Reviews for And I Don't Feel Fine
Fanf1cFan chapter 1 . 8/23/2009
Good start. I don't mind novelizations, as long as the author contributes something new, original, believable, and does it well. It can be an explanation that Anno didn't bother to provide. It can be an extension of events that take off from where the film ends. It can fill in blanks Anno left in the chain of events. It can take a supporting character and give them their story, their take on what happened - lots of possibilities. If it's done well, I can't understand grumbling about novelization. Personally, I'd applaud anyone who could do a good novelization of the whole thing, maybe including those things I mentioned above and adding some probable history - likely events that led up to Anno's story.

My only quibble with your treatment is that you've portrayed Shinji's thought processes as being more sane than I would expect. It's more like some memoirs written with the perspective and rationalization permitted by enough time passing - a minor thing and maybe just my own take on it.

I've always looked at what happened during 3-I and gathered that the ecosystems have been destroyed - no plant life, no animals. . . a very dim future where survival would depend on scavenging the left-overs. Future generations, if any, would be few in number and probably die out. Sorry, Anno left me with very pessimistic expectations of a post 3-I world. There . . . my rant is done (for now).