Reviews for Long Road Out of Eden
Ani-maniac494 chapter 1 . 8/19/2009
"And, lately, it’s been every day of new torture. Only, this time, he was the torturer. Apparently, he was good at the torture. He never had a repeat soul."

This is so very eerie.

"He realized right then that he never had a chance to become an artist. Because he sucked at it."

*falls over laughing* I love this touch of humor. It's so very Dean.

"“No?” Dad’s eyes smiled at him. One of the last times he would see that look of love in Dad’s eyes."

Wonderful description, and so heartbreaking.

"He felt the angels around him leave him. He felt all trust that anyone had in him leave him.

Because he had failed."

I still kind of wonder if things are somehow headed that way, at least in part...

"It was no wonder that everyone left him. Everyone needed to leave him. He couldn’t protect anyone."

Poor Dean...

"Another flash of lightning made Dean’s shadow dance on the wall. Shadowy, outstretched wings rose behind his shadow, disappearing as quickly as they appeared."

No matter what, that's an awesome picture. :D

Great work as always! :)

sunnyjunedays chapter 1 . 8/18/2009
Hi, Interesting theory, not one that i've thought of but a very plausible possibility given all that Dean was actually pulled from hell by an angel. That wouldn't have happened unless there really was some kind of plan for him to complete.

It was great reading those quotes from the pilot episode, an episode i watched again a few days ago after simply ages. The innocence of the four year old Dean with the adult Dean trying desperately to get out (i probably haven't worded this too well) was a great piece of writing and was excellent to read.

I enjoyed this, thank you.

As for the clues fans of the show find i'm afraid a lot of them go straight over my head, i don't even realise there is a discussion point until i read about it on the boards or hear someone talking about it but that's just me i guess. x