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inuyashaluver246 chapter 1 . 11/14/2013
I don't like ermine either cause u do not get in the way of true love! I agree with everything you said. Please update this story! It's good so far! Ps, I wish there was a season 2 too! All the good animes end early!
LucyHeartfilia125 chapter 1 . 9/6/2013
Nusuki Kisuuke chapter 1 . 6/27/2013
This is so true. XD
1st: Edgar is so gorgeous.

2nd: Lydia seems to be cute and innocent.

3rd: RAVEN IS HOT.* capitals needed indeed. XD
4th: My name is also Lydia.
5th: Kelpie is a SO SO SO SO hot fairy that is AFTER me! LOL.
6th: Edgar always courts Lydia that makes me go 'kilig'
7th: very romantic indeed.
animelovernewbie chapter 1 . 4/30/2013
Omg! You can't leave it there! Please update soon!
Guest chapter 1 . 2/17/2013
They do have a manga for the second season. I think you should continue this story and I COMPLETELY agree on EVERY word you said.
Chascochi chapter 1 . 8/12/2012
Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplea se continue! I really don't mind that Erimine is bitchy (I don't like her either).

This is really well written and in context!

Everyone is in character perfectly and a really good start!

I loved it!
7HeartAndSoul7 chapter 1 . 1/2/2012
LMFAO loved ur A/N XD and i must say I agree with all except that my name is Lydia LOL. And Edgar and Lydia's relationship is kilig! LMFAO and ang gwapo si Edgar & Raven! c;

This story is really good! Please continue! Protective!Edgar is something I'd like to read more about
Lydia chapter 1 . 6/7/2011
OMG my name is also Lydia and I love this manga, keep writing!
Vampire Empress Yuki chapter 1 . 4/18/2011
I'm not too sure if I like this or not...
KitsuneSenpai18 chapter 1 . 11/22/2010
loves it please keep it up
lovepeacer13 chapter 1 . 9/9/2010
Kilig rin ako lmfao
Hatsunefangirl chapter 1 . 6/18/2010
Hi -siMpLe-reActiON- I'm Hatsunefangirl. I'm also a Filipino. And I sooooo love LydiaxEdgar. I like the anime too, if I didn't I wouldn't be reading this fanfic. XD

Anyway, I think Ermine is as emotionless as Raven. But then again, I haven't seen her much in the anime. Although, she spoils Edgar when she served him...

And, oh yes, I TOTALLY agree with you on the 'RAVEN IS HOT', I don't blame you. I could just die if I met him. XD and also the fact that it makes me sooo kilig. haha XD :D

And also, I also hate the fact that it only has 12 episodes. TTTT

Great story by the way. don't give up on the pairing!
sky-alchemist056 chapter 1 . 5/24/2010
i just knew this anime last week. i really loved it. i finished all of the episodes in youtube for four days only. the prince and edgar-sama's confrontation gives me goosebumps. like you i hate ermine, for me edgar-sama is for lydia-san only (i didn't mean to offend you). hope to read more from you. i agree that raven and kelpie are totally HOT! it's okay if you have some mistakes with the grammar because you're not the only one *chuckles*. you know i almost jumped with joy when kelpie came to the scene like a knight and shining armor to lydia. so he's still not giving up on lydia-san...hmm *scratches chin*. all i can say to kelpie is "break a leg. good luck!".

PINOY authors RULES! :)
Tchabita A chapter 1 . 4/16/2010
So... I've reached over 10 , 0 characters for this review huh? This is my longest review EVER! YES! Thank you for making me SO happy! Nyaa! :d :)

Well anyways. I REALLY want to be your friend and it wouldn't be hard for you to find me on Twitter but on other websites... Yeah... It WOULD be pretty hard... Sorry... So please add me at at Yahoo! Messenger if you want to be my friend too as I want to be your friend! Or if you want to contact me or bitch - slap me even for that long review! I SO wouldn't mind... Hehehe... :D Nyaa! :)

On with the CONTINUATION of my review...

When you typed in

their coming." ,

shouldn't "there" in that sentence be "they're" thus meaning "they are" in an abbreviated form?

Hehehe... You may not mind me... :D ;) :) This is just the way I am... :) ;) :d A TRUE Grammar Nazi... :)) )) :D :)

When you typed in "won't" shouldn't it be typed in THAT way?

