Reviews for Who Wants A Vampire Knight One Shot?
illijazGreen98 chapter 48 . 1/28
can i have a one shot story for me and aido hanabusa
Reader chapter 20 . 10/12/2013
Okay...this was good but you made a few mistakes.
Azure879 chapter 1 . 9/22/2013
Kiyomi Kuran
Waist length blue black hair, dark brown eyes, hourglass figure delicate build, 162 cm high
16 vampire years 843 human years
Kind, caring, loyal, short-tempered, squally mistaken for weak as of her delicate build but is always very true to herself and strong in using her powers
Half vampire half angel
Pureblood vampire and pureblood angel
Plant and nature power for angel half and fire and water power for vampire half as well as all of the powers a pureblood vampire and angel possess
Kaname Kuran
All of the night class and yuki and zero
Yuki Ruka and Rima
Rido is your hated father who killed your mother who accused him of loving only Juri not her (mother's name is Jade)
Sun dorm
Day class
Rido (father), Jade (mother), Kaname (cousin), Yuki Kuran (cousin), Juri (aunt) Haruka (uncle) shiki (halfbrother). Life story is that Rido doesn't know about you and your mother lived in fear that he would find out about you so she hid you with the Kurans. You were happy there until your mother decided it would be safer for you if she removed your vampire side. She was killed in the attack of Rido as well as juri and Haruka. You followed Kaname to Cross academy, you know about Yuki but keep it secret apart from Kaname.
Chocolate, ramen, manga and anime, reading and nature
Rido, level Es Fighting although she will fight if it is life threatening to her friends
Athena (throwing dagger) along with 4 other daggers also Athena turns into a parasol (weapon) like Artemis turns into the scythe
Nice girl and very cheerful and friendly
Mysterious and friend
Strange person though thank him for letting me enrol strange personality for a headmaster too
Kind and caring and crush good cousin to rely on
Cheerful and friendly
Good friend and keeps Aido in line
Annoying and troublesome but good friend
Quiet but good friend
Fashionable and best friend
Best friend
Quiet and powerful
Different from his twin but otherwise don't mind
Kind and cheerful aunt
Kind and gentle uncle
Hate him
Yuki paired with zero and normale pairings except my best friend (Kana b vampire) with Takuma and Aido with Sieren
Tell him he shouldn't be out and think about getting Kaname dealing with him
666-I Love Cryaotic-666 chapter 1 . 7/26/2013
Question! Is OCxOC pairings acceptable?
Swagcityy13 chapter 27 . 6/29/2013
A1) Name: Cierra Adams
2) Looks: Brown skin, green eyes, chestnut coloured hair
3) Age: 16 1/2
4) Sex: Female
5) Personaility: cierra is a very sneaky individual, she can be very cocky at times and would never admit anything. she has that chill laid back posture and wears hipster clothing that just screams, whatever
.6) What are you? Vampire/Human/Half vampire half human/other:Human
7) If other what is it: (Anything but Vampire hunter, that's still human)
8) If vampire what Level:
9) If vampire what power:
10) If Level-D/E vampire who turned you, when and why:
11) You crush (just one)
12) Friends: Takuma
13) Best friends: Kain, zero
14) Enimes and why: Rima, she's not really an enemy, its just that, cierra envey's how close ahe is with shiki
15) Are you in the Moon or Sun Dorm: sun dorm
16) Are you in the Night or Day class: day class
17) Family: mom and dad, only child
18) Likes: vanilla hershey bars
19) Dislikes: the shiki fan club
20) Do you know about vampire: yup
21) Are you a prefect:yup, which is why is have an advantage to sneak into shiki's room
22) If prefect, what's your weapon: the. Famous bloody rose
23) give me your thoughts on.
YUKI: a little medaling brat who needs to stay away from the vampire world
ZERO: he is way to cool for school
HEADMASTER: he's ok. Gets me at of trouble
KANAME: its just...he has a bad aura that gives me the creeps, I'll be seeing him in my night mares
ICHIJO: he's a cool guy. He gives manga books
KAIN: the coolest person I know. He is like a brother to me
AIDO: flirts way too much for my liking, I kinda don't like him because he plays with the day class hearts
SHIKI: my crush. Omg I loved him the first time I laid eyes on him. Idk what it is, but, he has got me head over heels.
RIMA: she is alright. It just bugs when I see her around shiki I know I shouldnt hate her but, you know what I mean
RUKA: I undertand her pain, but she has to opeb up her eyes, and see that kaname isn't intrested
KANAME'S BODYGUARD (forgot her name): she is aight
ICHIRU: never met him
SHIZUKA: I hate her guts, look what she did to poor zero
JURI KURAN: never met her
HARUKA KURAN: never met her, but he cute though
RIDO KURAN: never met him
15) other info you want me to know: It was valentines day and cierra secretly made chocolate bars for shiki, since she already knows he likes pocky (she sneakd into his room all the time, so, yeah) she also wrote him a secret admirer letter. On valentines day, she quickly hands him the wrapped up gift box of the chocolates and letters. Without looking back, she dashed back into the dorm. She hopes that none of the day class students saw her. Especiallt zero, he sure would tease her about it. Her pride is always getting in the way of things. At night shensneaks into shiki room hoping he wasn't there at the time. She usually steals stuff, like his boxers, and pocky. Geez she hopes shiki doesn't catch her. ;) oh and can they have a make out session?
RP1) You are a new student and see the Night Class. Who catches your eye first?: Senri shiki. Its those mahogany colored locks and faded bluse orbs x blush x
2) (Your human) You are alone with one of the Night Class boys. You ether know that he is a vampire or you don't. What do you do and what do you think.: I think, wow, he is way to humble to be such a creature. And I'm also thinking about what his boxers look like. 3) (Your vampire) You smell blood. Would you drink it?
georgia.halden.5 chapter 32 . 6/28/2013
If you do a one short for me I will do this one for you 4) My OC will be a ever powerful witch and rare to witches like a pureblood is to vampires. Again the council will kidnap me but to mix my blood with Rido's to make the perfect weapon (This would be a rape thing) just give me all the details :D
georgia.halden.5 chapter 16 . 6/22/2013
Name: Kati Kairshi


