Reviews for Another Twist in Fate
MiccaF chapter 23 . 3/26
Excellent story! Excited to read the sequel :-)
M1A chapter 5 . 3/5
aww cute
M1A chapter 3 . 3/5
that isn't much.

Bellatective …:)
Gabby-Hunter chapter 6 . 11/25/2016
oh dear
people is going to keep interrupting them
I wonder who will be next to walk in on them
tadah2 chapter 4 . 7/10/2015
Inconsistent use of past vs present tense. Otherwise... Worth reading, so far!
rochelleross56 chapter 23 . 5/22/2015
Great story sad it had to end on to the sequel...
rochelleross56 chapter 22 . 5/22/2015
I really enjoyed this story and I can't wait to read the sequel I would like to know some about college for bella but I really gwant to time jump see what embry Jake Angela and the rest of the pack is up too and maybe check in on Edward...great story good job and good luck with the award...
rochelleross56 chapter 21 . 5/22/2015
Wow what a surprise you go embry...
rochelleross56 chapter 20 . 5/22/2015
Yay prom watch out embry and Jake lol...
rochelleross56 chapter 18 . 5/22/2015
Aww man I am glad that that is over...I wonder what will happen with the clluens and Tanya?
rochelleross56 chapter 17 . 5/22/2015
Good luck I hope this will be over soon...
rochelleross56 chapter 16 . 5/22/2015
Wow I hope the outcome of adding more vamps change...BTW what could Edward have planned?
rochelleross56 chapter 15 . 5/22/2015
That was an interesting meeting BTW what exactly did Alice see? Before this is all over I would like to know the futures of bella, embry Charlie, anglea the rest of the wolves and cullens...
rochelleross56 chapter 14 . 5/22/2015
Well that went well considering how bella is on a hit list...
rochelleross56 chapter 13 . 5/22/2015
Wow this interesting I hope bella can can stop them before things get out control...
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