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Wing Zero Alchemist chapter 18 . 5/19
Who was the 4th person Shinji brought back from the dead? There's Asuka, Kaji, and Kyoko, but I can't remember a 4th.

Also is the implication that all dead people go to that stomach/hell, or just special cases? Cause that's fucking dark if everyone who dies gets eaten.
Wing Zero Alchemist chapter 12 . 5/17
I feel like this chapter is one of my favorites and least favorites. I really don't like Rei in this story. And I think that actually says a lot about how well she's written, since I'm usually indifferent to her.
Here though, I want to shake her like a ragdoll. And it's so satisfying hearing her get blasted with the armor piercing "Where the fuck were you?"
Because this is her fault. More than Asuka, she put Shinji in the hospital. She is the one who stuffed the barrel of gunpowder that was Asuka and Shinji after Third Impact. She is more at fault for Third Impact than anyone barring Gendo and SEELE. At least Akagi tried to stop it at the very end. And then Rei put the trigger in the hands of a broken boy she was supposed to care about. She gave him the agony of godhood. And now she blames Asuka for coming out and being broken in a broken world after she already broke under the machinations that Rei was an active participant in.

And Asuka was still stronger than her. Better than her.

Broken, hurt, scared Shinji managed to reject Instrumentality. And then ASUKA, the girl who'd been broken, given hope again only to then be humiliated and then eaten alive, managed to put herself together, reject whatever paradise she conjured, and face the harsh world by choosing reality. They were both able to put their broken selves back together.
And yet Rei couldn't. It took Gendo painfully forcing her to get her shit together. She was apparently able to watch Shinji and view countless realities, but she couldn't get her shit together enough to actually come do anything about her own sins until the breaking point. Until Asuka decided, on her own, to break the terrible cycle she'd fallen into and start to heal.

And then Rei has the GALL to think she's entitled to her pound of flesh.

That's not righteousness. That's not justice. That's not even the familial desire to protect your family. Rei wanted selfish satisfaction. She wanted revenge for no other reason than because she was angry and jealous.
Justice is constructive. Justice is about solving problems and making things better. Retribution and punishment without constructive purpose aren't justice, it's just cruelty and selfishness. If Rei truly wanted what was best for Shinji then she'd be focusing on how best to help him get his head straight, and by extension help Asuka get her's straight.

It's such a human attitude for Rei to have. It's realistic, which is why I think that my disgust is a sign of it being well written.

But I can't stand her. I can't stand hypocrisy like this, this weakness of character. I hate people who are selfish under the veneer of helping the ones they claim to care about. Even if they're just lying to themselves.

It's not wrong to be weak. That's pretty much Eva in a nutshell. Shinji is weak. Asuka is weak.
But they admit it. They confront it.
And that makes them a hell of a lot stronger than most. Especially Rei.
Born2Run chapter 25 . 5/16
Scar Tissue Epilogue (Spoilers Ahead)

Well DB I’m a man of my word (sometimes….lol). After finished the Epilogue to your most celebrated and infamous work I have to say this was an absolute treat to finally read. First off I loved how small scale and down to earth it was being that the war and Seele were long gone by this point and it really felt like a calming character reflection that the end of the original story didn’t have time to cover since it needed to ties up all the loose ends. The theme to me felt very much as a question of how to go about your life once you achieve victory and or survive adversity and how to live life to the best of your ability even you are not fully healed. You paint a scenario where both Shinji and Asuka have everything they wanted and fought for a safe world where they could be together in peace. What we see however despite a seemingly happily ever after is not actually as perfect as one might expect as news has leaked on their former troubled relationship which has made everyday life for both pilots a daily struggle as they are constantly judged, looked at and mocked at particularly Asuka, but I’ll be sure to go back to that.

