Reviews for Last Shot
Lurking Leanne chapter 1 . 5/30/2010
Another great story, which I am disappointed to see there is no reviews for, neither! Until now, heh.

But really though, I like this one a lot too. It's good to see a story about Captain Starshield here, didn't think there would be one until I stumbled across it earlier. I enjoyed it, though being a big Ace fan, I did find it a little hard to read his parts, but he was a vicious murderer during those days of course.

But there is something odd about the 'time' he's been there, since he's actually a 5 time grand champion, and Ratchet claims he remembers Ace disappearing when he was young, which means that Ace was there for years. The primaguide for Deadlocked also explains more on why he turned so evil too and why he disappeared.

But that's ok though, don't mind my nitpicking XD I still liked it a lot though, the writing is beautiful and very well done. Very emotional, depressing but a good read :D I'll add this to my favourites, hopefully others will read it then too!