Reviews for Enslaved
AbsentAngel chapter 36 . 3/29
This is just so beautifully, and thoughtfully done. You have a real gift for writing and for story telling. This is definitely a fic I will find myself revisiting and rereading (finished or not). Lovely, LOVELY job!
chazzera chapter 36 . 3/18
I have really enjoyed reading this. A wonderful story, brilliantly written and incredibly capturing. I hope there is more to come, but your personal life, health etc. Always comes first.
Thank you for the story :)
Lili chapter 36 . 2/15
Wow. This story is so good and I think that is a hard work. All this cerimonies, simbolisms the language are so intriguing and the end is good I think Iroh would love to see how happy Zuko is now. Thank you for sharing.
Sorry my bad English.
Guest chapter 35 . 2/5
I really enjoyed it please update soon
Lennox13 chapter 36 . 1/16
oh my goodness.
oh my lord.
oh my word.
This can't be it?! It can't be done! Oh gosh, just one more? Just one! I beg you! If I was planning to ever have children, I'd freakin promise you my firstborn! Sheesh, that is the cliffiest of cliffhangers ever. Please, please.
Lennox13 chapter 35 . 1/16
I will wait, as long as it takes, as long as I draw breath... I will wait.

This is amazingly well written. I love every word, savour every sentence. If I die, may I please go into your words? For they are more beautiful than anything I have ever experienced.
Lennox13 chapter 34 . 1/16
Ugh, my heart breaks.
Lennox13 chapter 33 . 1/16
Ooooooh, that grumpy old man!

Gosh, I love Sokka. He is just the bestest. Like, Katara can have Zuko, gladly. Zutara all the way! But I would very much like a Sokka.
Lennox13 chapter 32 . 1/16
Gorgeous. Gorgeous writing. I genuinely cried when Tahnra asked Zuko.
Lennox13 chapter 31 . 1/16
Hehe. Cute.

And THUKO... poor thang.
Lennox13 chapter 30 . 1/16
Moon time! Ugh! I hate secrets. I mean, I understand that rituals and stuff can be like sacred. But if the situations were reversed, like, it would be so unfair - women are being excluded, women are being discriminated against. But oh well, prolong the mystery.

"Close enough" Awh, poor Zuko. That must be so frustrating. I would rather accept a new name than have people mispronounce my own. It's so frustrating. Because sure, they manage a close proximation, but the vowels will never be as... fat (?), as round, as it is in my native tongue. And then people just give up half-way through and it turns into an English version of my name, not my name, just the anglicised version. At least Zuko's 'nickname' has some thought behind it.

Anyway, I really LOVE this. You are an amazing writer.
Lennox13 chapter 29 . 1/16
Like, what even? Moon time!

And another lovely chapter. Loved it.
Lennox13 chapter 28 . 1/16
So good!
Lennox13 chapter 27 . 1/16
Awh! So sweet! I mean, it's a horribly sad situation, but sometimes (with people as stubborn as these two) you need a violent shove to get them moving. This is great.
Lennox13 chapter 26 . 1/16
Oh my word! No! I hope Katara is bad-ass and comes to save him. And sheesh, Jet, what the heck, dude?

Akiak is such an odd child. Reminds me of my cousin but even quieter. Cute, though. I love how you write Zuko.

Oh my gosh, I just love Sokka!

All the "Fish" lines had me cracking up. Haha.
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