Wont is some way of walking from which I get a slightly ridiculous feeling from watching someone WALK in that way... Hehehe... :)) :) :D

Nyaa! :) ;) :D

Oi! Update sooner 'cause I'll sure be waiting! :D :)

This is actually great... You have lots of imagination I wager but your grammar is something you should improve a little bit... For a long chapter, that was actually only a few grammar mistakes so that is actually great in my opinion! Keep it up! Nyaa! :d :) ;)

Yeah... Edgar IS gorgeous... When I first saw him by accident, I SWORE to myself that I would fall in love with a guy like that in the future... Nyaa!

Ash mauve eyes! What do you think? He's better with his hair blonde right? The brown hair was nice but he's better off blonde. :d :)

Lydia IS cute and innocent! She's one of the best female anime characters I've watched to date! :d :) And I've watched a lot of anime... :d :) ;) Have you too? :d :)

Raven is SUPER - HOT! And the fact that he is being possessed by two types of sprites make him all the hotter, don't you think? Nyaa! :D :) I LOVE HIM! I LOVE HIS CHARACTER AS WELL! OMG!


Your name is ALSO Lydia?

So you're definitely a girl then. Sorry for doubting you before... Well...My real name is Alex... Hehehe... :)) :D ;)

Now... About Kelpie... If I show this story to my friends you're SO going to get a lot of reviews about HOW YOU don't own Kelpie and that they do... They fight over him... I try not to get into the fights but I love him as well so... That doesn't often work... :) :D ;)

Wait! Are YOU a Filipino? I'm a Filipino! It's so "KILIG!" right?

Do you watch Pinoy Big Brother? Tricia Santos is a b* right? And Ivan is JUST SO HOT! Nyaa! :D :) Yeah... Earl and Fairy is super - romantic... But there's not going to be a second season ever right? So I have to satisfy myself with the manga, novels, fanfics, and the super - "BITIN!" anime for the time being... *sigh* I really LOVE this anime...

Yeah! I agree! Why does this anime have only twelve episodes right? And it has such a cool story! And it has such good characters! There SHOULD be a second season since the novels are long!

Ja ne. Update sooner! LOVE THIS story! Love YOU! Keep note of grammatical errors though... Nyaa! :d ;) :) xD Bye bye!

Tora Dora! ?

Vampire Knight?

Tales Of The Abyss?

Code Geass?

Shugo Chara! ?

Gakuen Alice?

Junjou Romantica?

Gakuen Heaven?

Gravitation! ?

Loveless! ?

Full Moon Wo Sagashite?

Ginban Kaleidoscope?


Scrapped Princess?

Itazura no Kiss?

Nabari no Ou?

Blood Plus?


Baccano! ?

Saint Beast?

R. O. D. the T. V. ?

Shakugan no Shana?

Azumanga DaiOh! ?

Cheeky Angel?

Prince of Tennis?

Bleach! ?


Konoha High School?

Soul Eater?

Honey And Clover?

Romeo x Juliet?

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge?

Lucky Star?

Heart No Kuni No Alice?

Pandora Hearts?

Onidere! ?

Fruits Basket! ?

Kobato. ?

Working! ?

Yakitate! Japan?




And so on... Nyaahahahaha! PLEASE CONTACT ME!
Tchabita A chapter 1 . 4/16/2010
Yes! I can review a LOT of Earl and Fairy stories! :) I LOVE IT! And I LOVE Earl and Fairy... *currently reading manga, novels and fanfics on it and watching it over and over again... :) ;)*

What the? Why is the Prince in your fanfic? :(

Oi! This phrase!

his men can't even keep up of him

Shouldn't "of" be replaced with "with" ?


his men can't even keep up with him

? Nyaa! :) :D

What do you mean Lydia's hair is "rust - colored" ? Don't you mean it's "caramel - colored" ? Like what Edgar says? What do YOU honestly think her hair color looks like?


This sentence the "Prince" uttered!

"Give me the Fairy Doctor Edgar was so protective for."

Shouldn't this be

"Give me the Fairy Doctor Edgar was so protective of."


I'm the grammar Nazi... Yeah! :D

Please forgive me... :(( :(



"Those maggots can not hide on me..." ,

shouldn't you type

"Those maggots cannot hide from me..."


