Reviews for You've got Mail
ForceAlive chapter 1 . 5/5/2016
Okay, that was hilarious! lookin' forward to the rest!
Corliss Kat chapter 5 . 1/30/2016
"Ok, Matt, YOU shot me. Straight home."
At that line, Bulletproof Love by Pierce the Veil started running in my head.

This is the third time I've read this fic but the first time I've reviewed. I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH
Loner Kid chapter 6 . 11/16/2015
ohhhh mattt~~
Loner Kid chapter 5 . 11/16/2015
lol mello is gonna say yes...
Loner Kid chapter 4 . 11/16/2015
this is getting interesting!
Yaoi porn LMAO! Wait, that might actually be what Mello was watching LOLOL
Loner Kid chapter 3 . 11/16/2015
omg mario that is funny
wow that description of Mello's pic was EXACTLY what i had in mind! lmao!
they are so in character xDD
and i actually quite like this style of writing. I think maybe I'll write a story like this with some friends...
Loner Kid chapter 1 . 11/16/2015
i think im lov'in this
the plot is catchy
MellodraMattic chapter 6 . 9/4/2014
Iloveyaoi2much chapter 14 . 3/31/2014
This is just simply amazing!
I don't even now what to say about this story. I loved every single part of it. Please keep on writing stories like this :)
trish chapter 12 . 8/10/2013
sooo MUCH ooc and fluff but i love it! 3
Guest chapter 11 . 7/4/2013
Çok hoş, gerçekten duygulandım. Daima Matt ve Mello'yu seveceğiz.
Ace Phantomhive chapter 14 . 6/11/2013
I looooved this story sooo soooo much!
Once i started readin it i couldn't stop! haha
i read it all in one go! (:
mxmsupporter chapter 14 . 6/2/2013
Damn, I've known this song for so long, but as English isn't my native language, I never realised it's lyrics! They fit into this story so well! XDD
" ...Damn it! I was in love with a guy. Nate was right, I WAS meant to be gay. Damn it" hahaha! Guess being a genius that Near is can bring you a wider view on things... :D
Oh, this fic was so lovely! The moment when I said "WHATT?" in my mind coz I realised that Mello killed Anderson... The moment where Matt tried to learn how to bake... The 'Here we go!' sound... You two are a great pair to write! You make the story... Have, like, flesh? xD idk how to say it in English :) It's like a full human, with boiling blood and freedom of deciding what will happen next.
And the last sentence was great. 3
I think that's why intolerance annoys me. You can fall in love with somebody not because of their gender... All the people say that what matters is inside, not outside, but in reality, we're just sex-driven hypocrits. And don't get me wrong, I think it's right that we live by evolution... Our kind won't die in (near) future... But telling lies about love being 'pure'? Naah, not a bit! Maybe i'm not the right one to comment, coz i'm sooo not experienced in love ;p but still... And that's the other think I love in your fanfics. Apart from all the "Oh, I love your character, Mello/Matt!", you make them desire each other. Three cheers for that!
Hmm.. Getting long xD. But one last thing. I liked it in this fic that even if their love was "sudden, from the first sight", etc, they just can HAVE FUN in each other's presence.
Ok, now I really sound like a crazy fangirl. But why deny the truth? :D
Keep the good work!

... And update Stockholm Syndrome soon :D.
DeathlyWonders chapter 14 . 5/4/2013
This... This was.. I literally do not have words to describe how perfect this was. It is everything I could ever ask for in a fic! From the humor to the flirtyness. The bringing them together to prove that they truly are soul mates. And especially, Matt singing and dancing while cooking in the kitchen and Mello catches him but he doesn't stop! That is probably my TOP event between the two and you guys had it down perfectly. To. A. Tee. Amazing work and brilliant writing skills!

Oh and once yet again, its just after 3 in the morning because I started this around 11 and I physically could NOT bring myself to stop reading this beautiful thing until it was done. Gah! What are you doing to me? Who cares? I love it ;D
Lori5555 chapter 8 . 3/31/2013
Omg! i've read the first chapter of your story and totally fell in love with it immediatly. I love it.
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