To make matters worse both former pilots still have trouble dealing with what happened in the past and struggle to come to terms with it while simultaneously trying to be the best partner they can be to each other. Asuka still feel understandable guilty for what she did to Shinji and terrified that he like everyone else so far in her life will eventually leave her while Shinji in turn without even realizing it is still upset at what Asuka did to him but can’t properly express this problem since his love for her is so strong. This leads to the epilogue’s other major theme which is restraint not to each other like prior in the story but to the ignorant outsiders who place judgment on the two’s complicated relationship. The battle is now not with Seele or the angles but living a normal life and not falling apart with the baggage they carry from the past. The opening scene of Asuka’s mourning routine paints this beautifully by showing a survivor who has made mistakes along the way just trying to fine peace and clarity in a world where her original purpose of in life piloting Eva is a thing of the past.

Despite this strive the epilogue never goes to places of intense darkness or have the characters act out on each other like before but rather shows us just how far the two have come and grown as individuals. Rather than have a big fight the two simply have an a more mild argument and are mature enough to give each other a little space to clear each other’s head. In Asuka’s case you give her a beautiful scene with Misato summoning the courage to break through her walls in a way that only Shinji had been able do prior. Shinji however goes through a journey in its self through gaining advice from Ritsuko, his father, his friends and even his former arch enemy. Ritsuko provided wonderful character relief through drilling common sense through a very matter of fact type of way.

However Shinji’s most interesting of these conversations came from his interaction with the Dman himself. Of all the characters to grow the most since the previous chapter Dmitri takes the cake as like many great anime of the past have shown even the most vicious and unredeemable people are capable of change. By having his brother back in his life he is given him a new purpose and a chance to fully start over as he much like the other former pilots has learned to live a normal life. It’s poetic that the person who Shinji considered his greatest enemy comes to him when he is at lowest and most lost as a guardian angel that sets him on the right path. Vasya might just be my favorite original character you ever created, a being of pure wonder, joy and full of life. He is the complete opposite of what his brother use to be and considering what he when through in the past its absolute heartwarming to watch him. I loved how it was Vasya love and admiration that did the most to bring Shinji back to reality and realize there was so much to be thankful for. In just the short amount of time we spent with him you have made me adore him and put him in such high regard with other great Eva fanfic OC’s like Aki from Second Try and Keiko from Genocide.

Rei and Kyoko also received some nice growth. With Rei we see the former weapon wrestle with the fact her life’s purpose is over and we see her early steps into becoming a normal member of society, something she never dreaming in a million years. With Kyoko we see a women who after doing the impossible task of orchestrating Seele end and ensure her daughters safety now finally allow herself the chance to attempt to heal from the absurd amount of trauma she faced prior to the 3rd impact. The payoff with her finally gaining the courage to come face to face with her daughter is easily one of the most heartwarming endpoints I ever read in a story and was well worth the wait. It’s also worth noting that Shinji’s triumphant return home to his Asuka and them looking out at the city they fought so hard to protect is as romantic and beautiful as an ending can get. Now going back to the constant judgment and hate that Asuka has to endure throughout the epilogue, I just want to say is its self a masterstroke of appropriate Meta story telling.

Even before reading Scar Tissue I was very aware of how divided people were on Scar Tissue and even though its easily one of the most beloved pieces of Eva fanfiction out there it often gets a bad rap from people who either misunderstand the story like I mentioned in my previous review or just don’t enjoy the darker aspects of the story. While I definitely agree that Scar Tissue certainly isn’t for everyone to say it’s a terrible interpretation or that it’s deliberately trying to disrespect the source material is an incredibly ignorant statement and can only be made if you refused to pay attention to the story or don’t know or understand the man who wrote it. Other great pieces of pop culture like Batman have a verity of interpretations ranging from the lighter hearted silver age stories to the gritty ultra-dark Frank Miller ones and everything in-between. There’s no reason the same can’t be done with Evangelion and still be true the original series. I have been very fortunate to get know you over the past few months on discord and gotten to learn so much more about what influenced Scar Tissue. You have given valid and articulate points on why Shinji and Asuka are the way they are in the story based on real life accounts of how people particularly child soldiers who faced similar traumas have behaved.

