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dazzledtina chapter 4 . 12/6/2009
Tragic yet somehow hopeful

I am left wondering, will they open the door...

Short and simple is my review, I absolutely love your writing
dazzledtina chapter 3 . 12/6/2009
so close but yet so far, a haunting need for eachother. That was a very sad chapter.

I am hesiant to read the last chapter, I am afraid.
dazzledtina chapter 2 . 12/6/2009
So jaspers induction was pretty brutal and filled with pain. Peter was his only solace in his miserable existance until he met alice and still he felt like something was missing, until edward, oh yeah.

Great chapter, it takes a great mind to gather all these words and weave them into a beautiful tapestry as you have done.
dazzledtina chapter 1 . 12/2/2009
I read the first chapter, so very moving.

"With one meeting of one man, I had gone from lonely and embittered to solitary and embattled!"




I will read more tonight, now I must look like I have been working for the last 4 hours and not surreptitiously reading FF.

Annette ;)
timetostart chapter 4 . 11/2/2009
I'm not a writer, so I can't even begin to comprehend how you've conjured up this magic. After reading all the eloquent reviews here, all I can say is that this is one of the best things I've read in my life. More than the stunning beauty, the all-consuming longing, the staggering pain and the unspeakable sacrifice in your story, it's your writing that takes my breath away and brings humble tears to my eyes.
RosaBella75 chapter 4 . 10/27/2009
Oh, yeah, a WHOLE LOT weepy! My mind is aswirl again! The decadent imagery, tender touches, lustful need, raging battle, sorrowful loss, and oddly hopeful (?) end are just too much to fully process. I feel the need for some cave time to sort.

Do you do poetry slams?

Oddly happy sad tears, just like theirs. Turgid cocks tenderly fucking, slipping, sliding, touching, brawny butchness embracing. What could be better?

Incoherently tired, hope I conveyed something that made sense.

Thanks BB. Hearts ya big!
AshLove83 chapter 4 . 10/21/2009
I feel like I don't even possess the words to adequately review your story. This chapter was beautiful, sad, hopeful, and breathtaking all at the same time. This story is my favorite of yours (of those that I have read so far), and I would be ecstatic if you would consider writing a sequel. Continuing doing what it is that you do so well, Rie, writing beautiful, heartfelt stories.
frol chapter 4 . 10/18/2009
"In need of numbing forgetfulness, I had pulled myself down into a passive trance, my thoughts turning fanciful. Less dreary images floated through me, dreamily reminiscing of what it would be like were Jasper and I mortal men instead of doomed vampires bound to walk disparate paths that led away from each other. To be human, in love, and for that love to be returned with the promise of a just life instead of a history of death and curses and beasts and blood spilling.

To marry. To be accepted. Liberated, and allowed to have our own family." Tortured Edward at his sweetest and more pure. Always wanting. Marriage Children. His is still his own beautful canon.

"causing me to growl and pace while sorely abused and achingly aroused for my man. Unspeakably enraged by their odious ardor." the lion in his cage. Needy, wanting, knowing there is something bigger out there. Wanting to be wild and free.

"Tall and strong, so fucking blond and lion-like, a predator, a hunter; a warrior, a weapon. The wealth of his mane made a shivering mess of me just through recollection, and it was not just Jasper’s tantalizing body. It was his power of emotion, his affection, his steadfast wit, his own feeling that made him bare his soul to show his life to me. Even, abhorrently, the manner in which he would not leave Alice." I adore how they each describe the other as a lion. Both powerful and at the same time, bound like in a zoo. Performing and pacing for others. Cramped in a pattern that is not of their own making. Hm maybe "incarcerated" in a sense? Cleverness.

"three clicks northwest and two rivers removed from my hellhole." I like the use of the click. It sounds like strategy, proof of Jasper's influence on him. At least to me.

"I became the owner of the Old City Jail, situated centerpoint in downtown Charleston. I lived amongst the squalor of government housing" if this isn't ever Edward, perpetually suffering, giving himself so little. And of course the jail being such a metaphor to his own prison, his feelings, his lust, his duty to his family and wanting to protect them.

"I laid Jasper down to my pallet. Wishing for a huge fucking bed piled high with linens warmed from the sun and mountains of pillows, feather soft to the touch, instead of this damn barren cell." And again, Edward would want to give his love the sweetest marriage bed.

The silencing of each of the Cullens? Gah. Such depth of pain in the most sweetest of joining and moments. Torturous.

Rie I am speechless and spun and spent. I am pained at the death and overjoyed at the joining. Happiness and heartache. Only you could stake me out at both ends of emotion and be glad for it. Wonderful wonderful wonderful.
frol chapter 3 . 10/18/2009
""Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, Or what's a heaven for? " Indeed Mr. Browning. And here we are my dear and I am not sure I can reach what I am grasping at in terms of reviewing this, but I shall try.

"We were equally bound, beholden, yearning, frantic, but tethered to circumstances that were beyond us." One single sentence and so much longing and pain, desire, deliciousness, deprived and yet not diminished.

"Like an outcrop, his firestorm hair flattened and flattered and raucously burned atop his head; the mane of a lion.

An animal myself, I heard his hungry call at once.

In my presence, longing made white rapids of his skin, death-dealing currents of his flesh. A hard stone protrusion of his dick.

Smelling of sea, creek, silt, and riverbed; indecent but uncontaminated.