Cannot should be in one word only! :P No offense! :P

And I think the PROPER preposition for that sentence is "from" and not "on" !

No offense! :P :D :)


He stated the name he adored once but despise in the same time as he smirked. ,

do you mean

He stated the name he adored but despised at the same time. He smirked.

I can't explain... Too confusing... But I think it should be that way! :)

When you typed "fan girl's", didn't you mean "fan girls" or "fangirls" ? Since it's a verb, I think? I prefer the second choice though... :D

Oi! Grammar parallelism and consistency should be maintained! This is a great story but you should follow THAT rule! Every decent fanfic writer should!

Don't get mad please! :(


Ulysses didn't even look at her and barely even acknowledges her. ,

you should have deleted "even" to make the sentence better. :d


You should also retain the possesive form of the Prince, thus "Prince's" ! :d :p

Please don't get mad or frustated or anything by this review... :(


He insisted as he pushes her into a large bush. ,

you should have replaced "pushes" with "pushed" to keep up with the grammar consistency of the verbs you used in this sentence. :) :p

Please understand... I'm only trying to help... :(


He asked her as he watches Raven fight off their enemies. ,

it's pretty much the same thing. That you should replace "watches" with "watched" to make your sentence sound better! :d :p


Raven uses his knife to stub one of the prince's men at his back , it's like you're implying that Raven was the one who got hurt! It COULD be misunderstood! And I LOVE Raven! :(

You should REALLY replace the words "at his" with "in the" so as not to confuse other readers and probable and possible reviewers! :D :)


He jumped as he runs, ,

well, you should have replaced "runs" with "ran" . To keep up the verb consistency in that phrase again that's actually a VERY complex sentence in your story.


What do you mean "behind his smooth pale cheeks. " ?

:)) )) Ahh... No offense?

It actually sounds funny when I analyze it so I'm REALLY sorry...

Don't you mean "on" instead of "behind" ?


When I think of his tears falling "BEHIND" his cheeks doesn't that literally mean INSIDE his mouth? :)) ))

Sorry for laughing! Tears taste salty. That's all I can say... :D :)

Oi! You should capitalize your proper nouns well, properly! :)) )) :) That sounds weird right? :D :)


he soon starts to change, when he met the kind-hearted fairy doctor he hired to help him find the sword of merrow

you should really replace "met" with "meets" to keep up with verb consistency again. It's becoming a habit, I think... No offense! :(

Oi! You should also capitalize the "Sword of Merrow" as such. :d :)

It IS a proper noun.

It's also REALLY special right? :d :)

When you typed

that makes him more ease. ,

don't you mean

that makes him more at ease. ?

I don't know. That's just a suggestion! :d

When you say "suit full" , don't you mean something like "suitable" ?

I guess... :D :) ;)

When YOU typed

Edgar moved his eyes to observe his surroundings as he clench his fists. , shouldn't you have replaced "clench" with "clenched" so that both of your verbs in your sentence have the same tense?

Nyaa! :D :)

When you typed

He convinced his self. ,

shouldn't you replace "his self" with "himself" ? Huh?

:D :)

I think "trice" is an acceptable spelling of THAT word but I think the spelling of THAT word that is MORE acceptable nowadays is "thrice" right? I hope so... ...

When you typed

Edgar stated as he calms down ,

shouldn't you have typed

Edgar stated as he calmed down


Nyaa! Hope so... :D :)

What do you mean Lydia's "LEAVING" ? Don't you mean "LYING" ? As in lying down on something and such?


... ?

Oi! You should have spelled "loosing" with a single "o" only instead! I'm getting more caught up in this story... OMG...

When you typed

Raven dashed towards Ulysses to kill him but was blocked by a dark wolf that protects him. ,

didn't you mean

Raven dashed towards Ulysses to kill him but was blocked by a dark wolf that protected him.


You know why already... ;) :D :)

When you typed

Raven once again attempt to attack Ulysses and the Prince but was block with more dark figures ,

didn't you mean

Raven once again attempt to attack Ulysses and the Prince but was blocked with more dark figures


I know it's a minimal mistake but I still think that I should mention it and I'm sorry for being like this! :(


Did you mean "blur" to be some sort of adjective? Then you should have put in "blurred" instead!

