Reviews for Rise Of Neo Uzumaki Naruto
Guest chapter 14 . 5/1
Please update I really can't wait to find out what happens with N. Naruto. I'm in rereading to make sure that I'm up to date with both versions. And I'm getting overly excited to hear what happens next. Your loyal fan.
Andrey258 chapter 14 . 2/23
What was Itachi request towards Tsunade and Jiraya? You must definatly tell me or at least writte it in the next chapter. Kinda dissapointing that Kisame did not went with Itachi. They are less stories with Itachi going back to Konoha and even less stories with Kisame going with him. Please,please,please continue this fic for me. I am begging you to continue it. Have a nice day.
Andrey258 chapter 13 . 2/23
Yes. This was definatly what i wanted. A fic where Itachi returns to the village. And as a bonus,everybody knows about his sacrifice. Hope that Itachi is the one who kills Orochimaru and brings Sasuke back,because that is something he is capable. By the way,here is a spoiler that will make you scream in frustation at me. Uchiha Obito is Tobi and Kushina was Kurama jinchiriuki before it was extracted from her leaving her barely alive. Hope this spoiler has you screaming at me,make sure you update another chapter and have a nice day.
Andrey258 chapter 12 . 2/23
Wow. What a shocking thing Tsunade did. Also i liked how Sai allowed Sakura to hit him. This is the start of a crazy and amazing friendship. Danzo might be an old bastard,but he definatly cares about the village. Nonethless,the new things you learned in manga can be added to Neo Uzumaki Naruto,like for example Kushina appearing into Naruto mindscape just when he is about to be overwhelmed by Kurama hatred or Minato having the Yin chakra of Kurama sealed into him after using Shiki Fujin. Nonethless,great job with the fic,keep up with the good work and have a nice day.
Andrey258 chapter 11 . 2/23
Dun dun dun. Definatly loved the changes you made about Sasuke,but i just hope that you will listen to my sugestion of what his punishment should be. Definatly loved the moment between Naruto and Sakura. Its well written and it makes us realize that maybe Sakura could be the third female to join Naruto's harem. Just make sure you only make it only 3 thought. Its very damn hard to keep an eye on a harem of 5 womens and even harder to keep count. Great job with Sai interraction with Naruto and his gift towards Sakura. It really made me laugh seeing something typic to Sai. Have a nice day.
Andrey258 chapter 10 . 2/23
What a shock. It seems that Sasuke is taking the burn. As a sugestion,have him appear earlier than planned and afterwards have Naruto defeat,along with bringing back Sasuke. His punishment should be the sealing of his chackra,along with having to help the village into D rank missions with Kakashi,Naruto,Sakura and Sai. Hope you listen to my sugestion,eat your carrots and have a nice day.
Andrey258 chapter 9 . 2/23
Yay. Sai finally appears. Let the jokes about Sakura forhead begin. I also liked Danzo owning Tsunade trought telling her that it was her fault. Naruto fainting because of the overload of information that N Naruto left him was just the cheery on the top. Great job with the story,make sure you use my sugestion about Ryota and Hinata kissing and have a nice day.
Andrey258 chapter 8 . 2/23
As a sugestion,have Ryota sugest to Hinata that they could share Naruto. Also when Hinata would look with an undecided look,have Ryota approach her until she is face to face with Hinata and have her tell her that she could persuade her with her methods,therefore making Hinata confused and making her ask what metods is Ryota talking about. Ryota would smirk and tell her that she thought she will never ask,pressing her lips to a shocked Hinata lips after finishing talking. Hope you listen to my youthful ideea,make sure that the flame of youth has you continuing this fic and have a nice day.
Andrey258 chapter 7 . 2/23
Wow. Yet another great chapter which gives me the reason to want to read more. And you should definatly update it,because i love this story very much. And if you dont do as i say,i am gonna do an horrible thing to you,which is me crying like a little girl calling you a big meanie and a jerk. Hope that you are gonna update soon,eat your ramen and have a nice day.
Andrey258 chapter 6 . 2/23
Wow. I definatly loved Hinata's outburst towards the people who were talking bad about Naruto. You are definatly are developing Hinata really great. And the moment between Naruto and Jiraya was very touching. Great job with yet another great chapter,make sure you think off my offer to work together for co-writting a story and have a nice day.
Andrey258 chapter 5 . 2/23
One amazing chapter after another. I definatly loved how you described the Kurama possested Naruto kicking ass. As a sugestion,could you make Naruto speak with Kurama about hatred and have him tell him that he will extinguish his hatred. By the way,did you loved just like me the moment when Kurama bumpet fists with Naruto in the manga? Because it was so damn touching. Could you please writte an one shot about this? Because this kind of thing makes either manga or the anime Naruto so damn awesome. Have a nice day.
Andrey258 chapter 4 . 2/23
Holy shit. What a great chapter filled with action. And the grief that Naruto went trought after reviewing everything that happened within his life was so well written,that it actually made me cry. Poor Naruto. Great job on fleshing out Naruto's grief and anger that was directed towards Jiraya,excellent work at also showing the Gennin reaction at hearing the truth about Naruto from Shikamaru and have a nice day.
Andrey258 chapter 3 . 2/23
Wow. The chemestry between Hinata and Ryota is definatly the best thing i have ever seen. Kinda feel pity for Ryota for reading something so patetic as Icha Icha Paradise. Poor of her. I also loved Naruto comment of Ryota having to fight with Kakashi to get the latest edition of the new book that Jiraya is planning to bring. It made laugh really hard. Keep up with the good work,eat ramen and have a nice day.
Andrey258 chapter 2 . 2/23
Wow. This was a great chapter. And the interraction between Naruto,Hinata and Ryota were gold. These 3 definatly have chemistry together more than even that coward of N Naruto who is not wiling to give Sasuke a second chance. Annyway,i definatly love the outfit you described. It looks preety smooth on Naruto. Have a nice day.
Andrey258 chapter 1 . 2/23
Great chapter. I definatly love this story over neo yondaime hokage. I mean seriously,the Namikaze Naruto tells Sasuke to let his hatred go,yet like the hipocrite he is,does not tries to spend more time with Sasuke to try and convince him that hatred and vengence is not the best way to become more powerful. I like this version much better than Neo Yondaime Hokage,because Naruto actually understands Sasuke and becomes his best friend and brother. Have a nice day.
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