Reviews for Little TwoEyes
dancing elf chapter 1 . 4/7/2011
theauthor94 chapter 1 . 8/11/2010
That was uuuuuuuuber cute!

Nightcrawlerlover chapter 1 . 9/11/2009
This is really creative and very good! I like it.

Keep up your super-awesome writing! :)
The Queen of Plot Twists chapter 1 . 8/19/2009

I never heard of this fairy tale but it sounded interesting!

Smart girl, the Anime totally chopped up Seto's manga personality. YAY puppyshipping!

Xd love how you did Tea, one-eye huh. Creepy!

Lucky Joey got to look normal. Poor rebbeca, having a third eye, at least she can cover that up.

Vanity is always a downfall!

Poor Joey, how dare they abuse him because he looks normal!

He nicknamed Seto Blue-eyes! that's perfec! i love their nicknames for each other! so cute!

finally a fairy tale where they fall in love!

that's so sad, Seto and Mokie have to got away because their parents died. I love the pendant! it's so beautiful!

Awe five years! that's a long time!

HAHAH! MAHAD! I LOVE HIM! Of course he'd be the one to help Joey! YES! YES!

I love the spell he gave him!

His family is evil!

Clever he sings them to sleep, eats his fill an all is well

Oh shit! He sang her two eyes to sleep an not her third! damn! Hes busted!

Poor scapegoats! How dare his mother kill them! At least Rebecca felt some guilt for her actions.

I love Mahad! he's like Joey's guardian angel!

AWESOME! He got the hearts and he's the only ones who can get the fruits! Awesome!

My god they're awful! how can he care for the so much! HOW DARE THEY BEAT HIM! THEY:RE HIS APPLES! At least Rebecca is generous enough to help him! i wanna strangle Tea and his mother!

SETO! He must know only joey can get the fruits! I laughed my ass off when Rebecca fell off the latter! XDXDXD

FINALLY SETO'S BACK! Thank god! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! Wahoo! Welcome back blue-eyes!

YES! joey's out fo there and so are the trees! In your face bitches!

I love how in character they were at the end! espeically joye's insults!

that was awesome! i love the ending! Shocked to see Rebecca was the begger girl! my only wish was that tea an his mother got her heads chopped off! XD that was awesome! a very intersting fairy tale!