Reviews for Thanksgiving With Strangers
Jem chapter 1 . 4/24/2012
I really like the story. I wanted try reading some Serena crossover stories. At first, I thought that there was going to be a relationship between Emmett and Serena, but I'm really happy with the story. I'm a big Serena/Nate fan and I also like Emmett with Rosalie.

Hopefully, there will be a story about the two couples having a friendship.

Well done!
albluvscbg chapter 1 . 9/11/2009
Very, very good! I am also a huge Emmett fan...I wish he had been more focused on in the books...everytime he was around I found myself laughing out loud! And I love Serena as well...I am a huge Serenate fan on top of that! I like how you seemed to write about the Serena and Nate from the books as well. This was really cute and I hope you'll do more! :)
Noirreigne chapter 1 . 8/25/2009
First of all, I love the title! It works perfectly.

Just in case you forgot I want to let you know again how much I love this little one-shot. I honestly swear I was in that diner that is how detailed and intimate the scene was.

I am not familiar with Twilight, but from your writing alone I feel connected to Emmett even though I know nothing about him. I love how he is always thinking of Rosalie and their connection.

What I also loved about this is the way you portray Serena. I realize that this is in the future, but it almost could pass for present. It just felt so real.

I loved the imagery of the pie. I think I almost swooned when Nate and her were sharing the last bite. It made me so hungry for pie.

As much as I love you series you clearly are talented at these one-shots as well. I am torn between commanding you to write another one or demanding the next chapter of BP. Since I can't decide, please just keep writing. :D