Reviews for Galton's Children
sendicard chapter 6 . 7/14/2011
Still can't figure out why he freaked. Whatever though. Nice reference to the actual anime by the way.
sendicard chapter 5 . 7/14/2011
The question is about his reasoning. Is he flipping out because he lost a very important piece? Or is he flipping out because he loves her, whether he can admit it to himself or not?
sendicard chapter 4 . 7/14/2011
So in this story Lucy is an all out psycho while Lelouch is basically the same.
sendicard chapter 3 . 7/14/2011
Lol. Political assassination much?
sendicard chapter 2 . 7/14/2011
Lelouch is actually kind of bad under extreme stress. So, if Lucy were to come out and mention that she had been the one to kill his mother. As the obvious twist in this story is pointing out. I wonder if he would totally flip. Blowing his cover. Or whether he would pretend not to care. Only to find some way to punish her later. Disguising it as punishment for something else. Lelouch is also brilliant. I am surprised he hasn't put it all together already. Then again, he is under a lot of other situational things. One of them being trying to continue his facade with her. Which means he can't ask necessary questions to figure it out. Nice one. I am certainly enjoying myself reading this.
sendicard chapter 1 . 7/14/2011
Lelouch has an assassin of ultima powa!

I found this fic through tvtropes FanficRecs/CodeGeass

If you didn't know you were on there. You do now. MUAHAHHAHAHAHA. Awesome.
MelloJason chapter 34 . 6/17/2011
I absolutely loved this story... x3

I love how you made Lelouch have the memory blocks along with still being part of the Royal Family. xD
Andrew Mellan chapter 34 . 12/26/2010
Great fanfic. I absolutely enjoyed it with the thrill-and-suspense lines per chapter.

Like Sherlock Holmes would say... "Elementary, my dear Watson." Conspiracyish stories are good. Then again, I would wonder what'll happen if you made a Code/Holmes crossfic.
SandyClaws93 chapter 34 . 12/8/2010
Very good. Epic even. I enjoyed the story very much, even the bloody parts :P. It was funny, well thought out, in-character and very gory. A winning combination, and what I look for in any story on this site (which is very VERY hard to find). Anyways, hope you write more Code Geass stories. I just love the way you portray Lelouch especially. Cheers.
Vericular chapter 33 . 12/6/2010
Oh wow, so much to say. (I love the anonymity of internet)

First of all, and most pressing, fucking congratulations. This is the most exhaustively put together-trying to be realistic-researched-refrenced-attempting to be cynical but not as much as you think- not so flinching- holy shit /nunners/- and a crossover with /elfen leid/ to boot fanfiction I have ever read.

Wait, that sums it up.

Yeaaaaah, elfen leid contained morbid curiosity when I read it and I feel no great urge to read it again, though it's very difficult to forget. and I never liked Kohta much, anyways. Blase, sarcastic Lelouch made me lol, and usually I would hate it, but you made it work so yay!

also, nunnally. /nunnally/ Is it alarming I can see this a theoretically possible now? (this is the sign you are a good fanfic writer because I mean sweet nunnally!)

also, that was the most daring ending I've ever read. I used to be exasperated at the lack of sad endings (that were not prequels) until I tried to execute one and failed amazingly. It wasn't angst, it wasn't a freeze-moment oneshot, and it had an actual (relatively to this series) bad ending!

Fucking delicious.

oh wow internet, I do not really talk like this.

also, I understood 1/10 of them references, made me feel stupid and also slightly suspicious, but I'm thinking it fit nicely. The polygamy ending is something that makes too much sense to me, actually. This story kept my cranks turning, because I kept expecting something more traditional, and I like your story (not because it is new, though that is also cool), but because of the (and this I could /see/) hard stick you had to how reality would go and twist.

One trait of writing I strive for (failingly) and you nailed with few others is perspective. Not like general but when you write- it is just ambiguous enough to keep in mind, the succinct yet detailed explanation of how characters think and act- and the /differences/ between them- was gratifying.

the use of tv tropes without name gave a startling effect, very nice.

Uh criticisms: Oh, mostly the lack of Nunally in the epilogue I suppose.I thought she might be a little crucial and maybe something was missing (pov?) but at the same time I'm impressed you finished it without her.

And for some reason I thought Lucy had lost her leg earlier but then it was back with no comment the next chapter, so I may have misread.

The utter lack of battles in this fanfic made me look twice. How did you even avoid them? (I say battles like descriptions beyond vague mentions) Still on the fence whether this is good or bad.