That being said I know negative criticism can occasionally take a toll as it would any writer and the unfortunately way the rebuilds ended hasn’t helped much either. However you have continued on and have only grown as a writer with your newest stories and that fact truly shows through this epilogue. A normal epilogue most often just simply shows a passage of time and where the characters are after the events of the 3rd act. You however have taken this concept and taken in an ingenious artistic direction of inviting us the reader to see firsthand your often dysfunctional relationship with a work that is so dear to you and is truly a part of your soul. Ironically this type of storytelling is identical to what Anno attempted in rebuild movies. But while those movies left many fans dissatisfied you manage to do the complete opposite by integrating your personal struggles with the stories backlash onto the main characters. And it’s done in a way that not only makes complete sense in the story but also enhances it as a whole while staying true to its themes.

You have told me that as a youth you often had to fight to get through life but by becoming an author you now face a new challenge of dealing with adversity that you can’t face head on and requires restrain. Which is exactly what both Shinji and Asuka must do when faced with ignorant people who aren’t mature enough to try to understand what both pilots have gone through and sacrificed for them to live in the peace that they already seem to take for granite. This is exactly the same mind set of most of your critics as they don’t realize just how realistic all of the stories darkest scenes are. What you have accomplished here is something you should truly be proud, a closing chapter to a story about finding hope and love against impossible odds which is what I feel most readers including myself look for in a story. I am so happy that I not only read this story in its entirety but also that I got to know you as the kind and inspiring person you are and I can’t wait to read your other stories!
wgolyoko chapter 25 . 5/8
First paragraph of Asuka thinking of parallels between her and the dog was cringe. Cringe in that good old ST way, god it felt good to read that.
Actually, all of it felt good, even the harsher moments in the first chapter. Shit man, it was a great mix of frustration at our poor cast facing their current problems and satisfaction at how far they've come. I particularly loved how Shinji and Asuka were arguing in circles (both damn well knowing it) and actually took a mature approach to the situation. Good job, brats. And OH MY GOD Misato's trying to be a somewhat competent mother figure to Asuka ! Reading through that part felt heart-ripping for her. I guess with that, no one's running away anymore, huh ?

I loved the Asuka POV. You managed to instill a lot of tension through Asuka trying to keep her anger a check, that was cool. It prevented boredom during the beginning where stage-setting and some exposition was needed. I wasn't expecting the epilogue to be so "soon" in the timeline, but that allows for it to not be just sunshine and rainbows with the characters having worked through their problems ; we get to see that happening.
But you didn't need to make Rei cry why would you do that you horrible monster :'( I was taken aback by Rei being an actually human, shit made me smile like an idiot.

The dialogs were great, no long-winded bullshit and nothing felt unatural, quite the contrary. The prison scenes were especially good in that regard, managing to be funny yet balanced with characters not being OOC. ST Rits is still a magnificent bastard. A woman of determination, commitment, and sheer fucking will. "Don't worry, you just need to be psychoanalysed." BONK "There, psycho analysed." God I fucking love Rits. The reference to Rick&Morty was hilarious, if intended.

The Kyoko bits were cool too ! I think it's a good idea to keep her and Asuka separated, allows for more growth for Asuka. The last part with Vasily, and then Shinji and Asuka on the couch almost sent me to the dentist due to the amount of sugar-coated fluff, but I still grinned at it.

Overall note : we got D-man, 10/10. Bonus point for putting a "Baka" in there x)
Guest chapter 1 . 5/4
I enjoyed this chapter, but now that i think about it, Asuka so casually hacking at Shinji's hospital door is terrifying in hindsight because yeah, thankfully she wanted to apologize, but imagine if that wasn't the intent and she was there to abuse him again.
Chucky117 chapter 25 . 5/2
And so the final curtain closes for ST with the second epilogue.

And what a joyous ride this was. I liked that you gave each of our favorite characters a short separate arc. Asuka with Misato and Hikari, and Shinji with the Ritsuko (best version, hands down), the stooges, Dmitri.

I personally really liked the Ritsuko and Shinji scene, Ritsuko being annoyed that the irony was lost to Shinji, That was funny and I loved that whole scene, especially with her being like, "Sit down, it's my turn."

The personal time between Asuka and Misato was sweet and nice - Misato taking the first steps to connect with Asuka before the two can finally drop their walls around each other and work to grow.

Toji was a true bro in this chapter (in my opinion). Telling the way it is instead of sugar coating it. I appreciate it when my friends do that, helps me wake up faster than when someone babies it.

