Reviews for My Brother's Keeper
Sulfur Dusk chapter 1 . 8/24/2009
I have never expected to come across a piece of work that could actually rival the source of where the characters, scenery, and everything else compatible came from in the first place. I sobbed hysterically, which is actually a rarity for me, since I'm not really soft in both interior OR exterior...but, this was moving in many categories. The thought of losing one's sibling to a tragic and unexplainble and UNWRITTEN demise is beyond recognition for the lead character of Marianne.

I loved the way you portrayed the characters. Lil'G has always been the carefree, somewhat egotistical, yet thoughtful and gentlemanly simian that delighted in the very comfort and support of his family. Mary was no exception. The fact that you pieced this story so effortlessly together within THIS category is immensely impressive. Mary and Herald's bonds are unbreakable in AmythistAngel07's works.

The tragic and epic story you flowed through each passing moment of this brought solemn elation to my eyes. I can picture everything occurring slowly after the other. Seeing Marianne as she snapped toward her brother for his supposed ignorance after worrying her...yet Mary has always been known to express her ways in the most opposite of how she truly feels.

I loved the idea. The title fits everything beautifully. "My Brother's Keeper" reveals the emotions and explicit values Mary keeps within the corridors of her mind, the way she gently consoles Lil'G...each passing moment of reading the very swift, inevitable chance of looking over her brother's gravestone...was beautifully written. The emotions, the completely epic, tragic, and effortlessly gorgeous story you have pieced together is something that should be remembered by both the author, and yourself.

I hope you write more of these...fantastic, works, in the future. :)

AmythistAngel07 chapter 1 . 8/23/2009
Okay, before I start crying hysterically, I need to tell you this: On one part, you put that Elly loved Lil'G more than anything, and I think you met to put Elliot. Elly is short for Elanore, Elliot's little sister. They wouldn't call her Elly for short because that's what her sibling goes by.

So, ON WITH THIS! I actually had to DELAY the review for this because I had to go to the bathroom and cry my eyes out. Then I took my contacts out, washed my makeup off, and then came back to the computer to review this- this... THIS AWESOME STORY THAT MADE ME BAWL IN MY CHAIR!

First, I'm going to brag on what you did with Lil'G/Herald. What some people fail to ralize about a character like Lil'G is, while he has a playful exterior, on the inside, he has a loving heart and merely wishes to serve people. The first thing concerning Herald that touched my heart about this fic was the fact of him wanting to merely SERVE, and PLEASE his father. Herald loves his family more than anything, and it was both creative and wonderful of you to put in this segment of the young boy potentially risking his life to go into the Salvage Lands... Just to please his father. Gibson loves his son no matter what. As Mary stated in this peice of fine literature that anger goes away, and that Herald most likely knew this, but either way, all the young boy merley wanted to do with his loving heart was to make his father happier. Show his love in service. That's what Herald does, what he will ALWAYS do.

Mary's character was also protrayed beautifully. Being the firstborn of the loyal Gibson family, Mary naturally feels an obligation to protect her siblings, even her PARENTS, even. She would go to any lengths to protect and cherish the one she loves, and putting her life on the line for a family membre, for her, is never thought twice about. Even at 12, still learning and experiencing, the young woman couldn't stay mad at her brother for long. hey love each other. They're a family. They can be fighting one moment and catching frogs in the rain the next. Her relationship with her brother was done with expertise that is rare to see. For this is something treasured, for ANYONE to do.

What I also praise about this fiction was the incrediously done plotline. You gave information gradually as questions came up, informing the reader but still making the fic flow smoothly and wonderfully. You explained what happened in what was not written. The sudden jump from a search for Herald and a find of the young boy in the jungle, to that same boy's funeral, eleven years later, was truely something that jerekd my heart. In a good way, of course. While Herald's death could be taken in many ways, one thing is for sure: The death of a loved one, whether it is true or not, will always be taken into the mental blame of a family member. Mary would feel this guilt for loosing her only brohter. She would hate herself. She would loose pride in herself. While her family wouldn't do these things towards her, she may indeed get the false illusion that they do.

I must also praise on what you did with the sub-characters. In the event of a death, especially one as Herald Gibson, EVERYONE would try to find solace and comfort in EVERYONE! It was an equally impacting detail when you deticated time to see what was happening beyong what Mary was experiencing herself. The teams would be embracing each other. They needed strength. They needed solace, especially the Gibson family themselves. The way that you established that the teams, together, are, indeed, a FAMILY, BROTHERS in ARMS, was astonishing. It reminds them of the cold, hard fact, that NO ONE is immortal, physically, that is... but their memory will be cherished until the end of time.

I cannot express my gratitude and elation for what you have written. Your words were mended together so beautifully and gloriously that I consider it an honor that you found a pleasure in writing about the characters that I created. Please, oh please, if you ever find it in your heart to do something like this once more, know that you always have my permission to do whatever you want!

Excellent! Brillant! Splendid! Putting in words for this unimaginably awesome fic was something that was difficult for me to accomplish... and I hope these words have expressed enough what this means to me, and how it has impacted me.

Warm reguards,

~ Angel