Looks:white hair down to waste and Green eyes has a tattoo on cheek a golden Lilly :)

A little personality: Smart, out going, not shy,loyal

Crush: Tackma itchjo

Human/vampire/other: Vampire(pure blood)/ wizard

If other, what?:

Have you (Your character) had sex before: yes

She wears a red night gown with black lace under wear :)
georgia.halden.5 chapter 1 . 6/22/2013
Hey may I please have the c one short where the character is a wizard vampire hybrid thankyou thankyou very much ur an amazing writer!

Name: Youri Watshi
2) Looks: White Hair, Green eyes, Short and skinny
3) Age: 18
4) Sex: female
5) Personaility: bad temper, out spoken, loyal, prankster
6) What are you? Vampire/Human/Half vampire half human/other: vampire wizard hybrid

8) If vampire what Level: pure blood even if a wizard because wizards are not human :)
9) If vampire what power: to take other vampires powers :)

11) You crush (just one) Aido please :)
12) Friends: Zero, Yuki and Rima
13) Best friends: Rima and Yuki
14) Enimes and why: Kanname because he is threatened by your powers
15) Are you in the Moon or Sun Dorm: moon Dorms
16) Are you in the Night or Day class: Night please :)
17) Family: Family killed by Voldemort raised by Remus loopen
18) Likes: reading, annoying Zero and playing the cello
19) Dislikes: tomato, vampire hunters, and people who lie and death eaters
20) Do you know about vampire: yes she dose
21) Are you a prefect: no
22) If prefect, what's your weapon: she has a knife that if you put it to a persons neck it will make the person tell the truth
23) give me your thoughts on. Please so this story it will be awesome coz ur such a good writer I will do you one just send me what you would like please do me one I love ur sorry you belong to me and I like the wizard ones u have done! :D thankyou for reading x
zerofan1256 chapter 26 . 5/18/2013
YESS! FINALLY ZERO AND OC ACTION! Sorry I'm actingl ike a perv. :P
zerofan1256 chapter 11 . 5/18/2013
aleksjoly chapter 1 . 4/2/2013
1) Name: Aleks Yagari (later Aleks Homura)
2) Looks:long blood hair,sky blue eye that when she glares it scary,5’5
3) Age:16
4) Sex:female
5) Personaility:clever,smart,secretive,loyal to people she trust,emotionless (hide her feeling),cold,kind when you know her,she love,s to play the piano(song from a secret garden) calm, part of disciplinary committee,she a little like Zero but she does not hate all vampires,if you get to know her she is show her emotion more,stubborn,sometimes blunt and she protect those who are dear to her.
6) What are you? Vampire/Human/Half vampire half human/other:human(pureblood turned into a human)
8) If vampire what Level:A
9) If vampire what power:fire,ice,wind,pureblood powers,weild her anti-vampire katana sword wild Rose.
10) If Level-D/E vampire who turned you, when and why:she not a level d/e vampire but because her pureblood family(homura) are known to be bodyguards to the kuran’s, whice make all the kuran’s her master’s.(Rido,Kaname and yuuki…)she does suffer from bloodlust for kuran blood but resist till her limite like zero.
11) You crush (just one): Kaname kuran
12) Friends: Zero,Yuuki,Toga yagari,yori and kaito.
13) Best friends: kaito yuuki and zero.
14) Enimes and why: Rido because he want her to be his and want’s her blood.
15) Are you in the Moon or Sun Dorm: Sum dorm but later Moon Dorm
16) Are you in the Night or Day class:Day Class later night class
17) Family:dead killed by shizuka hio,lost her memories of being a pureblood but remember’s the night shizuka killed her parents. Toga Yagari adopted her when he found her that night.
18) Likes:piano(song from a secret garden),sword’s,books,vampire hunting,