In conclusion, the beta'ing shows in lack of repeats of expression and word and phrase and just the seemingly very wide perspective in the thing like ten people chipped in or something (this is grand) and the research, of course. It worked in most of the right ways, and a few wrong ones, which is novel- but considering the base material, great fucking job.

(Holy- this is like an actual book review geh)
Antonio92 chapter 23 . 11/27/2010
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! OK. I'm sold. You're a GENIUS!
Raineh Daze chapter 34 . 11/11/2010
You know, it always depresses me that Lucy never seems to get a truly happy ending in anything whilst Nana gets off scot-free for an elaborate defence mechanism and excessive dependency.

For instance, in this Lucy gets to outlive the one person she actually loved by a truly ridiculous margin AND lost romantically. Well, at least the psycho voice is gone, leaving... an (generally) apathetic, telekinetic, emotion-lacking woman who still seems to have failed to develop a proper conscience. Not suprising, given her life.

This confirms it: neither she nor Lelouch can have a semi-happy ending without having to wade through seas of blood. Happy endings are impossible.

Not that i dislike the story, especially with all the tropes. The cynicism goes well with my general mindset, after all. I just wish the pair of them would somehow manage to get a truly cheerful ending - cynical but ending upbeat.

Start a conversation with me about this review, if you like. I'll look forward to it. Review replies and messages are fun.
Raineh Daze chapter 18 . 11/11/2010
Without that psycho in her mind, Lucy's rather apathetic, isn't she?
Raineh Daze chapter 9 . 11/9/2010
Long chapter for Lucy. :O

Especially a weakness for Lucy, who has so little to draw upon. You, you, and Refrain itself. /

Lucy learned to read quickly, then, if she's reading a newspaper.

An earlier Lucy had no need to know, as well.

Zero must be MOST terrifying given what Lucy did. o.o

Maps don't generally mark roads closed for repairs, I think. Wrong assumption, Lucy. XD

Why are police carrying anti-materiel weapons?

Maybe because you're not the most athletic of people and genes mean naught if you never use your muscles? Not to mention the malnourishment - it's a wonder you're as tall as you are, Lucy. :O

Yes, yes he does.

Epic metabolism, then.

Because you'd still be homo - something? Still human.

Yes, everything is C.C.'s fault. XD

Don't leave him, Lucy... D

Could still like the taste.

How do you standardise a test to 210? O_o

Meanwhile, Lelouch probably equals Schniezel in intelligence. Lucky him.

Aircraft carrier... bobbing?

More masks, metaphorical or otherwise. Even fanfiction is awash in them.

A dance is all that's needed to make you remain, huh?

No wonder Lelouch wrote a whole book on the subject...

Well, got to read quickly, so this's the end of the reviews, minus any chapters I haven't finished by the time I quit tonight. Yeah, review ends mid-chapter. Sorry 'bout that.
Raineh Daze chapter 8 . 11/9/2010
Ah, Machiavelli, not evil, just pragmatic.

Pouting ruining eyeliner? That makes little sense to me. XD

Odd indeed.

Brazilian Rosewood? Sounds like an expensive table.

Wonder what this guy must've done? Sounds like he was the first in line.

Eh, Lelouch, any girl who spends more than a month in your company ends up like that. Unless you're planning to compete with your father for the title of 'Britannia's largest number of concubines', I'd say it means nothing. XD

Epic-looking strip mining, though.

Yes. Incest issues. Mister 'My-first-love-was-my-half-sister'.

Non-violent tactics? Whatever next? Lelouch using his family as prostitutes?

No money, what about some of the more esoteric equipment? :O

Yes. 'WHAT?' indeed.

Yup, amusing.

'Ello, Luce.

Yes, charge the human-sized telekinetic figure and risk shooting each other. Brilliant tactics.

Yay, the advanced Knightmare showed up.

Yup, 'marm' is a tad old-fashioned.


Even Mariko? That would be bad. Very bad.


Yup, just rescue your own half-sister and build yourself a cocoon of safety unless all your manipulations should come to light, Lelouch.

Every time people you've cared about, in an alternate universe, came to harm, havoc was unleashed. Having to kill Euphie was only the beginning... obliteration of Tokyo... Geass Directorate cull... Zero Requiem...

Lucy is unlikely to be any more dangerous to Lelouch than a kitten, C.C.. From what I've seen so far, that is.

Ooooh yes, that fits the Lilium tune.

Yup, complicated. See why she's so guilty, now? Absolutely adores you, but ridiculous guilt AND an upbringing that did nothing to encourage under-reaction.

Weird order.
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