I'm getting sleepy... But I MUST finish reviewing AND reading this fanfic first... Z... NO! I must not sleep yet! :) :D

Well. I think that

She heard the figure said.

would sound better if you would have typed

She heard the figure say.

for no reason in grammar I can get whatsoever. It's just intuition and INSTINCT! :D :)


she calmed down a bit but still alert. ,

you should have added the word "was" between the words "but" and "still" in your sentence... :d :)

Oi! In the past tense "hide" should be "hid" !

:(( :( I feel drowsier than ever... :( :((

Z... NO! Not yet! :( :((

Don't you think Ermine the selkie and Kelpie make a GREAT couple? I HONESTLY think so... :) :D

You should have put "beating" instead of "beats" in

her heart beats fast.

:D :) I mean you NO offense! :d :)

Oi! Remove the "a" article in this sentence of yours stating

Lydia felt a cold metal touch her neck !

:d :) :p

What? You want to kill Lydia already? Is Ermine supposed to be THAT jealous?

a knife was push through her neck.




Maybe you meant "ON her neck" instead huh?

Remove the words "push through" !

People could get the wrong idea because of that phrase! :P

Whoa... So Ermine really IS jealous huh?

But I certainly disagree with her. Lydia is SO NOT A B*! She IS SO wrong on THAT! :p

Lydia is NOT a w*! I bet she's still a v*!

And Lydia's right! Ermine's the w*! She got raped by the "Prince" in front of Edgar right? Since Edgar won't use her himself? Well... I sort of sympathized with her but somehow... I just can't sympathize with her in this fanfic! She's just so much like a b* here! :( :P

Oi. Remeber to have propre END punctuation marks ALWAYS okay?

:d :p :)

When you typed in Kelpie's DRAMATIC appearance at the OBVIOUS RIGHT TIME,

she heard a deep man's voice screaming her name as she tries to fight the darkness that wants to swallow her. ,

don't you mean

she heard a deep man's voice screaming her name as she tries to fight the darkness that wanted to swallow her.


Nyaahahahaha! :d :p :)

Oi! "Away" is spelled as one word! You don't mean "a way" like a path now do you?

You should replace "touches" with "touched" in]

touches the ground. .

When you typed in

darkness envelope her again. ,

don't you mean

darkness enveloped her again. ?

Ahh... Though I really want the thing about Kelpie and Ermine the Selkie to come true, I guess in this story so far it's NOT going to come true... EVER... Hahahahaha! LOL! :)) )) :) :d

Far from it in fact! :D :)


she tries to stand up. ,

shouldn't you replace "tries" with "tried" ?

Also in

her face were blank. ,

shouldn't you ALSO replace "were' with "was" ?

:) :D ;)

There's no such word as "putted" ! There's only "put" and "putting" ! :P


"Ahold" should be spelled as such... :d :P


If you are to have two adjectives for a single noun in a single sentence you should mention BOTH the adjectives first BEFORE that noun! :d :P


When you typed

she pleaded on Kelpie. ,

didn't you mean

she pleaded on to Kelpie. or something? It's just SO weird... ...

When you typed

Simple and short words that comes out of Kelpies thin lips makes Lydia to be happy and relieved ,

don't you mean

Simple and short words that came out of Kelpie's thin lips makes Lydia to be happy and relieved


I am too tired and too sleepy to elaborately explain and I think you might have gotten the pint already from what I PREVIOUSLY corrected of this fanfic... :D



he lock his eyes onto her. ...

"Locked" instead of "lock" alone?

:d :p


There's a dark aura now surrounds her body. ,

there should be the word "that" between the words "aura" and "now" in YOUR sentence... :) :D

Whoa... So she really likes Kelpie in this fanfic huh? OMG! *SHOCK!*

SO didn't expect that... *SHOCK!*


"Through" is spelled as such! A "trough" is where a barn animal such as cows and HORSES (pardon the pun on KELPIE. Nyaahahahaha! ) drinks their water! :P :D

I think that the plural form of "metal" is STILL "metal" ... No offense okay? This is about the longest review I've given to date! :d I'm so happy! :) :d ;)

Thanks. :d :) ;)

Kelpie has a knife? I didn't know that either... LIVER! Joke... I TOTALLY love Kelpie as well but I really love Edgar the most! Next to Nicorandil or Nico the cat that is... :) :D

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