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zeltronica chapter 38 . 5/26/2023
loved the story its strange seeing Ranma so old but refreshing.
RoxyArietis chapter 38 . 11/29/2022
Thank you so much for this awesome work. God I can't even imagine how hard this was to produce but I enjoyed every second... Wish we got a bit more of mom and sis Ranma but it's still fantastic. Thank you.
buffmage chapter 38 . 8/10/2021
I laughed, I cried, I related, I cheered. I loved it
5074 chapter 24 . 7/17/2021
I’m enjoying this fic, but...certain things about it just...rub me the wrong way. Ranma’s friends and family seem...almost controlling of her. For her entire life, the people around her have basically been going “sink or swim, bitch” and throwing her into situations she wasn’t ready for, whether it’s training or confronting her own feelings. I think it’s perfectly justified that she wants time to process her own emotions on HER OWN TERMS.

“Ranma doesn't need you deciding what she does and doesn't need." But isn’t that what you and pretty much everyone else have been doing this whole fic, Akane? You and everyone else have kind of been coercing Ranma into acting a certain way, forcing her to confront things she doesn’t feel ready to.

Keeping everything bottled up can be incredibly damaging, but being forced to let it out instead of doing so on your own terms can also be damaging. I don’t know if you realize this, Rivyn, but there IS such a thing as “not ready to talk about it”. Even if it’s only for a little bit, sometimes the best thing you can do is just let it be. From your writing, I gather that you hate doing nothing, but sometimes doing nothing is a right answer, even if just for a little bit. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t talk to her and try to get her to open up, I’m saying they shouldn’t do so IMMEDIATELY.

All her friends and family just keep pushing her, and sure, maybe breaking through those walls she puts up by force would make everything she’s been keeping bottled up spill out, but...something still had to break to accomplish that. Maybe the thing that broke wasn’t a very nice part of herself, was still part of her. You shouldn’t DESTROY the parts of yourself you hate, that’ extremely unhealthy outlook to have. They’re not...separate from you. You shouldn’t cut off a finger just cause you don’t like the way that it looks.

And why is Ranma always portrayed as the only one at fault? Granted, she usually IS at fault, the way she constantly blows up at those around her isn’t okay,’s certainly understandable. And why do all her friends and loved ones suddenly seem to have magically gotten rid of their numerous issues and emotional problems? They’re suddenly all perfectly sane and stable individuals who somehow know EXACTLY what Ranma should do about her latest emotional obstacle (and definitely aren’t coercing her into following their advice, no sirree) and are NEVER at fault or make mistakes.

It’s definitely good for her to have stable, caring people in her life, but the way that their advice always boils down to “force the issue and NEVER take time to process your emotions and calm down before rushing ahead” just...isn’t right.

Take it from someone with severe ADHD: being forced outside your comfort zone is NOT always a good thing. My parents have been doing that for pretty much my entire childhood, and unfortunately, it did not help me relax and be more comfortable with things outside of my usual comfort zone. What it DID teach me was how to operate in a state of extreme panic, except nowadays I can pretty much ONLY accomplish most tasks while panicking. Yeah. My life is kind of a mess.

Anyway, all that aside, I am getting enjoyment out of this fic, the action scenes are on point, and some of the shipping moments are just adorable.