Dmitri was a fun read. The confrontation being hostile to small mutual respect for each other, it was something I appreciated with the antagonist. It gave more flavor to his character.

Lastly, the Asuka and Shinji - their last moments were so sweet. The closer and growth that they went through, all came together with a nice bow tie (at least in my opinion). Both slowly learn to forgive themselves. The reunion after their short time apart, Asuka treating his injuries, and I really loved Shinji saying that he'll stick with her and knows that they'll always find a way back together with Asuka being touched by what he said. I loved every bit of that.

Man, and it comes to a conclusion of a great story. This is one of my favorite stories and will always be. I look forward to more of your work Lord DB!
daikahieu chapter 25 . 5/1
Scar Tissue, possibly simultaneously the most hated and the most deeply loved fanfic in the Eva community, has finally reached its ending, and what does it taste like? Incredibly sweet and to quote Hoodiebud: "KEEEEWWWWWWWWT"! Rereading previous chapters, seeing the progress Asuka and Shinji make and then choose to fully let go of their baggage in the epilogue makes me feel a strong sense of elation. They deserve this, of course they're never going to be able to change the past or the deeds that have been performed, but they have strived and succeeded to be better for both themselves and each other, now they've got everything they've ever wanted or needed and it is so utterly amazing that they have managed to embrace the presence. It serves perfectly as the resolution for Scar Tissue, a fic that explores redemption, forgiveness and love. Speaking of love, the WAFF in this one is just too potent, it's like DB has a vendetta against his fans for liking ST and just inject them with concentrated WAFF to give everyone of them type 2 diabetes. Seeing Asuka and Shinji treating each other with so much love and care and without a hint of mental barrier between them is just so wholesome it hurts, everything I've ever wanted for them after the things they've been through with each other. I also loved seeing Misato trying to comfort Asuka in Shinji's absence, it's a long overdue reconciliation between two people whose relationship has been made awkward by the past events of the fic but know they care for each other. It is also great for Asuka to be able to confide in Misato, to find support for her growing frustration and anxiety. Another thing I liked about the epilogue is D-man and his little brother, it is nice to see him finding a reason to live on in Vasya, and Vasya is great too, he's an innocent and wholesome bundle of energy, reminds me a bit of Touji's sister in YANAF. I'm also glad to see Shinji getting to spend his time with his 2 bros like normal teenage boys.
And now for the parts I didn't like, I had a few problems with the epilogue part 2, which is surprising since part 1 was stellar and I found almost nothing to complain about. I feel like most of these problems come from the fact that I expect the epilogue part 2 to have more of a sense of finality to it, but it seems that you left quite a bit of loose ends to explore in UTB. Even then I feel like part 1 ended with a more defined direction than this one. Rei's exploration of teenage emotions was briefly picked up but barely went anywhere; Kyoko just suddenly appeared in front of their door without us even knowing what she went through from last chapter (which I think did a fine job of explaining her situation btw) to being functional enough to meet her daughter, what is her state now? Is she fully over the episodes or are they still a normal occurrence? I also want to see more of Gendo and Ritsuko if you can come up with interesting subplots for them to explore how they are doing after everything (although I think Ritsuko had a pretty neat role in this chapter). Hopefully UTB will pick up on the loose ends and resolve the problems I have with the epilogue.
But finally, I want to congratulate you DB, it must be great to slowly mature as a writer and a person while having a passion project showing that growth, and to have that passion project connect with so many people, me included, so I congratulate you for finally completing this amazing fic, your child has truly matured now, it has ended on a good note. I am incredibly grateful to be on this ride and be able to witness your journey, albeit late, thank you very much for writing this incredible piece of media which has resonated so much with me and others. You rock DB, I will be waiting eagerly for UTB, I'm sure it will be great as usual (don't expect a review as long as this one everytime tho kek, this is more of a one time thing, also sorry if the flow of the review is weird, I didn't plan it beforehand). Much love.
TheLegend2764 chapter 25 . 4/25
It’s almost over. Scar tissue itself is done but under the bridge is gonna be awesome. I’m so happy you’re continuing because you can’t give us that kind of a cliff hanger and just expect everything to just be hunky dory. With Kyoko in play, I can’t wait to see what Under the bridge will have in store. I think some small plot threads have been half es tied up here with gendo and ritsuko in jail and rei becoming more of a person. I really hope we get to focus more on rei, Toji, ritsuko, and the rest of the supporting cast in the small sequel because we had a couple moments in here but not enough substance to completely rap everything up so UTB will be like the nice little bow on top. Anyways, those are just my opinions and I will be reviewing when the sequel comes out. Great job man
EvaPilotFair chapter 25 . 4/25
"Do you like the view?"

