Reviews for The Masters
Random Chick chapter 3 . 3/3/2013
cretin emerald? Don't you mean certain emerald? You really need to get a Beta, and when you do, I'm positive your story will be like more.

I was also the reviewer who did KAKASHI! and Kakashi teaching Harry roof-hopping. I don't think I gave my name on that review, and I'm too lazy to check.
Random Chick chapter 2 . 3/3/2013
KAKASHI! Shouldn't Kakashi just teach him roof-hopping and the others help him by adding stealth and speed?
danbear chapter 6 . 8/13/2012
write more
little-bast chapter 2 . 2/24/2012
Hi just finished re-reading this fic again!

I would love to see the Potter, Black and Lupin reactions to revealing he's Harry potter and then when they discover he's uber powerful!

would love to read more!
little-bast chapter 6 . 7/16/2011

I just finished re-reading this fic and I was wondering if there was a chance you were going to continue it?

I would love to see Harry get revenge on James for everything he did and the reaction when they discover that Harry is the REAL BWL and they destroyed any chance of being part of his life. I also hope Harry has locked his vaults to Everyone but himself!

Hoping for an update soon...
Dracowoman chapter 6 . 6/21/2011
my sugestion is ... rewrite

no ofence but the writing is to rushed
mattcun chapter 6 . 5/31/2011
plz write more
King of the Fallen chapter 6 . 5/13/2011
Nice. I like it, please update soon, ja ne.
World62590 chapter 6 . 5/3/2011
very good story it will be interesting to see where it leads, also when are you going to update it?
AlexBSChris chapter 6 . 3/13/2011
Really good. Update soon
AzazelLuciferDeathCrowley chapter 6 . 1/29/2011
i love it another chapter please i really do love it can u have dracula come back sometime please hes awesome
Tarl Zaralka chapter 6 . 7/15/2010
You must continue, there are very few grammatical mistakes that I have seen but this is one of the more interesting HP stories I have read and I would very much like to read more of it.
galaxy chapter 6 . 7/3/2010
um you really need comma's and periods.

wrong- 'That little bastard, he's trying to kill me' Harry thought to himself

right- 'That little bastard, he's trying to kill me,' Harry thought to himself.
Monkey D Dragon chapter 6 . 6/6/2010
great story update as soon as possible
Dr. Sweetz chapter 6 . 4/3/2010
good story so far update soon!
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