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Cream and Sugar chapter 22 . 6/20
First of all, I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH! It's magnificent. Sakura getting accidentally embroiled in events going way over her head but putting her sharp mind to the task of protecting herself and her interests while still remaining in character? You are simply incredible. The plot always keeps me guessing as to what will happen next and how Sakura will react to events; your characterization of Sakura feels so real! I cannot wait for your next update! The mission to Suna was intriguing, especially Sakura and Kakashi's little byplay the entire time, and the journey through Land of Rivers provided an excellent opportunity for world building. I hope all of Sakura's missions will be like that! (And I'd love to see her return to River and be received as a national hero, that would be hilarious!) I'll be honest and say I have not a clue as to where you'll be going from here though. Will Sakura be staying in Konoha? Will she eventually go to Sound now that she's essentially sworn allegiance to them? It seems pretty incredible that she became a Sound agent without even really knowing who Orochimaru is and any of his history with Konoha. The whole situation surrounding the upcoming chuunin exams seems fishy from every direction, Orochimaru most of all... So I can't wait to see where Sakura stands with all that's going on. With the vest Orochimaru has given her, she's been promoted to chuunin, yes? So if she's no longer a part of Team Seven, how can they enter the exams? Will they enter at all with everything that's happened with Sakura? I'm dying to know Team Seven and the rest her peers' reactions to the revelation of Sakura now being registered as a kunoichi of Sound as well! The fact that the Sandaime interrupted Sakura when she was going to detail some of Danzo's dealings with Orochimaru also makes me suspicious of what's really going on behind the scenes, but I guess we'll just have to find out when Sakura does! Sorry for rambling on so long, I'm just so excited about your story! Please update again soon, I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment! Thanks for all your hard work so far!
MellSakura chapter 22 . 6/18
I have read all your fic and I loved it , I want the next chapter. Please update soon .. ! Excuse my English , I speak Spanish :3
GemmaAlpha chapter 22 . 6/18
This story is simply magnificent.

It's written incredible well and everytime I think I've got everything figured out, you suprise me with the next great idea. Like, BOOM! You have a very unique style - which I go very well with - and your talent to make the greatest drama/torture/fighting like it's an everyday thing (which in the shinobi world is, but many chose to forget that) is endearing and wonderful. Well, for me at last. Sakura is so damn cool but also so very deep, realistic and not a Mary at all, I can't be anything less than amazed. There aren't many fanfics with such a epic! Character development and I sincerely hope she gets even stronger, because I get the feeling, that she's going to need that. Maybe training with Orochimaru? (Who, by the way, is absolutely amazing and cunning and an better evilman than in canon) With poisons and forbidden ancient jutsus and maybe sealing techniques... that would be so cool. And oh, I love how this all turns out to be. I still hope that Sakura's not going to cut entirely with Kaka-sensei, Team 7 and Konoha, but on the other side seeing Team 7 realizing that Sakura's slowly turning into a loyal Sound and so their enemy... it would be precious. Peachy. Fu*kin' epic. I can IMAGINE the conflict of loyalties Sakura is going to feel and I'm looking forward it. And damn it all, yes, you have accomplished me being extremely confused and wondering. What's with the chunin exams? And her new flak west? Chunin? What are her family going to say to that? The citizen and ninja of konoha? Her friends? And team 7 - will they fall apart like in canon? Is she still a pat of it? What's with Naruto? Bet he's going to be devastated. And her new status as "Kyuubi-holder"? That whole Sound/Leaf/Sand Buisness? And about Hina-chan - how are Team 8/the Hyuugas going to react/be with Sakura? Questions, questions and yes, right, questions. Gotta love them.

Please release as soon as possible answers and more questions! I'm dying to know how this mess is going to turn out - into more shit?

Cherry-Hime-chan chapter 22 . 6/18
Hm, ROOT uniform perhaps?
Ikillatfirstsight chapter 22 . 6/17
is she a chuunin or a jounin?

and daaaaaaaaaaaaamn drama galore

i love you
Surfeitlull chapter 22 . 6/17
Oh my god that went somewhere unexpected and gahh!
So kabuto may or may not be dead, *squinches eyes* because he's just so resourceful and I can see becoming something rather hyuck for Sakura to overcome. If he is dead welp,

Ahhh! What's going to happen to team $ now?! :C are the chunnin exams still a-go?