(Yeah, this away from me. Even I can see I was overreacting, but I do feel like some of the points I brought up had a shred of validity to them, so I’m gonna post this anyway.)
DukeDankIII chapter 35 . 6/16/2021
Tetsuya gives me strong Thanos vibes now.
Shadowstorm-Vash chapter 1 . 4/7/2021
If you’re gonna be a right cunt to me before I even get a chance to to then I might as well leave a nasty review. Not that you’d have a right to complain anyways. By your own logic it’s fine for me to call you a goddamn motherfucking bitch; after all you didn’t even need to read this comment.
Dragon of Love chapter 38 . 11/13/2020
It has been six years since the end of this story was posted, so I don't know if you are still going read this. But if you do, I wanted to say: Thank you. Thank you for writing and sharing this story! Reading Tabula Rasa really helped me.
SonkaD chapter 38 . 11/9/2020
I just don't know where to start. This is the second time I've read Tabula Rasa and it's still as enjoyable. As someone said, one very good quaility is that it's long AND finished. May sound silly, but that's really enjoyable when the story's good! Of course the writing could have been a bit better, what with grammar and some too often recurring phrases. But when it's not overwhelming, this can be ignored.
You said it was hard to ignore action when writing Ranma, well it's a good thing that you didn't. Ranma is a blend of action, romance and humour. While some fictions with only one of theses aspects are very good, the best ones are those that pack it all. Your actions scenes were very enjoyable, with the many different arcs. The one with Yukino bordered on the too angsty for me, but it all made sense for the rest of the story. Humour is not your forte, but there were some good moments. Two that left me an impression were "put P-chan back in the pen" (loved that line! ) and the moment Nabiki realizes she missed on the opportunity to blackmail Ryoga (even if that's not very likely, but much fun nonetheless). And then the romance. You've got my favorite pairing, so that's a good point. Well, my favourite is actually Ranma-kun/Ryoga, but I can go for Ranma-chan/Ryoga too if it's well written and backed up, and it was here. Their slow progress makes so much sense. I enjoyed to see them act more maturely, especially Ryoga. It was cute that he had so many urges to do something for Ranma, mostly protect her, but found the sense to refrain from it because he understood he would just get under her skin. The scene in the final fight was so sweet. The one where Ryoga reveals his sort-of-crush for Ranma's female form from the very first time he saw her, too (the implications of this could have been developped a bit more, by the way!) And the final scene in front of Furinkan just tops it all. I loved how you wrote those two.
And the very epilogue was a fun way of tying up the very last lose ends. I guess you had something in mind for Yukino and never got to it, what with the story becoming so huge. Not that I missed her, mind you! It may have been a good choice to drop some plotline(s) to make sure to finish the story. And I also thought I felt something brewing between Akane and Ukyo, so I must have been right... Well, we'll never know, now, I guess.
In any case: congrats and thank you for the awesome story!
Lina-Freedom chapter 1 . 10/12/2020
Damn! Don't know what to say. Are there even any words to review this masterpiece with? You are one heck of a writer. I can't wait for the sequel. Your style is better than the original canon. No joke!

You kept it on track the whole time. The subtle characterization and storytelling was stunning. I couldn't stop reading. It is rare thing to feel something when reading. I have to say, you destroyed me. I literally cried when I read the ending, and I was nerve wracked several times through the story.

You weave the story like a fine tapestry of silk and gold that is smooth and shines brightly. No significant loose ends accept Yukino which is not really loose end since she served her purpose and her arc ended there.

The twists and turns were unexpected and flipped the story several times on its head. You didn't shy away from deep philosophical questions and the really messed up stuff that is a part of the human condition. I only wish I could write as well as you.

Thank you for excellent story.
Lukkai chapter 9 . 5/21/2020
I cannot help but bring up this point of critique, because it completely broke my immersion in the story:

If you start off at Nerima in the early morning and use the train, you'll arrive at the town of Aso just north of the mountain of the same name less than nine hours later. And there will be trains for the whole way. No need to switch modes of transport, only train lines.
Granted, today the Shinkansen line on Kyushu runs a bit longer than in the past. But even as soon as the late Seventies, there was already a line running all the way down to Fukuoka on Kyushu. Meaning the trip to Aso could have still been done within a single day.

Now it makes sense for the Society guys to take longer. They could not afford to take any of the fastest possible means of transport due to their need for secrecy after all. But for the rescuers to take over a week and then some, more than twice as long as the kidnappers who had to travel slower. That simply does not fit and utterly breaks continuity.
Cloud chapter 38 . 4/29/2020
It was one of the best fanfic I ever read, I couldn’t get enough and couldn’t stop reading it. Thank you for your incredible story!
Davidfukin120 chapter 1 . 1/5/2020
The best RanmaxRyoga story I have read.
Bookworm5556 chapter 1 . 8/6/2019
Before I begin I would like it known and kept in mind that I thought it was was an excellent story. That said I cannot begin to describe the disappointment I faces when you sent the JPS after Ranma. Before that this story was shaping up to be an entirely different story and then it just veered off to the left. Oh well no used crying over spillt milk.
Arwengeld chapter 3 . 7/27/2019
poor ryoga: he feels guilty so it's very difficult for him too
Biker Jaye chapter 1 . 1/29/2019
This looks good.
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