I.A. for the last years.
Please report if someone found the author. The whole MaiHime FF fandom is looking for the author.
Guest chapter 10 . 3/31
! So heard from you.
Guest chapter 7 . 3/29
Hey shayp! This is my third time reading your lovely story. And all those times never has this story failed to strike a chord. I would like to inform you that I know Its hard to write in this hard and busy world. Just know you put excitement in my life and there are many readers waiting for you to update️ GANBATTE SHAY SAN
marfry chapter 10 . 3/25
Aja y para cuando la contó?
Flamehaze-006shana chapter 10 . 3/18
Author-san! How are you today? I hope fine, yes? I know it's been too long since you update this..but I'm still not giving up..hahaha..I know there's also a lot of people waiting for you to make a comeback. Anyways, I hope you find some time to continue your amazing stories. Please don't make us wait anymore.
See you soon, ShayP-sensei! ;)
Guest chapter 10 . 3/12
pls update... :(
anirak chapter 10 . 3/5
Por favor der continuidade a essa fi a ele um final digno.
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