Reviews for Duran and Kiyohime's Omake Theater
shanejayell chapter 95 . 3/7

BAD pun Reito. Bad.
Truna chapter 95 . 3/6
I lost it at "her new drills" holy shit
commentator.ihy chapter 95 . 3/6
Ba-dum tish! Crow pun!
I don't quite get the title "She Can't Even Rely on Plan B" is supposed to imply though. I do know that plan B is some sort of after-the-act contraceptive, if that's what's being referred to, but I don't see the connection to the chapter.
Jack Inqu chapter 95 . 3/6
I would most likely not get along with Reito in real life, but he's pretty amusing in your stories.

Shiho is a very scary young lady, though to be fair, obsessive love is common in this series; Shizuka and Natsuki, for example. Shizuka just got luckier than Shiho has been so far.

I'm still curious how this whole love dodecahedron is going to work out. Who will end up with who?

Take care, good luck, and I look forward to your next update.
AntiopeDeThemiscyre chapter 94 . 2/15
OMG, I almost died laughing! A love hotel!
Well done, Shiho
Guest chapter 94 . 2/14
So heartwarming
Iuterpi chapter 94 . 2/14
"but then decided that the woman living with Shizuru Fujino was in no position to complain about potential yandere" I love dying and OMG this line. I love these kids, a therapist would have an interesting article to write about this. How they choose to brush aside traumatic experiences.

I get so happy when I suddenly get a notification from this story, from any Shiznat story really, but especially from you.

I miss these two and I love to read new content about these crazy in love girls.

Thanks and have an incredible Valentine's Day!
TinyTini chapter 94 . 2/14
Shizuru will always be the biggest tease, nice try though, Natsuki! :o)

Happy Valentines day ShizNat. Enjoy your love hotel!
Truna chapter 94 . 2/14
happy singles awareness day! :') honestly though happy Valentine's Day to you and your wife! :)
Jack Inqu chapter 94 . 2/14
Shizuru still has the teasing advantage; poor Natsuki. ;)

That's actually a pretty good plan on Shiho's part. Nobody is getting hurt, the shrine gets some money, and they get rid of the fortune cookie messages.

Take care, good luck, and I look forward to your next update.
QTdrum chapter 94 . 2/14
you made my day, the first laugh I had today, thank you :D
DCG-Charlie chapter 52 . 2/11
Geez I still remember all of these. I still laugh at all of them too. Happy to know you're still out there.
bubble.duckie chapter 93 . 1/13
What a super fun chapter to read. I love the pun at the end. Nap really says the funniest and wittiest things in this world. I love it. As usual, I love your writing! Keep at it!
Guest chapter 93 . 12/28/2016
please another update please please... Iove this fic especially because it is shizuru and natsuki:)
Guest chapter 93 . 12/25/2016
This saved me from my boring work. Keep it up.
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