Reviews for Mithrin IX: Loving You
Sternenkind1750 chapter 1 . 2/24/2014
You are incredible, this story is just perfect! In fact of your stories I've read up to now, I like this series best :) It's so beautifully written and I love how you portray the characters. I really like the characterization of Arwen and of course of everyone else as well... Well in total, it's incredibly well done, thanks a lot for sharing it, I enjoyed reading it very much :)
Victoriacat chapter 1 . 7/25/2011
I love your stories so much!

Honestly, I've been a horrible person when it comes to reviewing your fics. I've read every Aragorn/Legolas story you've written, and this is the first review I have done. I'm just really lazy...

First of all, your writing style is amazing. You manage to write in a way that is reminiscent of Tolkien, which is rare but absolutely wonderful. You also keep the characters in character very nicely. Also, typos are few and far between, which makes all of your stories more enjoyable. Not to mention that you write A/L fics. That just makes everything better.

So... I hope you write another story soon... Like very soon. Especially an A/L story. That would make my day. Actually, multiple days. As in, a week. Probably more. That's how little of a life I have... :)

DisturbingEmily chapter 1 . 7/7/2010
I have to say I loved all of "Mithrin", you showed perfect young Estel and Legolas, most writters can't do that.

I admire your writting style, really. This of course goes to fav ;)

Marius the Roman chapter 1 . 12/10/2009
ah! I just realized I never reviewed this chapter! Ah! Sorry, but after the first time I read it, I just scrolled back up to the top of the page and read it again.

That's the the only problem with your stories, you don't give me time to review. I just have to keep reading over and over and over and over...

I love the "I do not care" part. I was totally crying by the end of that line. (You made me cry in just fourteen words, and I didn't even cry in Titanic!)

Okay, this is wierd, but ever since reading your stories, I've actually started to pick up the langauge (I've started accidentally calling people 'meleth nin' and I stubbed my toe the other day and actually yelled out 'Manwe') You must go to SO much effort to put those little bits of... elvish(is it called elvish?) in the stories. Do you have to go through the books and find it (because that's such a painful process, NOT), or do you just know that by heart by now?

Anyway, I love this entire series. Yes, present tense, I refuse to believe it's over. Write an epilouge at least. Also, I insist you write more A/L. That is an order.

ILoveYouDearly chapter 1 . 11/19/2009
This story was absolutely GORGEOUS. I can't believe how well you write, it's inspiring and absolutely astounding at the same time. You should definitely be off making millions with original pieces.

The entire series was bittersweet, and I almost cried like 6 times. And I just absolutely love the earlier chapters were there's hesitation and naive love between Estel and Legolas. It was just so... fairytale adorable I was often grinning from ear to ear!

I love this. I adore you. Please, write something original and publish it!
Sawlt to Your Suger chapter 1 . 11/15/2009
YOU. FRIGGIN. ROCK. MY. WORLD. so much. also, for some reason it won't let me review VI, so i'm doing a quick review of that here:

"“I was! I am!” I correct myself as she laughs and pulls me close once again." love that. so cute. plus i was wondering when arwen would appear, and how her reaction would be. she's sweet. a friend. the understanding one.

in IX, there's one typo that you might want to fix ("If you were that..." instead of "I you were that", when one of the bros is talking about the oak tree and the bud), but otherwise it's brilliant, made me sniffle and then smile and then laugh and then grin again. so i think you've pretty accomplished everything with this series.

another scrumptious but also well thought out and delivered mature scene. :DD

and the ending, SO adorable. the whole "you have my brothers to thank for that." CLASSIC! like, it would've been fabulous enough if you'd just had the ending part without aragorn mentioning that he consulted his brothers. but not only that they gave him advice, but that it was also offered as sort of an at-peace with the relationship-well done!

i feel like if i keep writing, i'm just going to keep repeating how amazing your writing is (you're amazing!) which you probably don't mind, but just know that yes, you've done a wonderful job with this. intriguing writing, well-placed dialogue. tension, alleviation of said tension; sadness, happiness. it's all there. GOOD JOB! you rock.

love these so much. 3 wow. i keep wanting to write you rock and this is amazing etc. x a trillion. yeah. that should do it! YAYY.
yaoiluvr007 chapter 1 . 10/13/2009
do I hear a ring of truth in this? did you write this from your imagination or from experience!
LauratheLittle chapter 1 . 9/12/2009
So I know you said end, but you didn't really mean that, right? you can't end it there, they just finally got together! You can still right about what happens when Legolas goes home and then visits Aragorn in the north, and the whole trip with the fellowship. I would be especially interested in how you get around the whole in love with Arwen thing. So you see, you can't stop there, we (your readers) need to to continue.
TheBoltShapedScar chapter 1 . 8/18/2009
Aww sweet :)
Aralas chapter 1 . 8/17/2009
A beautiful end to a delightful series. Full of quiet romance and love, realistic anxiety and wonderufl courage as they 'declare' themselves. I know they will be all right together.:)

Loved it all, and hope you will write another series or story some time as good as this one!
baby green eyes chapter 1 . 8/16/2009


Aw no its the end! May I persuade you somehow that, that..uhh..all respectable series end in even numbers! Not uneven! Are you insane? I think that cold must have dulled your senses, child, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Thank God you have me, eh, to remind you of this important fact. Start writing, now.

*pouts* NUHUHUHHUH! I am freaking out now! I will just DIE if you start a whole new A/F series and leave out A/L! THEY ARE THE BEST PAIRING EVER THAT NEEDS A WHOLE LOT MORE OF FANDOM-ING-NESS!

I dont even want to review anymore because I am sad. You're story made me sad *jabs your tummy* YOU JUST *HAD* TO MAKE IT SO BEAUTIFUL AND SWEET AND AWKWARD AND THEN JUST *BRUTALLY* END IT. And leave hopeful reviewers (not like me, no way) out there to grovel and beg and weep their EYES out..(like I would EVER do that, yeah, sure)

Because, you know, you're-you're story wasnt even that great anyway! I mean, it was just the most awesome teenager-Estel/Legolas pairing ever, I mean ANYONE COULD HAVE WRITTEN IT! *nose grows about ten feet*

*wipes nose daintily in tissue* I am expecting a ten-foot long essay on how stories must end in even numbered chapters/parts and uneven stories are just GROTESQUE-gross, UGH! FUDGE, MY EYES! Blaahh! Thats ILLEGAL in 47 countries!

tmelange chapter 1 . 8/16/2009
Wonderful conclusion! Bravo!
Trollmela chapter 1 . 8/16/2009
A lovely ending for this series even though it doesn't feel like an end but the beginning.

I liked how the twins thought Aragorn still too young but Arwen disagreed; I guess she wouldn't have the problem of still seeing him as a child as they didn't grow up together. And the comment about a "mud covered human" is of course a must where Aragorn is involved ;-)

But bless the twins later for their ... "education". And at last: "Then, my love, we shall conquer the world." Lovely and I have absolutely nothing against that.

Thank you so much for giving us this series.