19) Dislikes:vampires,blood,rido,shizuka,
20) Do you know about vampire:yes
21) Are you a prefect:yes
22) If prefect, what's your weapon:Wild Rose katana sword
23) give me your thoughts on.
YUKI: She sweet, kind and I want to protect her from people that want to hurt her.
ZERO:a lot like me but meaner,He understands me .
HEADMASTER: he’s weird but a respectable man
KANAME: Respect him and I don’t hate but I don’t love him to he comfuse me,make me feel weird thing ,makes me blush and make me feel warm inside.
ICHIJO: he’s a gentleman,always smile’s.
KAIN: He is calm and cool and I respect him a lot.
AIDO: Playboy,handful and annoying.
SHIKI:get along great and care for him like a brother
RIMA:get along great and care’s for her like a sister
RUKA:respect her a lot.
KANAME'S BODYGUARD (forgot her name): seiren I like her ,admire, trust and respect her.
ICHIRU:I understands him but hate him because shizuka.
SHIZUKA: I hate her with all my being like zero.
JURI KURAN: close with her parents.
HARUKA KURAN:close with her parents.
RIDO KURAN: i hate him wish I could kill him myself.
15) other info you want me to know: (If you want something pacific to happen in the story; like someone gets killed, or bitten, then tell me)
1) You are a new student and see the Night Class. Who catches your eye first?: kaname
2) (Your human) You are alone with one of the Night Class boys. You ether know that he is a vampire or you don't. What do you do and what do you think.:n/a
3) (Your vampire) You smell blood. Would you drink it?: not I would resist till my limite .
Akemi Spangler chapter 27 . 3/25/2013
wooo! perverted Ami! We all have a little perviness in us ;)
Guest chapter 20 . 3/16/2013
nice one *2 thumbs up*
Awesome chapter 49 . 1/24/2013
Please make a shiki lemon
xXYuseiXAkikoXx chapter 1 . 1/18/2013
1) Name: Yuri Kuran
2) Looks: Yuki's twin sister so she look the same as Yuki except her hair is longer and lighter brown, also her skin is a little more paler.
3) Age: 17
4) Sex: Female
5) Personality: Friendly, nice, cheerful, hyper, easy-going, smart but can be dense sometimes, clever, secretive, worry about other before herself, loyal, understanding, can be cold and emotionless to strangers, and people who she doesn't trust or care about.
6) What are you? Vampire/Human/Half vampire half human/other: Vampire
7) If other what is it: N/A
8) If vampire what Level: A
9) If vampire what power: Nature and Mind Controlling
10) If Level-D/E vampire who turned you, when and why: N/A
11) You crush: Senri Shiki
12) Friends: Kaname, Kain, Aido, Takuma, Seiren.
13) Best friends: Shiki, Rima, Kuromi (OC) and Yuki.
14) Enimes and why: Zero because he hate vampire meaning he hate her, her brother and sister, and her friends.
15) Are you in the Moon or Sun Dorm: Moon Dorm
16) Are you in the Night or Day class: Night Class
17) Family: Juri Kuran (mother), Haruka Kuran (father), Kaname (older brother), Yuki (younger twin sister).
18) Likes: Pocky, sweets, books especially manga, modeling, music, sports. fashion, shopping, cute and adorable stuffs, amusement parks, animals, blue, black and white color.
19) Dislikes: Rat/mouse, thunder, clown, stalkers, Zero, fangirl (annoying as hell), mean people who is bringing harm to her loved ones, carrot, pink color and too girly clothes, bugs.
20) Do you know about vampire: They're all my friend including human. I respect Chairman Cross ideal about vampire and human living in peace together.
21) Are you a prefect: Yes
22) If prefect, what's your weapon: A katana and a rod like Yuki's Artemis except my rod is transform into a scythe and it's black.
23) give me your thoughts on.