"I love it"

To me, this is an excellent and poetic way to close out this story for our two favorite pilots. After everything they went through in canon, EOE, Post-EOE, the events in this story, and now just learning how to live life with all that behind them is, surreal to me, dorky as that sounds. No one but them can understand what they went through, and on the surface level, everyone doesn't think they should be near each other. Maybe they're right, but however after experiencing this story, they just may never know how wrong they are. I don't know why, but something about them overlooking the rooftop and saying that exchange above just feels so right to close out that story.

They may never be the same, it may hurt, heck, it'll probably be difficult for the rest of their lives. However, moments of serenity like them on the rooftop and knowing that at the end of the day, they have each other's backs makes it so great and hopeful for them.

Now to the actual Part 2 of the epilogue: I really liked the comedy in his exchange with Ritsuko. It was funny to me and also serious given what she was saying.

I really liked the scene where Misato comforts Asuka. Like she did in the story before, it finally felt nice to see both of them break down their walls and reach each other. It gives Misato her own path to redemption as a guardian and ain't that great?

I'm really glad Asuka at least is on the path to forgiving herself here, as is Shinji. Despite ST being too dark for my tastes sometimes (and even somethings I don't agree with), I love it when they learn to live with themselves first before they gravitate to each other. On a human level, it's good to see stories like that for me. And this story delivered on that.

Final notes: love the bro's camping trip, I selfishly wish that was longer but I get why it's the way it is. I loved the Dman stuff, glad to see that resolution for him.

And man, I love the Kyoko scene as well. It's an excellent cliffhanger to end on after the surreal peace of the rooftop scene (I love me some cute rooftop scenes).

Congrats on wrapping up this story man. I want to give this story a more in-depth review one day that goes deeper than this one, but until then these are my thoughts on this epilogue. Sorry if it wasn't meaty like my ones on your other stories haha but one day! Also went a little dorky and cringey on this review, couldn't help it, I blame the cute rooftop scene.

Congrats on the finish again, good luck on your other stories (I am eagerly awaiting more RS and Relapse), happy writing, and much love bro!
MisterHalt chapter 25 . 4/25
Goddamn, what an ending. What a ride this has been.

I started reading this years and years ago, hooked right from the very first scene. The writing was rough in places (I'll never forget 'How could ever understand?') but I was able to look past that to the brilliant story this is.

It was an honour and a privilege to proofread Scar Tissue, to help you tighten things up and file those rough edges off the story. I can't wait to see the sequel, not to mention the eventual updates to Relapse and Redemption Song, and I'll be around to make sure they're polished as well.

Keep up the amazing work.
yugewinner chapter 19 . 4/25
bruh u gotta cut the introspection in half and double the dialogue
Lebeauf chapter 25 . 4/23
Scar Tissue is one of the first English Evangelion fanfics I read. I was thoroughly impressed, but I never thought to interact with this fandom, at least just more than a reading back then so I skipped reviewing this so far. Since it's been updated-totally unexpectedly- I think maybe this could be the time.

Scar Tissue is the type of fanfic I don't like. Totally, to be honest. I don't like the overused abusive Asuka trope, I don't like post-EoE story being too dark, I don't like OCs, especiadayif they feel like a shouen anime boss, I don't like fight scenes that's too long.

Why did I not drop this, then? Why am I leaving reviews and checking favorite mark on this story that is, at least superficially, against my taste? Because I feel a genuine soul that was poured into this story, something that instantly grips you and doesn't let go. Sometimes it's overwhelming, to the point it feels over the top, but nonetheless this story is full of raw feelings that are excellently delivered.

