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distracted122 chapter 255 . 11/1/2012
The single most moving chapter of any story I have ever read.
Angelxoxo13 chapter 61 . 10/27/2012
That Muslim fact keep bugging me. Muslim people does eat meat, well except pig(this is because it's unhygenic way of eat) or dog(because it is haram, wiki haram please coz I don't know how to describe it. No I am not muslim, I'm atheis...but I do believe in god, :-/ anyway!) That's it I guess. I have lj account but I find it easier to read here then lj, perhaps because of comments are in 1 page rather than separated like ff. I'm Angelxoxo13 lj btw. Speaking of meat, most of my sibs have red meat allergic. They're fine w white meat though, if they eat red meat they'll get itch all over their body. Perhaps it is also affecting their breathing system coz they'll have breathing probs. They're not vegan, just staying away from red meat.
Lytari Talon chapter 262 . 10/22/2012
Lovely story!
Catzi chapter 19 . 9/6/2012
I find I have to disagree with the statement that "classical musicians write prose, but jazz is poetry". I have heard a lot of music throughout my many years as a music major; blues, minimalistic, operas, and yes, jazz as well as classical. And yet none comes as close to classical.

How can any jazz piece be as heart-achingly beautiful or poetic as any piece by Mozart or Brahms or Debussy? Any musician relatively good with their instrument can play jazz making up their own melody as they play, but it takes a true artistic talent to be able to do any classical piece of music justice. Jazz may reach down and grab the soul, but it is classical who brings it upward.

I know that this won't have any bearing whatsoever on this chapter or anything at all (especially since the story's complete), but I just thought, since you gave a point of view on music that's in support of jazz and is biased, I'd give a point of view in support of classical.

I am loving this story so far (except for Nyota's obvious bias in music),

Arika-of-the-Demons chapter 72 . 8/20/2012
Okay, so I really love this story but I have some serious problems with this chapter (nyota's first away mission where they meet the bugs). Now I haven't read ahead so maybe you address these points later, if you do awesome. If you don't please take what I say into consideration.

Okay, there is no such thing as evolution towards civilisation. In fact there is no such thing as evolution towards anything. I know a lot of people imagine evolution as a ladder with some species more advance than others but in actuality it is a tree with never ending branches shooting up out of each other, sometimes more complex then the one before sometimes less. The point being that evolution is delightfully unpredictable.

This is extremely important when dealing with societies. While early anthropologists put all society on an evolutionary ladder with small band societies leading up to massive civilisations, this is not a global truth. We now know that we cannot predict the direction a society will go in, it may never develop civilation (which in anthropological terms just means a society that has multiple cities) it may develop it then develop back into a tribal society. We just don't know.

So we never use the term primitive unless talking about a known history, and even then we just straight up try to avoid the term because it implies that one type if society is better than the other. This ideology and the idea that all societies naturally progress to civilization is what allowed for the mindset of colonisation which caused many societies to be destroyed un the name of progress.

So yeah, I just don't see officers of Kirk's ship to be using outdated anthropological language that could lead to a horrific tragedy.
Guest chapter 263 . 7/16/2012
maipigen chapter 263 . 7/14/2012
really loved this story!
maipigen chapter 114 . 7/13/2012
YEEEES! it took forever but yeah!
Violet.the.Pilot chapter 263 . 6/24/2012
I...I honestly don't know what I can say right now.

I cannot convey the emotions running through my being at the moment accurately with words. I don't know if I ever will be able to.

This story...Observations has brought me to a place of...of something. Somewhere great. Somewhere soothing. Somewhere terrifying. Somewhere warm. Somewhere cold. Somewhere exciting. Somewhere devastating. Somewhere where I can laugh. Somewhere where I can cry. Somewhere I love. Somewhere I can't stand.

Somewhere...I can't explain.

You say in your end note that you want to give the reader something they like. Something that they can relate to. Something that makes them smile.

Well. You have done just that; I can honestly say that you have succeeded verily in your mission.

I have laughed. I have cried. I have clutched at my face in exasperation. I have taken strained breaths - let out surprised gasps, happy and sad sighs, emotional sobs - whilst in the place that you have created.

And I don't regret a moment of it.

I loved this. I really loved this. I can't stress how much I loved this.

Here I am, crying - sobbing - over my keyboard because your words have touched me.

I'm rambling. Sorry, really. I just...really really really sincerely loved this. The end got me tearing up. Your end note burst the dam.

I don't know what else I can say. I should probably stop now. So I leave you with this:

Thank You so much.
the lady insists chapter 263 . 6/12/2012
This is a very good story. It was well written and you showed Spock in a new light. I could say much more but instead I'll just say thank you. I've enjoyed it.
Guest chapter 125 . 6/12/2012
Wow really, "we" have space travell the knowöisge of alien raceses and still get coygth up on LBTG issuses. I eally hope that in the future "this" isn't an issue and people see it for what it is LOVE in different former.

This chapter is very good. Brings out other really important things.
The-Lady-Insists chapter 5 . 6/8/2012
A lot of swearing from Kirk. It seemes the chapter could be awsome without them. Still I like the story a lot.
halfAsoul chapter 263 . 5/15/2012
I so love you! your story made me laugh and cry and hope and fear and i chareshed every word I read. thank you.
Anon chapter 263 . 5/4/2012
I just finished your book. It was a wonderful tale which had me laughing at the right moments and crying at those horrible moments. I applaud your skill as a narrator that made the world of enterprise so real that I was experiencing their joy and frustration first hand. That's is a rare gift. I understand your decision of not doing a sequel to leave a little mystery of what comes next.

I would love to hear more of Kirk and Spock and the rest of the crew and how their lives were enriched after that first five year mission... Perhaps a reunion? It could simply be a one-shot.

I hope you keep writing and I can't wait to read your next creation
NanaMun chapter 263 . 4/12/2012
It was a blessing finding this. What a wonderful, changing journey. Thanks for all the time and effort it took to write and put this up.
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