Reviews for The Broken Road Home
sbabe chapter 28 . 4/14
This is an awesome story. It is good as it is but would love more.
Shanita67 chapter 28 . 2/26
I laughed, I cried, I cheered, and then I have raged against where it ended. Please please add a last chapter. The story had me invested from the beginning. Good job
donnap chapter 28 . 2/22
Nice story. Is it over?
Sunny Okanagan chapter 28 . 2/4
Awesome story. Sad to see it's not finished. Hope that you just loss your muse for a while and didn't stop writing because something happened.
Guest chapter 28 . 1/11
This story is awesome have read several times please come back and finish
Camilla10 chapter 28 . 1/5
Why did you stop updating?
MamaJoyce chapter 27 . 10/24/2016
I know I already begged in chapter 28 but I'm prepared to go backwards through the whole story begging for more. I know it must be hard to come back after all this time but a love story this great should have an ending just as good. I think we would all settle for just getting them married and if you're feeling generous a honeymoon would be greatly welcome. :) I've loved every bit of this story so please, pretty please with whip cream on top could you find it in your heart to give us and Ranger and Steph the happy ending all of so want?
All About RangeMen chapter 28 . 7/19/2016
WHAT!? No, no, oh no you can't stop on that cliff hanger!

I have just loved this story, it has it all. A great storyline, characters with depth and consistency, it's fun, exciting and emotional. I love your evolution of Helen, castrating of Joe and the Stephanie/Ranger setup. The Manoso family is a great addition to character and drama. Your description of events is wonderfully explained without going overboard and use of dialog follows logical patterns and is un-stilted and easy to read.

Like I said, I loved it! My only complaint is that it ended! I want to stay in your Plum world :)

And of course an ending would be awesome, especially after leaving it off there!
ChristinaS chapter 28 . 7/3/2016
This is a fantastic story. Please don't leave us hanging!
Guest chapter 28 . 6/20/2016
Finish it you can not leave me hanging like this. PLEASE! I'm dieing to know what happens.
muzzarae chapter 28 . 6/17/2016
Love his story and can't wait for another update. Need to close off that cliffhanger!
GarbanzoBeans chapter 28 . 6/9/2016
Can't believe it is left hanging here. Such a great story and to find it with a real serious question left at the end is heartbreaking.
MamaJoyce chapter 28 . 4/1/2016
Oh, man please ,please, update this story? It's beautiful and it's painful hanging off of the cliff like this, lol. :) Even if we all know there's no way Ranger's changing his mind about marrying her. ;)
Tiggy318 chapter 28 . 3/29/2016
Great update! Hope you will give us another chapter soon, this is such a cliffie!
Carolb chapter 28 . 2/2/2016
Oh please finish...great story
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