Reviews for Sharing Sleep
Guest chapter 15 . 9/27
Guest chapter 7 . 9/27
I'm not crying, you are!
Natz Mercado chapter 15 . 3/16
Ths story made me smile a lot of times. very wholesome and beautiful
Natz Mercado chapter 12 . 3/16
This was so sad and sweet. i've always wanted to read a story about their time at shell cottage. i imagine a lot of sleepless nights for all residing due to the nightmares of the ones that were captive at Malfoy Manor
RHr4eva chapter 13 . 2/6
Oh! I had goosebumps
RHr4eva chapter 11 . 2/6
At first, I didn't like Hermione forgiving Ron so soon...but the 'keeping it a secret' part was adorable, do it sort of made up for it
Luna Lovegood 3 chapter 15 . 2/4
Luna Lovegood 3 chapter 14 . 2/4
You are probably getting annoyed at all my reviews...but i take back my rudeness. THis is fine.
Luna Lovegood 3 chapter 12 . 2/4
At this point it is so unrealistic. This could never have happened in the 7th book. But, I appreciate it nevertheless. I still like it.
Luna Lovegood 3 chapter 11 . 2/4
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Value declining, but still best fanfic I've ever read! Great job!
Luna Lovegood 3 chapter 7 . 2/4
I feel like your Ron is too much like Harry's personality, but I mean, this is GOOD. I usually hate fanfiction, but this is really good. Great job!
RHr4eva chapter 3 . 2/3
Sweet and awkward! Thats Romione for ya.
RHr4eva chapter 2 . 2/3
Ron falling asleep on her stomach? And then looking at her face from that angle...hmm...wouldn't something be obstructing his view? (She IS 13, and going through puberty) I think he would have felt awkward when he realises that...Nevertheless, Great chapter!
RHr4eva chapter 1 . 2/3
Aww! I always thought that Hermione is a really caring person...but she just doesn't show it that much in the books until much later
R chapter 11 . 9/9/2020
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