YUKI: She sweet, kind and I want to protect her. She is my precious twin.
ZERO: I hate him. He is so rude and mean. He always point the Bloody Rose whenever I appear near him.
HEADMASTER: He is funny man and I respect him for his peace ideal.
KANAME: He is my awesome older brother, I love you onii-sama.
ICHIJO: He is my manga buddy, funny and bright like the sun.
KAIN: He is calm and cool, I can always talk to him about my problems.
AIDO: He is my pranking partner. We are the troublemakers.
SHIKI: He is my bestfriend but lately I been feeling strange, I found out I love him more than a friend will he notice my feeling?
RIMA: She always there for me and she listen to my complain a lot. Thank you Riri-chan you're the best!
RUKA: She is just too in love with my onii-sama so I don't talk to he a lot but she is very pretty. I hope she will notice Kain's feeling for her soon!
KANAME'S BODYGUARD (forgot her name): She is so ninja like, mysterious but pretty and charismatic.
ICHIRU: Blahhh I don't talk to him, but he look like Zero except with longer hair and a bit softer personality.
SHIZUKA: She is so pretty but to crazy. I'm sorry for your lost Shizuka-san...
JURI KURAN: I love my mommy because she is like my role model. I miss you mother... TT_TT
HARUKA KURAN: I love my father, he was like my knight in shinning armor when i was little, I wish we could be together again as family. I miss you father...
RIDO KURAN: I hate him forever and ever. He bring me nothing but despair and sadness. He separated me and Yuki, killed our parent and put our onii-sama in apain, but apart of me understand the love he have for our mother so Rido oji-san I somewhat forgive you...
15) other info you want me to know: N/A


1) You are a new student and see the Night Class. Who catches your eye first: N/A
2) (Your human) You are alone with one of the Night Class boys. You ether know that he is a vampire or you don't. What do you do and what do you think: N/A
3) (Your vampire) You smell blood. Would you drink it: Yes it's been awhile I drink real blood, beside blood tablet taste horrible. But I will only drink it if the person is fine with me drinking from them. After all I'm a pureblood and I don't want to turn human into Level E vampire that is against my moral.
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