I can't wait (but I will because this is the best Sakura centric story I've read in a long while) for the next chapter! Thank you for your hard work and writing
Cherry-Hime-chan chapter 1 . 6/17
Really amazing. Hope you'll update soon.
FranticHamster chapter 22 . 6/17
well that was one unexpected plot twist.
FranticHamster chapter 11 . 6/16
Epic fight loved it. Well done that actually felt like a ninja battle. No screaming technique names and very little banter. Just two people trying to kill the shit out of each other.
Strumwulf chapter 17 . 6/16
I like how Sakura is learning how to wheel and deal. Great story.
Lori chapter 22 . 6/16
I forgot to mention this but is it just me or was it just too convenient for the Sandaime to interrupt Sakura right at the moment she was going to go into detail about that seal on her tongue. That would have landed Danzo in hot water if she got to spill on all his dirty secrets about working with Orochimaru... (well her side of the story anyway without painting Danzo in a good light) or did Danzo already disclose his meetings with Orochimaru to the Sandaime with his own little spin on it? It didn't look like the Sandaime was surprised about Orochimaru letting slip about the meetings so... it looks like he's still safe. That wily old coot.

Also, Hiashi's reaction to Sakura... things aren't looking so good for her there. I'm not sure if he's blaming her as the cause for Hinata's death (because of her association with Sound) or for not being able to save Hinata when she chased after her. Maybe a little bit of both? When I think about it, it's a little irrational to blame her for those reasons (one because of how she got caught up in all this in the first place and two because the ANBU themselves couldn't stop those ninja from taking Hinata) but what can I say. Hiashi's a father who just lost a daughter so he's gotta to blame someone. Ouch when it comes to Inoichi too.
Lori chapter 22 . 6/16
Gotta say, I'm really loving this story so far. It's too bad that Kakashi seems to have lost some goodwill with Sakura at the end of the chapter because there was finally someone there who had her back (well besides Ino but she doesn't know the full story yet...). Now things are looking rocky for those two. Will he still give oversight to her on the team like he has in the past or is he going to keep them all under a tight leash with his supervision? Most likely the latter I'm assuming. I'm also really curious about how the rest of her team is going to react to her new otogakure/chuunin status too. Sasuke's reaction is the most interesting to me because he already has a history with Itachi who killed his clan and "betrayed" Konoha so he might react hostilely to her for the same reason (no matter how much Sakura might try to explain herself I'm not sure if he's willing to listen... he might or he might not so I'm really looking forward to his reaction). Then there's her chuunin status so... yeah. Naruto might not receive that bit so well either (thinking back on his reaction during the tree climbing exercise during the wave arc in the manga).

Personally, I find all of this ironic considering now it's Sasuke's and Naruto's turn to catch up to her when in the manga, she's always the one who's struggling to catch up to them. It's hilarious really and I'm quite enjoying this. Just wondering though, how long can Konoha keep up the facade that Sakura is the jinchuuriki for the Kyuubi? Wasn't Gaara's tailed beast able to sense the Kyuubi when Naruto was near? It's been so long so I'm not sure about that but if it is true then when Sunagakure finds out, they're not going to attack and instead will likely attack Orochimaru/Sound in retribution. Either way, Sakura's pretty screwed since she's Sound's ambassador/delegate now. LOL.

Other than that, thanks for the update! Awesome story.
LilithiaRW chapter 22 . 6/16
Holy shit. Though I expected Danzo to be a little more defensive. Poor Sakura is gonna have a hard time in the village now.
Michi-Dae chapter 22 . 6/16
FINALLY! YES! *dancelikeanidiotinmyroom* Im so sad to see her part ways with her konoha head protector buuuuut its all for the better! Please. Write the next chapter. Oh writer, my writer!
Guest chapter 22 . 6/16
I understand nothing! :)
Spies, traitors, double/triple-crossing. Hidden agendas...

"Mitokado the old woman at the Hokage's side intercepted them, raising their voices"
- Mitokado and the old woman
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