Reviews for Back To The Days
Cassiline Anathema chapter 1 . 9/22/2009
Brovo very good, although I like the unseen or in this case unheard, I think Adelle's threat would have enhanced the story. Why was Topher so intent to save Whiskey? What did she mean to him, was she his first? A past friend or lover? Other than the fact she was pretty, as all the dolls are selected for their beauty, I just wonder at his motivations. It is very Joss to not give the reader all the facts and let them make their own determinations but man is it frustrating for us, lol. Great story I would love to read more along this line if you were planning to continue it, if not anything else you have would be a great read I'm sure.
BlueEyedBrigadier chapter 1 . 8/22/2009
Right now, all I can say is "Wow..." and "You have Joss Whedon in your basement right now, don't you?" because this little glimpse into the things we didn't see during Season One definitely feels like something Joss would have dropped on us as a major plot twist - the Dollhouse violating the contract for the woman who became Whiskey/Claire Saunders because of Alpha's slice and dice session post-composite event - as something that would raise debate over the greater good being better than the good of the individual (having a skilled GP on staff and keeping the Dollhouse's pooch screw under wraps vs. allowing Whiskey's contract to complete and allowing her release, scars and all).

I also was intrigued by the take you selected for Topher's feelings toward Whiskey/Claire, in that Topher fell for her AFTER she became a Doll/while she was a Doll and possessed hope of developing something with her once her contract was up, rather than having her be someone Topher already cared about prior to their individual starts at the Dollhouse. Your take honestly feels better for the character of Topher, since I personally don't think he would have dealt with having someone he cared about for a significant amount of time become a Doll...his inner strength isn't quite there yet ;)