Just like me." I could again quote probably all of your prose and be able to comment on every line and I try to reign myself in but it's DAMN HARD woman. Predatory and prayerful. The waves of your sea and salt imagery splashes over me every time I read it and I welcome the sticky feel the salt water leaves on my skin. A reminder of what has been and sometime to carry with me throughout the day. Have I said before I longed for your printed pages? Things such as these are why. It's a mark you make on my brain and I wish I could carry it close to my chest to feel it's swells when I feel a riptide trying to pull me under during the day.

"Edward called to mind Caison. Muscles clamping, rippling, daunting; a majestic mount. Sleek and fast, of might and scant withheld passion, Edward was a creature bred for one purpose only. To be mine." A soldier's true friend, his steed and his weapon. Lovely.

"Another dimension. Having bitten from the apple, I fell." Holy hell. Bring some Milton into the mix why don't you? "Paradise Lost" if one of my most favorite of all. And Jasper is making a heaven of hell because that's his only option at the moment and it's amazing. You're killing. Seriously.

"she clung to me, a vine laden with cloyingly rotten blossoms. Fruit that was decaying, leaves that moldered. Moth-bitten, we were on the downward spiral." So much like a descent into hell. Rotting fruit on the vine? What an image.

"How art thou lost, how on a sudden lost, [ 900 ]

Defac't, deflourd, and now to Death devote?"

Alice is Eve here in a sense. She has the knowledge of Jasper and Edward now. She is lost. "How can I live without thee, "

"Both Alice and I now understood that we weren’t meant to be forever. And that Edward made it so. But I could not go until Alice released me, I owed her that much at least.

Clip clop." ah...the sound of time.

"Strangling the roar that almost ripped out of my throat, my eyes narrowed on him. There was nothing like Edward’s hands on his own flesh…I felt honored, eroded, depraved! This was the damn sexiest thing I had ever seen!" Um...yeah. What he said. (sorry, that's the best I can do with THAT image in my head) yum.

"Brought it to my lips and savored his flavor before backing out his room." And now Jasper has tasted the fruit.

"I owed everyone more than I could pay. I wanted more than I was allowed to take.

My watch stopped and foundered, then sped up.

Clip clop." Dear Jasper and his pain and his feeling of duty. I feel my own heart rending itself at his want.

"Quickly pulling out my fob watch, I grabbed Edward’s hand and the slim crescent moon of my lips was a downturned thing. Placing the only belonging I had any right to give onto his palm, I curled his fingers over it, like tungsten armor to keep this memorial safe, I said goodbye to my past and my heart." I think this might be the most beautiful and gut wrenching scene ever. Perfection in its torment and emotion.

Once again you outdo yourself and I am undone
JED66 chapter 4 . 10/16/2009
You have had some amazing reviews - I can't compete with them - suffice to say - Wow that was an amazing story. Thank you
BellaStjerne chapter 4 . 10/16/2009
I don't have words for how your stories make me feel. I never had, I never will. A grateful heart, perhaps?
RedVelvetHeaven chapter 4 . 10/15/2009

1. First you wind me up with the news of a slash story of Southern Epic Proportion (LOL), then..

2. Actually create said slash story...making me use all of my faculties to hold it together while you...

3. Offer me up one insanely FUCKHOT Edward, all vulnerable and amazing and in love and lust and lost, only to...

4. Then retrace steps from the past and offer me up some FUCKING PETER...and OMFG...with Jasper! Holy shit that about set me over the edge until...

5. Edward and Jasper went swimming together! I don't think I have ever read anything like wanting and needing and can't having...UGH...the angst meter was tipping heavy as my potential for early balding increased with my hands pulling at my hair...mind wondering how the fuck you were going to make this happen...and i actually had several moments of doubt...thinking HOLY FUCK...she's gonna do the ultimate poetic justice COCKBLOCK here isn't she? I was dying...DED...freaking out until...

6. You actually made me feel sorry for Alice...Shocking! I don't think that has ever been done before. But when she removed her tentacles and allowed him release I cried...bawled my fucking eyes out...then the damn cliffie..UGH...

7. E...waiting to die. Sacrificing himself for the others, to kill his pain :( Only to find they sacrificed themselves for him...and Jasper...beautiful. The ache, the need, the burning want and wish for them to feel the love that each had for the other was so intense and you did not never fail to express EVERYTHING. And not only did you just pull the most awesomely different and interesting AU/take on canon spin out of your ass...but you twisted my guts with my heart while doing it...and once again...entered my brain and mindfucked me! I don't know why I am never really ready for this from you? You massage me, woo me, spoil me, prime me...then fuck me! And I love every minute of it...every. fucking. time. Never stop! Please!

You will forever own me with your Southern Gentlemen...even and especially when they are far from acting gentlemanly. ;)

And last but not survived the fucking pixie! *FacePalm* I am begging you...Please, Please keep this going...PLEASE!

Tell me what I have to do to make that happen?

Thank you for the fuckawesome journey bb...AMAZING!

pixiekat7 chapter 4 . 10/15/2009

Beautiful, tragically beautiful. The first tear fell at the depth of Edward's pain & refused to stop. I echoed his bellow at the loss of his family. I felt the intense conflict of bliss & despair at what was gained what was lost...all done out of love & for love to survive.

*sighs* Simply brilliant Rie. Love you.
clairdeluneisgreat chapter 4 . 10/15/2009
Im at a loss for words. You are amazing.
Leighta Greenleaf chapter 4 . 10/14/2009
Deliciously naughty!

You've officially enslaved me by literary addiction.
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