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TLTL chapter 19 . 4/9
Pls update as soon as you can! But don't let this get you to over-stress yourself . I really love this story and I'm eagerly waiting for the next update, esp since I really want to know what will happen when/if Sakura managed to come back to Konoha. Okay, I'm not good in giving comments so uh, you're an amazing writer.(This sound so awkward but know that it is a sincere compliment and I'm sorry I don't really know how to give constructive criticism)
Guest chapter 19 . 4/8
Well then improve already! When I first found the story I got up to ch.18 and I couldn't find the story again, but I just found it and read it all the way to ch 19 from the begenning, and I literally have fallen in love with the story! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!? Please, the suspense is literally killing me! (and I can't concentrate on my homework, oddly) it sounded like this chapter was a bit washed out, have you been getting enough sleep? That always messes with my writing. Thankyou so much for writing! and PLEASE, next chapter!
For Spite chapter 19 . 4/8
I can't believe I forgot to review this last time it updated. I'm also glad to hear you're doing well in the Air Force and on a personal level pleased it hasn't been interfering with your writing.

I hope Sakura learned a valuable lesson today about telling people you screwed up their plans just because they were personally inconvenient. I'm not being sarcastic, I feel like this learning to present reasons for your actions that appeal to the audience is a very good ninja skill, she already showed the beginnings of it with Danzo.

The fight was good and Sakura did about as well as could be expected against an opponent who had size, experience, and background (being trained by the son of a Kage) advantages. The fact they figured out she was working for Orochimaru is more problematic. I don't think Sakura's position as a spy is secure, even if she comes up with an excuse for her absence. It was bad enough Sand knew, but at least Orochimaru controls their Kage. Stone has no reason not to out her, save their dislike of Konoha. And if Orochimaru in this continuity goes with her invasion plans, Konoha is going to clamp down hard on security risks (prior to that I could see Danzo trying to cover for her, if he thought it would help him keep in touch with Orochimaru). At least she got her pouch back.

And hey, now Sakura has a rival. In another story I might say it might be good for her, but in this case, she probably has enough on her plate.
Fireblade57 chapter 19 . 4/7
YAY! I've been waiting on this story for a while now because it's brilliant. Thank your for writing it!
TheTruthAboutThe WallFlower chapter 19 . 4/2
Oh my god I just re-found this story and I forgot how much I loved it! This is honestly like one of my favourite Sakura-centric fanfics I've read. I'm really looking forward to an update!
FireDragonX23 chapter 19 . 3/24
Good chapter
Demon King Piccolo chapter 19 . 3/19
Many reviewers mentioned this already, but I'll add mine in too: Seeing this update is better than Christmas.

So far, you're handling her post-Suna travels very well and, as always, I'm eager to see what happens next. In my last review, I singled out the rain ninja hunt and fight as particularly special in showing Sakura's personality, growth, and abilities; I felt it was one of the prominent parts of the story in fleshing out Sakura's character.

I don't expect the Kurotsuchi fight to showcase Sakura's growth as much (since it came directly after the Suna meeting), but I am nonetheless eager to see how Sakura handles this new challenge this time.

Thank you for the update!
Domino.necklace chapter 19 . 3/19
I'm so happy this was updated! I love the chapter, and was very impressed with how you dealt with Sakura getting out of this situation (Well, she's not quite out yet...) Anyway, I'm glad that you stay consistent and don't overpower Sakura to get her out of tough situations. Great chapter!
RawrGoesDaDino chapter 19 . 3/18
Welcome back! Hope you had a great time while you were training for the Air Force!

And thank you for the chapter! I always looks forward to your updates (even though it has been awhile).

I honestly want to see another cool fight scene with Sakura using her brain to maybe guess and strategize against her enemy. Or just being badass with her brain. (I always thought it was so stupid and strange that half of the events in Naruto happened purely based on luck and emotions and 'friendship', rather than rational and cool thinking. That's never how a real country works (I hope). In the military, if you disobey your commanders orders, like Naruto has done too many times to count, you're done. What Naruto and Tsunade and others have done would have risked so many people for stupid reasons, had too many random variables, and weren't really well thought out). I also really liked how you fleshed out the governments of the various countries and their power relations, and how you explained the reasoning behind various characters actions and thoughts. Your detail to people and places also made reading 'Loyalty' more than something to shallowly enjoy and forget.

(I'm so sorry I went on a huge rant. I got carried away. Um, no offense if you're a hardcore Naruto fan. And I'm sorry for wasting your time with that huge block of text.)

Anyways, again, thanks for the update!
Vitae Scholae chapter 19 . 3/18
Really awesome to see this updated!

It's one of those rare fanfics where the story and the characters feel realistic enough that i really care about the protagonists success and failure. Looking forward to future chapters :) One thing i wondered about, didn't her shoulder pop, and her arm go numb, in the fight? It wasn't mentioned afterwards, and she seemed to be fighting on with zero difficulty.
idk chapter 19 . 3/17
Glad to hear you are doing well in the Air Force.
One word, awesome. Sakura's character development is really nicely done and your portrayal of Orochimaru amazes me because, to be honest?, you are the first author (I came across) writing Sakura and not making him out to be some disgusting slimy bastard. Again that surprised me due to most stories being quite shallow and taking many occurences in Naruto at face value and then actually incorporating it here, a fanfiction site, in their stories so that I cannot help but really have the urge to bash my head against the nearest counter. Though I was hoping for more Team 7 (including Kakashi of course. It is sad most do not consider him part of the team although he was their official sensei.) moments/scenes sometime soon. Think you could do that. I'd honestly appreciate this due to mine enjoying their interactions immensely (provided they are not some nonsensical shallow "thingies" or heavy bashings with no reason).
Thanks for the work and I look forward to the next chapter.
Guest chapter 19 . 3/15
You're a fantastic writer, and as a reader, i can only be selfish and be glad that yiou have time for it at your base.

Another awesome chapter, once again. I'm usually the type to rush through or even fly over the action scenes, but i got totally absorbed in yours. I think a lot of it has to do with you interweaving sakura's internal analysis of the whole situation - of each, or almost each, action calculated. And you show us that they're calculated. I love that. And i love that sakura is like that.

I'm looking forward to your next update ]
KasonSama chapter 19 . 3/14
You have no idea the completely inhuman noise I made when I saw this fic was finally updated! and what a great chapter too, I cant wait for more, watching Sakura grow and learn new things is always fun.
Anarade Relle chapter 19 . 3/14
Congratulations on being happy with your job. You mentioned improving your writing... Well, over the course of the story you've improved quite a bit. I don't really see any real issues with your prose so really it's just a matter of refinement (It's silly to say 'you can't get any better' because a writer is never truly happy with anything they produce :p) and increasing your writing rate three hundred percent since I get to be the self-important reader and make demands (while ignoring that you have to do actual work). ;) In anycase I'm glad the story is back! That long cliffhanger was a bitch to get suffer through.

I liked how Sakura turned the entire situation around with that little Katon trick. Tricks like that and grasping "small" opportunities like that to drastically change the outcome of a ninja fight... That's the stuff I find most interesting in a Naruto-fiction that doesn't follow the Shoenen practice of overpowered techniques being slung around willy-nilly and superpowered!characters etc etc.
wise guys and thugs chapter 19 . 3/13
Amazing chapter, as always. Good luck at your new job!
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