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GabxLuci027 chapter 24 . 9/7
Go sakura kick the teme's ass! I love that part! :)
Anna chapter 24 . 9/7
Update! Yay! I adore this story and am very pleased to see the new chapter.

Kakashi and Sakura having a talk and yeah, definitely feeling Sakura not wanting to die like that, but ow the feels when she said Kakashi never failed anyone the way she did..

Sasuke being a brat and Sakura recognizing it! Yass! Naruto is a precious darling as usual.

Looking forward to the next chapter, really want to see how those exams go.
pyro-rocketeer chapter 24 . 9/7
Haha! That was kind of funny, Sasuke's reaction at least. Oh god you write a decent team seven. Especially when concerning a 12 year old Sasuke who doesn't border on garystu. I kind of cackled wildly when he "scrambled, half-running and half-clawed" up the tree. Made my day honestly.
Can't wait for the next update!
angiewan601 chapter 24 . 9/7
reality deviant chapter 24 . 9/7
i like that chapter too...
somehow...pre time-skip naruto has a childish charm that is replaced by teen to adult feel after the timeskip...

what you do with sakura so far is very interesting.
ChaosTheVoid chapter 24 . 9/7
That was awesome, love seeing Sakura having matured. Orochimaru is still a magnificent bastard. Sakura was there to help convince Suna to attack Konoha in the first place.
J.S.H.N.Girl chapter 23 . 9/3
Lovely! I found this story in one of my favorite authors subscribe list and read the summary, I know this story's been around for a long time and all, but it's really really hard finding a story like his with only Sakura as a character (sad really), I also hope you update soon, can't wait to see what you come up with next in the dramatic I've been mentally mapping out in my head during class hours.

Seriously, it's like writing a fanfiction about a fanfiction.

I seriously think we should have those

Hugs and kisses JGirl out
evie.izzyjaz chapter 2 . 8/27
i wish sakura didn't hate naruto.
bloomsburry chapter 23 . 8/22
Sinister hime chapter 23 . 8/7
Okay, first off- this story blew my mind in a direction that it never really went to, and trust me, I went in a dew directions. The entire concept of Sakura getting stronger because lacking... well, any kind of true friendship bonds and motive had been tested around the site in many ways, most of which are surprisingly well written. Usually, Sakura resolves her entire career around her team or her village and finds exactly why she risks her life daily on being a ninja, ninja way, will of fire- bla. But your concept is special, because it basically revolves around her betrayal to the village and it tests the shaky grounds that not many writers step into- village politics, the hidden but existing darkness behind the peaceful facade and wavering loyalties. You really made all that step into clarity, and shown a point of view of a ninja with no prodigy skills or heroic mind change, evolve and basically question her dangerous path in life- a point of view of a reasonably normal girl stepping into the jungle and managing to survive. *stage whisper* Loving it!
I have to say, that you really got me hooked up- the entire caravan to Suna got me glued to my screen and that moment when it was up to Sakura to put her plan into action, but the backs of many-so-called friends left her behind (except for Hinata, bless her soul)- OH GOSH, that was...
I was frowning on Kiba's and co. reaction to Sakura as they sneered down onto her and basically decided to not give her a chance and ran away like headless cickens into battle scene, I really was- but I squealed on the inside, because SOMEHOW that made me like your story even more. "Sakura goes through the struggles of a lonesome wolf, yes!" Im morbid I know.
Also, can I mention you have a very unique way of portraying all the worst kinds of wounds a person could get without it becoming potentially life-threatening; I mean, I know her arm will function again somehow in the end but DAMN (This is putting me back into the HunterxHunter series all over again- bonus points.) :-D
You know, I dont think I fully realized how really scary this story was until you just up and killed Hinata. I literally threw my phone as far on the bed as I could and blinked really hard "She just killed a potential supporting character- just like that." That was the moment I realized the plot is a lot more serious than I took it for. Youre not sparing Sakura in this fic, are you? XD
The river arc was a great breath of fresh air after Suna's desert and empty struggles, not to mention all the snakes huddled up everywhere around Sakura after that. Also, I love your fight scenes. They are intense, strategic and desperate- great combo for the main heroine, seeing as shes tasting a lot of that throughout the story.
I honest to God didn't think Konoha would give Sakura such a pardon on her actions; I understand the politics and webs Orochimaru placed on his own merry way do hold their own dangers, but still, I didnt expect for Konoha to reach out such a gracious hand of mercy for such a treachery. To tell you the truth, I imagined that Sakura got captured and secured inside Konoha, and right upon her judgement day Kurotsuchi (did I spell that right?) invades the village, explodes and enters the building of an ANBU warehouse and frees Sakura in the process, all for the sake of her revenge and basically not giving a damn about the consequences (of course, she'd hide her true ninja identity somehow) because Sakura left her with a scar or got the upper hand in the last fight and she couldnt let it go without payback. It sounds silly, but I can already see them emerging from the debris in the sky, yelling at each other and screaming justu left and right- it made a nice picture in my head. Though, your version holds much more promise than mine.
Kakashi cares for his students; two teammates of Sakura's that hold too much emotion to function, Sakura's mother is facing the equivalent problems of a ninja in puberty and Sakura is in deeper shit than she realized if Orochimaru still plans to stretch his ego for Sasuke. Yup- I really wanna see where youre going with this.
skywiseskychan chapter 23 . 8/3
I am still loving this story. And this is the first of the many interesting reactions I'm looking forward to reading about.
advancegreen chapter 23 . 8/2
I love the direction of this so much! You can really see why Sakura wouldn't have too many problems aligning herself with Orochimaru. A nobody like her is disposable to both sides - but Orochimaru, at least, is honest about it.
Guest chapter 23 . 7/26
What happened to the zest of the second arc? This is awesome but not as full of life as previous chapters. Do you need a break?
sakuras.horcrux chapter 22 . 7/25
OOOHHHH Is that what Orochimaru told the Kazekage on that paper? That Sakura was the kyuubi?
angiewan601 chapter 5 . 7/25
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