Reviews for Why I Hate Myself
Geekies chapter 1 . 5/12/2010
-bangs head on her desk-

I'm so sorry if no one understands the French! D:

For who knows why I had an odd idea that everyone knew French or something! I mean...FFFFF

Tu es tres belle~ You are very beautiful. (I shouldn't assume this but I think everyone knows that pretty much. )

"Okay?" Confused, she responded with, "Gare?"~ This is kind of complicated to explain... -thinks- ...

A gare is a train station, and at the train station they have like... a platform you wait on for the train and it's "quai" in French, which sounds like, "'Kay?" And yeah. ;

fange~ like...a bog or swamp or anything similar, pretty much something sloppy, so slop pretty much.

Que Dieu vous benisse et la nourriture. Merci Dieu, tu benis moi de la belle Seychelles. ~May God bless you and the food. Thanks God, you bless[ed] me with the beautiful Seychelles. (Bless/Blessed, works either way. -brick'd- I sort of used Seychelles as a regular name instead of an island.)

ciel- heaven (Meh. )

Sorry! D:
Aspicia chapter 1 . 9/8/2009
Aw! I think the relationship between Seychelles & France is very sweet and innocent. (: Nicely done.