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Abomb360 chapter 1 . 9/23
Abyssvassyl sometimes you must sacrifice the few to kill the many
Mizu-FoxGodOfWater chapter 12 . 9/21
And I'm done with this shit, you filthy ass Kishimoto lover.
Mizu-FoxGodOfWater chapter 7 . 9/19
And your notes are too damn long.
Mizu-FoxGodOfWater chapter 4 . 9/19
Don't EVER do that near defeat shit again, Kishimoto loving asshole.
Mizu-FoxGodOfWater chapter 3 . 9/19
Dude, shut the fuck up with explanations and get the fuck on with it.
Mizu-FoxGodOfWater chapter 2 . 9/19
akanelaxa10 chapter 19 . 9/14
There are too many descriptions. Had to skim To read the story better.
abbysbazil chapter 14 . 9/10
Im going to stop reading here and im going to tell you why...


Yes Konoha treated him like sh*t for 12 years and then banished him for shitty and nefarious reasons(which by the way, Tsunade would never have allowed it) ...Yes Konoha deserves punishment... but Iruka doesnt. His daughter doesnt, nor Anko. Tsunade always loved him and certainly doesnt deserve to be called Old Hag(thats something sasuke would say... is your Naruto like Sasuke?). Hinata, Konohamaru, Choji, Shikamaru, Lee, Tenten, nor Neji deserve Narutos hate, yet your dumbass Naruto lumped them all together with Danzo and Koharu and Sasuke and punished them all the same, effectively crippling their economy and by extension, crippling their future. Its like youre saying that Aiko deserves to be just as punished as Danzo, even though Aiko is a little girl who did nothing.

How is little Aiko suppose to eat when Anko and Iruka cant make any money because Konoha has almost none to pay its teachers?

Because your Naruto is lazy and decided to punish everyone in the village the same instead of just those individuals that deserve it, it automatically makes him a vindictive asshole to me. If a person has cancer, you just cut it out to save the patient. You dont kill the patient to kill the cancer. In case you're wondering, KonohaPatient, CancerDanzo, Sasuke, Koharu, dumb villagers. Kill the cancer, not the patient.

Why is he also punishing people who had nothing to do with his banishment and tried to prevent it? Thats not a person I want to read about at all. Its uncool and disappointing and you write far too much explanation i already have to trudge through just to read a disappointing character(naruto).

Also, Naruto has a whole country who loves him, several other countries who love him, senseis who love him, friends who love him, more than 10 hot ass sexy wives who love him... WHY THE F*CK IS HE STILL BITCHING? Hes angry with a village that forced him to walk the path and gain all of that? HE SHOULD BE THANKING THEM! I know I would be! Everytime im inside one of my hot ass wives, ill give Konoha a quick, "Thanks Konoha!"

Anyway, I hope that explains what you probably dont even care about since im only one reader. Thanks.
abbysbazil chapter 13 . 9/9
Why did you spend soo mu h time and words building up how godlike naruto is, but still gets pushed to the point of near death? He didnt even NEED to fight all those kage level opponent. He chose to, which is just showing off.

Also Minato being blamed for how hard Narutos life was is like a doctor being blamed for cutting off a patients leg to save his life. Sure, minato sealed the kyuubi in his son, but it xouldve been a hell of a lot worse if he didnt. Naruto is hating on his father for being put in an impossible situation! Its not lile minato asked for madara ro force kyuubi to attack konoha. Its not like minato told all the villagers to hate naruto and beat him etc. Naruto is acting like petulant child whos crying about how much he hates his daddy for failing at doing the best he could.
abbysbazil chapter 12 . 9/9
That fight was the longest thing ive ever skimmed. Not that you need to listen to me, AT ALL. But i think you should know, theres too much unnecessary/needless explanation, way too many titles and aka's and it bogs down your story. Try to narrow down and streamline the conversations and explanations because if you dont, the actually fighting loses traction. And when that happens, reading becomes like a chore. A thing i have to push thrpugh just to finish.

Also, i think that was an odd time to reveal his identy. There was literally no need.

Other than that, good work!
kuting1012 chapter 19 . 9/9
Please do continue pretty pls
abbysbazil chapter 3 . 9/8

I must say I like your overall story so far. I think everything is very detailed. I will say that there might be too much detail presented continuously. For instance when you introduced the war council, by the time I got to the last one, I had already forgotten several of the first few. Its not that they aren't interesting or aren't well thought out, its just that it's far too much information before these characters even speak. its like asking someone to remember a 60 step instruction to building an engine, before you even touch or see a single component. How is that person suppose to remember each step without seeing or interacting with the correlating part? So by the time I got to the actual meeting, I'd already forgotten who was who. It was information overload without some action to break it apart. Maybe mix in the expo and description AS the meeting is happening. It might also help if we had the personal thoughts of one person, like Yuroichi, as these people speak in the meeting. Hope that's helpful.
devilmaycry chapter 19 . 9/6
another story unfinished with no word on its status :( another author with no self respect for his own story :( at the very least a "abanboned" or "on hiatus" warning would be apreciated or just remove it all together .

has for the story itself its a very god plot , but has pointed before the delivery of information are really bad , instead of having wall of txt with info that are not relevant for the moment it should be pace out and delivered when relevent instead we some chapter become really boring i just ended up skimping throught it .

another thing that anoy me is the battles delivery especialy the konoha battle betwen naruto and orichimaru , the constant switch from the observer and the battle is not that much of a let down but the constant awe commant repeated again and again is just ridiculus , it also aply to the political conversation with the consels where things repeatly "not sit well with them" betwen each revelation again and again there is always a line or even small paragraph and it quickly become anoying .
arsalan.rex chapter 2 . 8/29
He fooled an entire team of ANBU n left the village? Do u know the first character who comes in mind is?.. It's itachi..the second is Kakashi.. The third is.. Well u get the idea, they are guards of kage. . ANBU were supposed to be the elite, they can't possibly be fooled by a child..
arsalan.rex chapter 1 . 8/29
So.. According to you every single seal in nimakaze compound could be opened with his blood? Considering the amount of blood naruto lost on daily basis in cannon.. Anyone with half a brain could have taken his blood and robbed the estate..
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