Reviews for Chaos Spirits: Reborn
The Writer Of Fate chapter 3 . 8/31/2009
An interesting story. I believe it does have promise. I'll put this under my alerts to see how it does. Do keep up your good work.

-End Transmission-
Aku Blossom chapter 2 . 8/29/2009
This is a little more familiar. I'm getting the Aladdin vibes you mentioned before. Still, it's a good start. The hostility between the tribes, while coming across as a bit over the top, certainly makes sense. After all, they were separated to end a war that nearly killed all of them.

Sky's an interesting character. He's the personality type that I generally want to hate, but I can't hate him. He certainly fits his personality type. Warm and comforting, with a potential for destruction.

On the other hand, Chronic is probably my favorite character barring one who has not been introduced yet. Actually, he may even surpass that character. He's cold and indifferent, while still coming across as hostile and vicious. Very good fit.

Sky saving the echidna at the end is a bit cliche, but it fits him so I say no harm or foul.

You're a bit redundant here and there, but your spelling is generally solid. Keep clothing description to a minimum, it's a bit obtrusive when its not important.

Also, one thing that is pet peeving me, is bull shit. I am of the opinion that, regardless of MSWord's bitching, it should be bullshit.

Overall a nice introduction. I read the next chapter and will give you a review when I get a chance.
Aku Blossom chapter 1 . 8/23/2009
This is certainly different from the original story. A very similar backstory, while at the same time having a vastly overall different feel.

There are some problems with tense here, but it didn't stop me from understanding what was happening.

Some parts felt a little dragging, but I understand you were trying to smash the backstory into the prologue so it doesn't need to come up so fully later. It's not bad, just not my favorite course of action.

Obviously we have different vocabularies and thought patterns, but some of your word choice grated on my nerves. Again it's just a personal thing, nothing terribly wrong with your decisions.

Really it's a good introduction. Just make sure you watch your tense, that's the biggest annoyance.