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BearGlitch chapter 1 . 5/2
this is hilarious
Guest chapter 1 . 4/27
Hey man uh...
Have you ever done LSD?
I'd like to read your stories on LSD
jimothy chapter 22 . 4/1
Hell of a ride. Started out great, very dark, hard to pry your eyes away from. The reintroduction of characters was fine too, like with feelsbad Gendo and a more human Rei. Around the middle it just kind of started to lose its luster, especially with all the Dmitri stuff. Didn't mind it at first, but by the end it's ehhh, especially with what's revealed at the end. Ending fight definitely needs some trimming, it's an absolute slog otherwise, except for some key dialogue. Solid ending though, it's on the highest note possible for everything the characters went through.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/31
Ow the edge.
man chapter 21 . 3/23
"No Shinji here… just… Ikari (Wrath)."



It felt like everything had built up to this play on words, simultaneously being super edgy and super cool. Well done.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/17
It is not a poorly written story, but if it is very unobjective as well as grotesque, in a few words the author justifies that Asuka torturing Shinji physically, psychologically and sexually is a mere act of karma.
The story is full of favoritism to the character of Asuka
and a huge hatred of the character of Shinji on the part of the author.
A Guy chapter 10 . 12/22/2020
Unless Gendou returns or something I'll be a little upset because I feel like it's a waste to bring him back only to kill him off.
ArcaneMadman chapter 23 . 12/21/2020
The best thing I can say upon completing this story is that I want to go back to the start and read it again. This was an amazing rollercoaster that I can't wait to read again. Thank you for creating this story.
Guest chapter 23 . 12/11/2020
I just finished reading this. Can’t believe (but I do) this took 9 years. Well done, such a great read. So much passion went behind this and it’s superbly written. Truthfully enjoyed it. Bravo!
Adamant39 chapter 23 . 12/1/2020
...huh. That was...that was good.
A fanfiction that goes upwards of a hundred thousand words and Finishes is always a treat on this platform. A fic that does so while actually having a cohesive plot and compelling characters is an absolute delight. I’ve read a lot of Eva fics and even the best ones tend to crash and burn at at least one of the above, but yours nailed all three. Shinji’s relationship with Asuka was obviously the main selling point, and what a relationship it was; you really managed to take them from ‘shaking at the sight of each other’ to something ‘vaguely resembling a healthy’ couple (with a few dips down memory lane to the realm of ‘horrifyingly self-destructive’.) I really bought into both of their personalities, neuroses, hypocrisy and all. It was good shit.
Imma be honest I wasn’t super down with Dmitri at first, but you really made him work, and by the end I was invested in that too. My one issue was with the length (and quantity) of flashback/dream sequences, I wound up skimming more than once while Shinji was arguing with his inner edgelord, but I totally get that the internal struggle was a big part of what you were making.
And, you know. Giant robot fights. Shinji flexing his ex-god muscles. Gotta love it.
All in all, this was a damn fun read. Thanks a lot!
Timeskipper1 chapter 23 . 11/24/2020
Holy fuck man, it's so touching to be mentioned in your final letter. I took a long break from fanfics for a while, having kinda gotten too busy and tired of reading, but you remembered even after all those years!

I promise, I'll finish reading Scar Tissue as soon as I have time. Thank you so much. This fic kept me company in some sad times, and it challenged me in a way I didn't expect a fanfic would. I think its message is possibly the most uplifting that you could possibly have... ironically, for such a fucked up story.
bill237 chapter 22 . 11/11/2020
* Note: That was part of my previous review only I do not realize that I forgot. Sorry
I feel a lot of idolatry towards Asuka and a lot of exaggerated resentment towards Shinji just because he is not the hero everyone expected him to be.
That torture was too much, Asuka was sadistic at will and she got away very easily.
She nearly drove Shinji to suicide and put him in a state where only the slightest sample of humanity seems like paradise for him. He would merit getting out of that toxic dependency.
Although Asuka is a great character, we must admit she was a bitch who denigrated others to feel better about herself, there was a reason of course, her past, but although you recognize it with Asuka, you are unforgiving with Shinji and it seems that you want to convert him in a stereotype of hero.
Mr. Citis chapter 22 . 11/7/2020
Its unbelievable how one man can write such trash for nearly 600k words, and not take a moment to reflect on what was put to paper.
bill237 chapter 23 . 11/4/2020
Hi, I love the way you structure your stories and the detailed way you tell them.
But it may be just my opinion but I couldn't finish reading the story mainly because I can't feel empathy for Asuka, I know she suffered all her life (Shinji and Rei too) but she practically dehumanized Shinji in a conscious way (She said so ) for 8 months and he got away without consequences equivalent to his actions, I know that Shinji did bad things, but she physically, psychologically and sexually abused him. I may have missed something but based on facts, that is much worse than what Shinji did, in addition to the first chapters where Misato gets angry with her or her friends scold her I do not see that there were more consequences for her, Shinji forgave her immediately , I have conflict with this because I think he had the right to be minimally angry with her (There must be a trauma that she caused during all this torture that makes him not want to approach her), I know he was blinded by guilt but a human would guard resentment for something like that. She would have deserved a punishment or something (a time in confinement or a temporary restraining order). Given this, although the WAFF scenes are incredible (I really like how you detail the scenes) I can't process them because I see Asuka as someone sadistic who got away with it (By God
she raped Shinji and brought him to the brink of death). I know she's sorry (Well, she literally tortured someone) but frankly I think she gets more affection than she deserves. Many may disagree, but how does the masturbation scene compare to sexual abuse for 5 months?
According to I read, Asuka had nightmares about what happened in the hospital and it was partly this that caused her anger. In that case, shouldn't Shinji also hold a grudge for months of abuse? for all those times he was raped?
Shinji forgave Asuka when he saw her "penitent" but then all those months that Shini spent taking care of Asuka and regretting what he did was not recognized by Asuka?

I'm going to take a chance and say that you like to make Shinji suffer. (A hypothesis simply, I am not accusing)

I know that many will not agree with me (It is normal, many perspectives, many opinions) but I almost expected that when Shinji recovered he would stay with Rei, after all she gave her life for him (Rei II but you get the point).
I know they are codependent but I think Shinji would merit someone who didn't use him as a punching bag.
I think Shinji must have the ability to express a grudge against Asuka, after all she almost killed him. But he did get mad at Rei even though she gave her life for him.

This is the main conflict I have with this story. It is only my opinion and I do not seek to compromise your story in any way, after all it is your story, I just wanted to express myself. Thank you for reading.

PS: I like your musical choice.

PS # 2: I'm writing this using Google Translate so sorry for the mistakes.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/28/2020
Eek, it's so disturbing thinking how long the abuse would've gone on if Asuka didn't realize how awful she was or what would've happened if Shiki just.. didn't make it-
All those possibilities and none of them are good..
This is an incredibly descriptive and tear-jerking fanfic so far, I really enjoy it and I'll definitely keep reading! No worries
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