Reviews for dead mans party, my version
DemonQueen26 chapter 1 . 2/10
Actually I want to thank you. Buffy saves the world, she has to sacrifice herself again and again and yet they treated her like a selfish child. They were wrong and it pisses me off that so many people can't see how much pain she would be in. Good job!
twotoe chapter 2 . 2/27/2015
Right on, forget the flames. Some people seem to have Xander on some kind of pedestal and that 'man who sees' is such a joke that I often wonder if the writers were delusional or perhaps just drunk. If there was someone that saw less about anything going on around him, it was Xander Harris. And as to him being told off here, he deserves it and as he will continue to deserve it. Xander is even worse and if it were a few more year down the road, she would have quite a few more things to add to the list she shouted at him. He has his moments-but oh so very few and far between-but basically he is a mean, spiteful selfish boy that just grew worse as he got older. I wish the Buffy you wrote here was still around in the future instead of the one that needed her friends approval so much that she let them rule her life because she was afraid she would lose them. And through it all she was miserable. They got to do what ever they wanted for the most part even if it hurt others and were only called on it if things got really bad. They also got to love the person they chose, but never allowed Buffy to do that. They got to be forgiven for their mistakes-and didn't ask for any for their mate choice-when every mistake Buffy made was constantly thrown in her face. She was beaten down for it all the time. Oh, I wish the Buffy you have written here continued to stay around. Her friends if they stayed around wouldn't have liked it, but perhaps Buffy could have actually been happy.
Geminijny chapter 2 . 5/6/2012
I agree with ur second part of your story...I was the best story I have ever read...Please say you will continue with a second part...I would really like to know what happens next


Kairan1979 chapter 2 . 1/31/2010
I'm completely agree that Xander deserved bashing in Dead Man's Party. And Joyce bluntly told Buffy "not to come back".
xxxLadyLindixxx chapter 2 . 1/26/2010
I really liked this story thanks for posting it oh and thank you for making Buffy punch Xander
mmooch chapter 2 . 9/12/2009
I'm completely with you on this...except for Willow wasn't exactly innocent either. Sure, she had nothing to do with why Buffy *had* to run away - and I do mean HAD - but she wasn't very understanding when Buffy came back. I get that they are just kids and Willow wanted to punish Buffy a little before she forgave her.

The idea that they threw this party for Buffy is crap, pure and simple. If they really were thinking about what she would want, they wouldn't have done it. They wanted to pretend to welcome her home while pointing out that she wasn't part of their little circle anymore.

As for her running away again without saying anything...who says she wasn't going to? Just because she was packing, doesn't mean she was going to leave without saying goodbye. After all, she's just been told - in actions as well as words - that she isn't exactly welcome in Sunnydale anymore. Can't say I'd want to stick around either.

And finally Xander...I don't give a flying rip what 'Joss says'! Xander did not say what he said to save the world; he did it because he was pissed off. If all he wanted was to not give Buffy false hope about Willow being able to complete the spell, he could have - and *should* have - just kept his annoying mouth shut! But no, he had to make it seem like both of Buffy's best friends were against her by lying. Maybe if she thought she had sympathetic friends to turn to when it was over, she might not have run away. But we'll never know - except in fanfiction - because he LIED!
Chewie chapter 2 . 9/7/2009
Actually, Willow gave her flack too, she was just a little quieter about it, and got the whole making up scene at the end of the ep.

Also, everyone began arguing with her when she went to run off again. If she wants to leave, no one can stop her, she could at least give the courtesy of saying she was going, so they don't sit for yet another few months not knowing if she's alive or not.

The information Xander withheld would have had no positive impact on what happened. Best case scenario, things go exactly the same as they did. That involves Buffy actually trying to kill Angelus.

It's more likely she holds back, again, and gets herself killed, and then the entire world is sucked into hell, Angel included.
whatweareafreaidof chapter 2 . 9/7/2009
i understand your points... but i would like to make a few of my own...

one a guy is killing people every day telling you he is going to kill your friend those you love..if told you i was going to kill you mom you father every one you love and started to do it.. and the one person who could stop me let me go, over and over again... how would you feel your mom is dead next is your girlfriend and buffy still stood there and did nothing...

they did not know she had to kill angel they thought she had to kill anglesus, she never told them...

when she came back they told her they love her, and throw her a party to be nice... they started yelling when buffy was going to run away again that is the only reason they started yelling they were falling apart... and xander said you dont know what your mother been throw, he does what she drinking maybe puting a gun to her head how hard was it to worry about your daughter, or your best friend they were falling about to... they were afraid she was leaving again they would never see her again...

when she TOLD what happen, even xander was nice and tried to be funny to help her feel better... she could have at least called them to let them know she was alive..

buffy does not have the world on her shoulder she help, there are two slayer and xander and willow help a lot. if she would stop acting like being the slayer make her better then every one else, thinks would be easier, if she would have treated faith better she might not have gone to the dark side, if she would have train xadner, or did not make willow feel that she was around only for her magic. then angel came back he help to...

i get where your coming from... but buffy was not innocent and did stuff wrong, and they had a right to be mad but i think they were mostly hurt..
DreamWalker chapter 1 . 9/7/2009
Awesome story!

"Where are you going?" "Patrolling, I need to kill things." gotta love that line. :D
mike chapter 1 . 9/7/2009
one buffy let angelus run lose for mouths how many people did he kill 100 to 200..

next buffy chose to not tell her mother for years,, did buffy really belive that her mother would hate her..

willow was in a como she just wake up,, and she was a novice witch this was her first spell and it was really powerfull, the chance of it working was like 1 in 10, this was the third time they tried this spell..

if buffy waited the world could have been destory xander lied to save the world, joss even said so.

buffy ran away, how many people died that summer 50 100, for mouths they did not now if she was alive or died, if there was a end of the world think they could not even get of hold of her...

xander risk his life for that summer so less people got killed he did a brave think and makes fun of him...

buffy was selfish she put what she wanted over what was best for other people and almost the world, if as a cop i hide a murder would you not blame me for the death he commit when i could have stop him... it was buffy fault and instead of say she mess up and asking forgive ness she lied again when angle came back and she wounder wy they dont trust her