Reviews for Tabula Rasa
DaisyMayInApril chapter 38 . 11/18
This story warmed my heart. One of the best FanFictions I have had the pleasure to read.
doomedpassion chapter 4 . 11/8
The gender disphoria will work so much better if you switched the pronoun "she" to "he" when Ranma feels mismatched by body and gender.
fireball900 chapter 26 . 11/1
Personally, while I dislike OOC, I'm ok with it as long as the character is *consistent* *within* the story. Even better if there's a good reason for them to change - like the Gem event that kicked off this story.
fireball900 chapter 23 . 11/1
Brilliant story so far. I'm not normally one for Ranma/Ryoga - in fact this is the first one I've liked - but you're doing this fantastically.
Thing I like the most about it though? It's long and *finished.* Because it's such a good piece of writing I would hate to find it unfinished!
Shadow 1 chapter 21 . 9/19
Ranma is being a tsundere I love it
Jay chapter 15 . 9/13
God bless man, I'm sorry about your brother. I'm sure he's in a good place now.
Your story is amazing so far and I can't wait to continue reading it. Please Keely writing in the future.
Naora91 chapter 27 . 8/20
I loved it. Now I'm sad that it ended.
mugu chapter 6 . 7/24
Wow new story? I am looking forward to it!
Guest chapter 37 . 7/3
it's an impressive piece, and the plotting and storytelling skill that went into this is pretty remarkable. I'm glad you spent so much time developing things so it flowed more naturally, and I'm super happy you remembered Akari.
That said, be sure to find an editor to help you with grammar mistakes, and I think you overuse certain words or phrasings. Wounds "weeping crimson tears" and things being harder to do than drawing "blood from a stone" are nice comparisons, but should probably be used more sparingly and lose impact the more you use it.
Also, maybe it isn't necessary for things to be screamed so often. I was sure Ranma was going to lose her voice less than a third of the way in, she screams so much.
Guest chapter 23 . 5/12
i really hate how everyone is so afraid and obsessed with Ranma. I would hate to be around her.
tacaloking chapter 22 . 4/10
i liked that you made nabiki the one to help ranma i always felt in a weird way if ranma was really needed emotional advice she would be the one to help ranma the most because i can see a caring person and with all that time ranma spent living there i would find it hard to believe she did not have some place in her heart for ranma and i think everyone else would either use it to there advantage and really just end up hurting ranma more or they are just better with emotions than ranma and it would end up over whelming him but i think nabiki is the perfect middle ground and for that reason i think she would help ranma figure out what the next move would be for best for him instead of doing whats best for everyone else
tacaloking chapter 21 . 4/10
i have come across this story many times before but i did not read it because the beginning really gave me the wrong idea what type of story this would be but i was wrong im glad i finally decided to read more of the story as it is nothing what i expected when i read the first chapter i thought i was just going to be another poorly written story with no point that stretched things to the point were the characters in the story really have nothing in common with those in the series but this has turned out to be the complete opposite this story is one of the best i have read and i can not say its the best as i have read many ranma one half storys that are so great i don't really know how to put it in words but this story i feel would be in the same ranking as those
swtitan01 chapter 38 . 3/25
I have to say, i've read many ranma fanfictions for over 20 years, and I've only enjoyed 2 completed fanfics, now i can add this one to the list. yours will rank up there with Relentless, and Innocence lost, the only different between yours and those to fic, is that you paired Ranma with Ryoga which i normally avert, but yours is done more beautifully than other ranmaryoga fics that i've read before. Thank you for writing and completing this story.

It's interesting how my favorite fics are those where ryoga ends up with someone different,(Innocence lost with Nabiki), (Relentless with Ukyo), and now (Tabula Rasa with Ranma)
Shinkicker chapter 38 . 1/31
Finally got around to reading the end of this, and I have to say I greatly enjoyed it. But that ending scene... Dem feels. Stupid bitter sweet endings. /grumble

Thanks for posting.
wrAith-19 chapter 38 . 1/9
Longest and best fic I have ever read, endings like that which are actually endings instead of being beginnings for a new chapter in the characters lives have a tone of finality I usually don't appreciate but either way I loved it. Whether the next thing I read from you will be fan fiction or original fiction I just hope you keep Writing.
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