Reviews for A Rough Start
VampsGurl chapter 7 . 9/16/2009
Glad Edward finally apologized to Bella.

Good thing he took Bella's advice about Gus. I really hope Anthony will start to open up soon.

Now that Edward has a week off he can teach Anthony how to play soccer, since he has a soccer ball.
wannakee chapter 7 . 9/16/2009
Great chapter. I really like this story. It's nice to see a blue collar Edward, with all the vulnerabilities that role entails, plus all the emotional ones layered on by the tragedies of life. It's nice to see Bella in the role of someone who can help him (like in the Tutor) rather than being the one who needs to be rescued. I like how Edward handled the situation with Gus... asking Bella for advice and then following through. And Anthony's response... how sweet. As always, I'm looking forward to the next update.
dazzledtina chapter 1 . 9/16/2009
Great start. I like that your characters seem to have real life challenges and are not millionaires with the world handed to them. And how sad for little Anthony to lose his mother and sent off to live with strangers, but then again, that is real life.
christye chapter 7 . 9/16/2009
I love this story so much! Edward is turning out to be an awsom daddy. It's an original and interesting take on e/b. Can't wait for more. Thanks.

irish-fan chapter 7 . 9/16/2009
just found this story today. Really like it. Can't wait to read more
flecour chapter 7 . 9/16/2009
Excellent! )
kirster226 chapter 7 . 9/16/2009
Wow. Amazing chapter. I love seeing Edward becoming a little bit better at the whole dad thing. I love the way you write Anthony. He's so cute!
Jackiebtl chapter 7 . 9/16/2009
This chapter is so sweet

edward is growing an adult who can take care of anthony...

really really great!
nanavette chapter 7 . 9/16/2009
Aw, I loved it. I love that Edward is getting to know Anthony more. Update soon!
carey1090 chapter 7 . 9/16/2009
Great story. Can't wait to read more. Update as soon as you can.
apricot30 chapter 7 . 9/16/2009
it's a good thing there's only 7 chapters so far so i was able to catch up pretty first i felt really sad and hopeless while reading the first chapters because i could just imagine how hard edward and anthony were going thru. it really sucks when you're worrying about money and job and then a new kid. this is actually the first fic that i read where edward is sort of poor and living a normal life (i read legacy and although edward was poor there, it turned out he was rich after all. and in poughkeepsie, well he wasn't actually sort of normal there. hehe..).. so it's kinda weird for me at first to see edward struggling with everyday life. and i heart anthony.. that poor boy.. but with the last 2 chapters, i am now relieved that at least edward and bella are in good terms already. bella could really be a huge help here for anthony. )
Mastaspammip chapter 7 . 9/16/2009
ok so we are getting to why edwards parents are out of the picture. So maybe his real parents gave him up and he was adopted and he doesnt wanna disappoint his adopted parents by telling them he has a kid? or his parents are just douches...
lulabelljane chapter 7 . 9/16/2009
Aw, Edward is really trying! Major turn around for him...still has a way to go...but this is so good! He handled the whole thing with Gus perfectly...including the little pillow and blanket for him...aww!

Love it! :)
clairdeluneisgreat chapter 7 . 9/16/2009
*sniffles* I just love the hell out of this story! thanks for another awesome chapter.
bemily chapter 7 . 9/16/2009
Aw, Edward is actually trying. Major turning point.
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