Reviews for Duran and Kiyohime's Omake Theater
Ninnypants chapter 77 . 2/1
Mymy, natsuki being the initiator? About time! XD
Ninnypants chapter 79 . 2/1
Sounds like shizuru alright! To go to such lengths xD this chap brightened my day :) thanks!
xMisty chapter 79 . 1/22
Now that was a real stroke of genius! I *had* been wondering about those fortune cookies, myself... To think that Shizuru was the one behind them! It's hilarious how far she will go to tease Natsuki. XD
oncoming-traffic chapter 79 . 1/21
The fortune cookies strike again!
To be honest, I couldn't connect the 'vassal-head family relationship' part of the story until I read the last sentence. Now that's a way to deliver the punch-line! I laughed, I really did. And let me congratulate Natsuki on being able to predict the outcome. Smart girl.

Another thing, I'd like also to squeeze a word or two about the Christmas chapter, since I kept forgetting to express my gratitude for the happy Christmas mood it brought. I also went back and read the holiday installment from last year. It was still as good! Gotta love Christmas sales... and remember to bring a taser gun when out shopping.

Will be waiting for chapter 80! It's not often that such a high number of chapters is reached. Keep it up!

StarvingLunatic chapter 79 . 1/20
LOL! Shizuru abusing her power to confound poor Natsuki, not that you can really feel bad for Natsuki. And Natsuki is such a martyr. She knows she loves it!
noraily chapter 79 . 1/20
I just died laughing. Shizuru is such a scheming devil but we love her anyway.
Icy-Windbreeze chapter 79 . 1/20
Hahaha, Shizuru is too funny and cunning! XD
CherrieBluez chapter 79 . 1/20
Haha an enjoyable and amusing read, I'm happy you're still updating! The last time I got a fortune cookie I'm sure I kept it somewhere for its hilarity... daymn, gotta find it now.
chloeabbyalex chapter 79 . 1/19
Hahaha I like it.
Guest chapter 79 . 1/19
i like it
Truna chapter 79 . 1/19
Shizzy, you brilliant strategist you.
Keeper Aki chapter 79 . 1/19
If only Natsuki knew how those fortune cookies were manipula-I mean made, lol XD
Guest chapter 79 . 1/19
Lol, hahaha
Syein chapter 8 . 12/17/2014
Woww, you have extreme talent for these type of stories. I have a good laugh, thank you sir!
GabbyGabrielle chapter 78 . 12/1/2014
Next chapter please
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