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Gyreflight chapter 35 . 8/22
It's nice to see worldbuilding that uses such strong anthropological foundations, and this is done with skill and care, confident but understated enough not to feel either clunky or trying-too-hard. Using an outsider's perspective allows the characters themselves to act as expressions of their culture, something which works really well here.

This Zuko makes an entirely believable point of view character, and although Katara is necessarily more enigmatic, that doesn't make her any less interesting. I'm also impressed at how long you kept the story going with such realistically scant communication possible between the characters – it would have been much easier to take a short-cut, but both the story and the characterisations would have suffered for it.

I do like the relationship you've built between these two, but I get the feeling that the rest of the world is likely to intrude on them soon – they can talk to each other now, but language is not the only thing that divides understanding, and there is a lot that Zuko doesn't know how to start explaining to someone with so different a frame of reference. And the marriage certificate exists. And Iroh knows where he is...

I don't know if this is something that you'll be able to come back to, but I'm glad to have found it.

Thanks for the read.
archergwen chapter 35 . 8/22
This fic is wonderful. I hope it will one day rise again, but even if it doesn't, that last sentence is a decent enough end.
LazyShadowCat chapter 35 . 8/18
This story was so good. I love how you incorporated real life cultures here. It makes everything realistic and interesting (though I'm kind of sad there aren't any polar dogs or tiger seals or anything).
I really hope you update soon, even though it's been five years. If you do, is there any chance Iroh is gonna come around and meet Zuko's new family?
Guest chapter 35 . 8/9
This is the bestZutara fanfic I've read in a long time. The world building is so rich and I love the children so much. I hope you update soon!
zemmeline chapter 35 . 7/30
i started reading this story around the same time i started a social anthropology class- it might seem irrelevant, but Enslaved help me out on my last midterm. So thank you, thank you for writing this incredible story and cementing my understanding of cultural relativism, not to mention helping me remember the basics of matrilineal systems and potlatch. It was imaginative and inventive, and without a doubt one of my favorite Zutara fics.

It's been 5ish years since the last update and Im doubting that there will be more chapters (which is totally understandable). Still, there is a sense of finality and ambiguity (the good kind) that i can appreciate. Incredible work, can't praise you enough for the thought and creativity put into it!
ZaidySantos chapter 35 . 7/30
I really enjoyed every aspect of this story! I came across it for the first time yesterday and I've already finished it! It's been so long since your last update that I'm kind of sad because I know that it probably means this story will not be continued. I really invested myself in the story and found something I liked within every chapter. I really enjoyed how you incorporated the different languages and dialects as part of the story. In the cartoon it works that they all understand each other, but the way you did it makes it seem more realistic. Because just like in the real world, different countries have different languages and even dialects within that same country. So i think you did a great job incorporating that into your story.
QueenDarua chapter 35 . 7/15
Let me just say that this story is BRILLIANT. I avoided it for a while because the summary and the title put me off and honestly, now I regret not having read it sooner. I love how you created the distinctions between all the nationalities; it makes the entire story seem so much more realistic. I know that it's been nearly 5 years since you've updated this story, but I sincerely hope that you do pick this story up again! I would love to know what happens to Zuko. Does he stay? Does he go? Do him and Katara have a baby? Does Azula show up? There's just so much left and I really really really want to see this story not be abandoned. Again, it was a pleasure to read such a lovely, well-written story and I hope you update it.
Separate Entity chapter 22 . 6/21
This story keeps getting better :)
Separate Entity chapter 12 . 6/21
I really liked the sparring matches.
WHEN is Zuko going to learn Katara’s name?
turtleduck89 chapter 35 . 5/26
I know it has been more than four years now since you last posted a chapter for this story but I cannot help myself - I keep coming back to read it again and to see if maybe you will finish it someday.
I always wonder what would happen if Zuko's past caught up with him. Would it be Uncle in search for him or perhaps Azula trying to invade the Watertribe?
RBMIfan chapter 35 . 5/16
I was supposed to be spending today putting together a powerpoint, but instead I found I could not put down this fic. So thanks for that. In all seriousness, though, this is a fantastic fic. I love the twists you've introduced to all the four nations, and especially the detail you've put into making the water tribe come alive on the page. Your characters all seem incredibly real, and I cannot wait for the last chapter and the revisions I see you are thinking of introducing.
Technotronic chapter 35 . 5/3
This is a fantastic story! I love the world you have created and the cultural diversity! I really want iroh to come with toph on her next trip... Keep up the good work!
Zbluez chapter 34 . 4/22
(And of course my review got cut off)

-the fishing season, Toph the merchant, among many, many others.

I have a feeling (actually I'm a stalker so I'm pretty sure) that you're still around, so please, even though it has been years, write another chapter. A story like this can't be abandoned. I understand starting something and growing it until it gets a bit too big or long and it becomes tempting to give in to laziness and indifference, but this story is worth it. Please, give it another shot. Good things, when they last, are twice as good, so don't be afraid to crank up that word count. It's hard to find stuff like this in fanfiction (or even published works) and leaving it unfinished would be a waste.

Zbluez chapter 35 . 4/22
You know, for the past year or so my mouse has described a wide circle around your story every time it appeared on the screen, due to the title and summary.

Now having arrived at the end of it I look back at the wording and I can only think that you are very, very clever. I did not start this until I had exhausted every other possible source of good Zutara on the internet and I have no doubt that other readers will have a similar approach as mine, unfortunately - but I think you should keep it as it is, because in my opinion the cleverness of that summary is worth the cost in readership.

For the story - it's fantastic. Keep doing what you're doing, because you're doing it right. Things I enjoyed: the languages, Zuko's anger at being a slave, Aang's visit (he's great),
Separate Entity chapter 10 . 4/13
Hi, Toph!
What's this world like? The animals are all normal.
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