Reviews for Duran and Kiyohime's Omake Theater
Rebel wolf 26 chapter 81 . 27m
Hey dontbtakevthis wroung way. I think your an icredible author. I also love these fluffy story's but sometimes i miss the plot just a you could write a short story. In this pairing or nanofate either works. Please and thank you.
mgcbs chapter 81 . 13h
Thank you for another Shiznat fluff but I do hope the Mrs forgives you for um... oversharing? ;)
bubble.duckie chapter 81 . 15h
Nice! Your wife must adore you so much if even half of the sweetness in this story was inspired from your real life. Very very nice!
bubble.duckie chapter 80 . 17h
Oh my! People in yukata just looks so adorable. Shizuru must have been very proud of her beautiful Natsuki. I wasn't able to attend any matsuri when i visited Japan but it must have been awesome!
bubble.duckie chapter 79 . 17h
Devious Shizuru! Now we all know how she manage to fet the upper hand!
bubble.duckie chapter 78 . 17h
Hahahaha! Julia is in serious trouble!
bubble.duckie chapter 77 . 5/4
These two are just so wonderful together. Gotta love their chemistry!
bubble.duckie chapter 74 . 5/4
Wahaha! Mai and Kagusutchi ate cute together.
bubble.duckie chapter 73 . 5/4
Kiyo-chan is super amazing...and cute...and adorable...and huggable...and the list goes on!
bubble.duckie chapter 72 . 5/4
Oh gosh! I really can't get enough of Kiyo-Chan! She's amazing!
bubble.duckie chapter 71 . 5/4
I totally agree! That was fun. I super duper love Kiyohime! I want to have a plushie like her!
bubble.duckie chapter 69 . 5/4
Very nice. You know these snippets of Kiyohime and Duran made them so adorable to me that i can't seem to stop reading them. Love love!
bubble.duckie chapter 68 . 5/4
Thatvwas another extremely funny chapter.
bubble.duckie chapter 67 . 5/4
This made me smile. Thanks for making my day a little bit brighter!
bubble.duckie chapter 66 . 5/2
Wahaha! I love the perfect timing of Duran's toy!
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