Reviews for Duran and Kiyohime's Omake Theater
bubble.duckie chapter 91 . 6/4
Aww! They're just so cute when not bantering. I like Nao even if she's sarcastic! Thank you very much for updating again! I like all chapters!
bubble.duckie chapter 90 . 6/4
I love Artemis' orbiting skills haha. She's cute! Thanks for making her the star of this chapter!
bubble.duckie chapter 89 . 6/4
Poor Duran-kun. I personally am very grumpy when hungry- I hope he doesn't start munching on the sofa wahaha! No Kiyohime this time? Ooh! I miss her!
mgcbs chapter 91 . 4/14
I cracked up so hard at the part where Nao thanked the heavens for not laughing at Natsuki's mishap with her motorbike suit...
Thanks for another Nao-centric classic!
GabbyGabrielle chapter 91 . 4/12
Next chap please!
AntiopeDeThemiscyre chapter 91 . 4/10
Oh no, Natsuki and Shizuru had a fight :'(

Well, I would like to know what Natsuki said to Shizuru that makes her feel so guilty.
And I would have liked to read how they would make up, but for this one I'll just imagine it
Luffy19 chapter 91 . 4/10
Hilarious hehehe
connielkm chapter 91 . 4/7
Someone has to start talking, eventually. Blessing for the fortune cookie!
shanejayell chapter 91 . 4/6
Awwww. That was cute.
Guest chapter 91 . 4/6
like it :D

funny that it seems nao highly values natsuki, but at the same time she highly underestimates natsuki. she thinks yukino would easily fool natsuki into doing what she wants. but i believe it would be the other way around as i recall how effortlessly natsuki made use of yukino in anime, yukino couldn't insert even one word :D sadly for yukino, natsuki isn't like haruka. heck, even shizuru wasn't able make natsuki do things she didn't really want to do. ironically, natsuki was the one who unconsciously made shizuru do things she didn't want to do originally. funny enough it's natsuki's advantage that everyone seemed to underestimat her abilities :D

i was really surprised that natsuki told nao what occured. whereas even shizuru can not get the truth out of natsuki, if she does not want to reveal it. maybe deep down she wanted to talk about it with someone. then again, natsuki doesn't like to show her true feelings to anyone, only shizuru is allowed to see. so initially i was shocked how much trust natsuki has for nao, their unconventional bond is interesting :D what's also interesting is to see the reverse situation where natsuki helps nao. to fully witness their bond from different angles.
Rose of the Wind chapter 91 . 4/5
I honestly love this running fortune cookie gag.
Also, Nao has a much better poker face than I do, as I did actually laugh several times while reading this.
Pope William T Wodium chapter 91 . 4/5
Honestly, Natsuki not coming home for three hours is probably worse punishment than anything she might have done on purpose.
Iuterpi chapter 91 . 4/4
Nao? Being the voice of reason? Crazy lol no. Really I do can see it. Because I do think that Nao has the potential of finding in Natsuki someone who can understand her and not pity her, and at the same time would find it easy to understand her proud side and her closed up moments. Mai as well but that's cause Mai it's the most emphatic person in that show.

That's why I love about your omakes. We not only see ShizNat goodness we also see all these characters grow and interact with each other and the different dynamics. In little funny one shots. I love them.
sachii.ballpoint chapter 91 . 4/4
This is such a cute chapter, I hope we see more of Nao being a friend (albeit hesitantly) towards Natsuki in the future. Their relationship is just such an adorable one with lots of awkward-backpatting-hug like comfort.
Fuyu no Sora chapter 91 . 4/4
*chuckles* I really, really liked this chapter. I was already eying it as promising when I read the title, and the (featuring the...actually, just Nao) was the icing on the cake! There are many things to love about this Omake, the very first being that it's a cute friendship fic that showcases perfectly just how much Natsuki and Nao actually care for one another. They're good friends, which is why Nao can easily read Natsuki and figure out what her problem is, while Matsuki trusts Nao enough to actually open herself up and *talk* about the details of those problems. Although they'd deny it until they're blue in the face, this right here shows that they obviously DO consider the other a friend, and that's just really cute!

The second thing is that Nao actually went out of her way to buy Natsuki dinner, so she bothered to spend not only time, but also money (which we all know she values highly) on someone other than herself, and coming from Nao that's a pretty good indicator that she esteems the person she's doing this for. Third: they have no compunctions in talking frankly with one another, and they thus communicate in their typical super-blunt manner which is just hilarious to see (and refreshing, too)! Finally, I love that Nao shrugged at Natsuki obeying a fortune cookie (lol, *that's* something she's never going to voluntarily get out of either of the two lovers!) and declared that since she'd bought Natsuki dinner, she was taking credit for getting that numbskull to call her girlfriend! She well should have it, and even without the cookie, considering she spent a long time talking sense into the Ice Princess.

In short, this was CUTE and I love it! Great chapter! _
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