But it's not just that. One might pour their soul into WAFF Warhammer 40000 fanfiction and might even deliver, successfully, the necessary feelings that are required in your typical romantic comedies but such story will never be received well by its respective fandom. I don't think I need to elaborate why.

Scar Tissue, while undeniably exercising creative freedom in many parts, still firmly keeps the core that what made Evangelion great, the most important thing that hooked the fans to this day. It's the belief, the hopelessly romantic belief that even in the worst imaginable situation human beings could find happiness with each other. The belief that even the most seemingly impossible couple, Asuka and Shinji could find happiness in each other's caress, in the most unexpected and dark moment at that.
DeadlyPole chapter 25 . 4/22
Hey DB! What a rocker of an epilogue did you deliver! The writing quality was great, I can see a significant improvement from the original story.

I like that you split it up into two parts, though I preferred the 2nd part, the 1st part was great for context and setting the scene. It was a great move to make what Asuka craved most - attention from all - to be the reason for her suffering, it really plays out well ironically. Also it was a great depiction of human nature, how the public find out about what Asuka did to Shinji from the nurse and she's suddenly shunned everywhere. But it also highlighted consequences for Asuka's horrible deeds, to which she went largely unpunished in the original story (other than needing to undo the psychological damage she inflicted to Shinji).

Also, for all aspects of the original story that I didn't like, you addressed all of them in your epilogue! I'm sure I'm not the only one to have given the same criticisms but man it was amazing to see exactly all the things I wanted in your Epilogue. Shinji struggles with the relationship with Asuka, even though he got through the most insane psychological & physical abuse with her already. He feels inadequate as a boyfriend, unable to defend his girlfriend's honour, gets frustrated with her passiveness and then needs time alone to think things through. It's absolutely brilliant.

I love love LOVE Ritsuko in this epilogue, still the same awesomeness from the original story but this time in prison. It hilarious seeing her breakdown Shinji's feelings "scientifically" and try to help him out with his relationships. In fact Shinji AND Asuka both talk to each other and other people about their issues, trying to figure things out. It felt so natural and interesting to read, just a huge tick from me. I also like that you had little flashbacks here and there without drawing out any scene for too long, it was just the right amount each time. I felt that they could've been formatted more obviously, but that's a minor gripe from me.

Rei, in my opinion, was written much better in the Epilogue as well. She felt like Rei, and I liked her interactions with the other characters even Maya. It was all a nice tribute to her, as she often doesn't get much limelight in asushin fics. I really can't say much else but well done here.

I really liked the Gendo moments too, but I was left wanting more. If there's anything I think was missing, it was just a bit more interaction between Gendo and Shinji, but perhaps you were just trying to emphasise the point that Shinji was someone Gendo could never really interact with anymore.

You really did well with the other characters too, I especially liked a bit of redemption from Misato as she was able to comfort Asuka, how Kensuke and Touji supported Shinji and tried to help him out. How Hikari and Asuka interacted, I even liked the confrontation with Dmitry. Without him being a brutal psychotic assassin, he was just trying to look out for his brother and had great respect for Shinji. It was a good avenue for Shinji to vent out his frustration too.

Asuka matured well in the story too, seeking help from others (and it was funny to find out she had gotten the exact same pep talk from Ritsuko, nice touch!), and she was able to try comfort Hikari too. And in the end, it was like she was rewarded for it with Kyoko's return. I would've loved to see the reunion, but hey, it was a very sweet moment to end the Epilogue with.

There were funny moments littered throughout the epilogue that I quite enjoyed and all felt natural (moments with Pen-Pen even!). In all honesty, I enjoyed reading every bit of this epilogue!

All in all, I can see that you have made great leaps and bounds as an author and I was glad to have seen that transformation. Plus you're like my brother in arms almost, with our similar starting stories. Peace out mate, stay safe and continue writing awesome stuff.
Stirtard chapter 25 . 4/22
your an absolute ledgend and your writing makes me smile like an aristocrat
Stirtard chapter 25 . 4/21
your an absolute ledgend and your writing makes me smile like an aristocrat
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