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Wunderous chapter 13 . 4/1
Awesome story my friend! This chapter was a keeper for sure! Hope to see them leaving the hospital soon! And yo, shattering, what's with this with Shinji not being a "man"? Even the boy realizes his own mistake in letting Asuka vent her anger upon him, his guilt allowed her to bring the mess that it brought upon him, and their relationship. If anything, he's a broken man with an even stronger will to have withheld all the pain. The last two chapters showed even more of his guts! Let's just watch the transition as it slowly progresses, shall we? We'll see our boy make some inner changes, he's gotta!
JackFrost21 chapter 13 . 3/30
A little too much time spent in the hospital, but a good story.
Eiji Shinjo chapter 1 . 3/21
Damn. Just... Damn.

Sir, this may not be much of a review, but I felt compelled to tell you that, after having finished to read this first chapter, I feel equally scared and excited by what I may find in the next ones. I'm loving, yes, loving the Asuka you've depicted here; sure, she has been one nasty bitch to Shinji, but she seems determined to right her wrongs.

Shinji, on the other hand... I don't know what to think about him in this fic. I partially understand and partially hate his reaction to Asuka's presence in the room. Well, I'll keep reading, now. Sorry to bother and thanks for sharing your work.
Guest chapter 13 . 3/17
Looking forward to chapter 14(this year),keep going. -_-b
Shattering chapter 6 . 3/16
Wtf is this story about, if I want to read about teenagers problems, I could always read a book in my spare time.

Shattering chapter 1 . 3/16
Hate main characters who are with weak wills like Shinji. He shouldn't be invincible, but have a backbone, please.
But here he is even more pathetic...
Sal chapter 13 . 2/28
Woah, I'm glad I just found this fic, it's by far one the best psychological trance fics I've seen on here! Major thumbs up! Though I see that the basis of all focus is concentrated upon Shinji's psyche, it weighs the story with the thoughts and interactions of everyone else. Especially Asuka, duh, obviously. Since the story is mostly in a dark setting, I'm also glad to see that things on here can find some form of light in the darkness of it all too. Hope to see more moments, realizations, and recovery between the two! Chapter 13 was absolutely priceless! One of my favorites so far!
Please, for the love of all that is right and precious, update soon! My heart aches every time I come back and find no new chap!
Jane chapter 13 . 2/24
Amazing Chapter, Please don't leave us waiting for the next too long.
Mr. Atrocious chapter 13 . 1/15
Sir, I truly doubted this story would ever be updated again. When I first read this story a couple weeks or so after chapter twelve came out, I the whole thing within a several hours and I just could not force myself away from it. It was one of the first fanfictions I had ever read, and it's honestly still one of the darkest, engrossing, and addicting stories I've read to this day.

When I finished reading those chapters, I felt a hole in my chest, and I habitually, no, OBSESSIVELY checked to see if you had updated it nearly every day for weeks. Then I would check a few times a week until the one-year anniversary of chapter twelve... I hung in there for a little longer in hopes that a new chapter would appear, and it didn't. I gave up a few months after that, and checked it only on the rare occasion that it might cross my mind. By the time I noticed this had been updated a few days ago, I was browsing the recently updated M rated NGE fics and noticed that this had been updated.

I ran around my house in hysterics, I was ecstatic, shocked, excited... I was very, very happy. And while this chapter didn't make up for the crazy hiatus, it lived up to the quality of it's predecessors and your English has immensely improved.

The angst in this story is some of the best I've ever read. Not even some of the stories I've read from professional writers know how to write characters this damn deep, tortured, and human. Rei, Ritsuko, Misato, none of them are written poorly so far. From their heartwarming moments to their flashbacks to their haunted from after instrumentality; your characters are rendered beautifully. I'm having a hard time summing up my thoughts on this story. I love it dearly. This is so good that when I first read it I was saddened by the fact that I wouldn't be able to see this animated.

I hope you never have a hiatus like this again, because the first one left a hole in my chest. Either way, I'm psyched to see this back and it was great to see what happened after that blue-balls inducing heart-stopping mind-boggling cliff-hanger from last time. Please, for the love of everything holy, sacred, loved and treasured by mankind, stay inspired and get more of this story out to us.
Guest chapter 13 . 1/14
You are Beautiful!
kyu15 chapter 12 . 1/10
An Eva-related acid trip... Not sure if that would be cool or a really REALLY bad trip.

Fantastic story, btw.
COBRASTEVE chapter 2 . 1/9
God, I love this story...
ALangleySoryu chapter 13 . 12/31/2013
oh my gOD WHAT
The Cruel chapter 13 . 12/31/2013
Scar Tissue is an true masterpiece of drama and horror, that reminds me on Jaccob's Ladder.

Bassed on the genius cult anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion, it continues the events allmost a year later and has flashbacks of the time between the einding of End of Evangelion and the main events of this fanfic. It was terrifying and emotional to read, how Shinji Ikari and Asuka Langley Soryou, who where once the EVA-Pilots, who're drawn by tragic events, witnessing the end of the world and were hating each other allmost deadly, are now going through a thin line that tears them between heaven and hell. Plagued by insanity, nightmares, guilt, hate, violence, sadness, fears and traumas, they both hardly try to handle with each other and sharing their expierences and feelings, to stick together and defeat their inner demons. In the meantime, while the world rebuilds itself after the apocalypse, to get the normality back, the leftovers of SEELE, the masterminds for the escalation of the end of the world, wanna finish their goal for ruling the world and take revenge on the remained members of NERV by hiring an elite assassin, who has no remorse for his actions. And so humanitys fate lays again in the hands of broken people, who would have their peace only when they're dead. I still hope this awsome fanfic 'll get some more Chapters.
Spazzzh20 chapter 13 . 12/24/2013
Hey Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas.
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