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Kyral chapter 42 . 1/3/2013
*lets out a fangirlish squeal* Double kiss and finally the affirmation that yes they are going out. All in their adorkable awkward cute way. God you are good Zero.

I really do like these Interlude chapters. It's nice to see it from both ends, and this one in particular to get into Naoto's headspace. Her internal monologue about falling in love with Kanji kinda reminded me of my own experience of falling in love the first time. It was also interesting to see her thoughts on Souji, and her rattling off the reasons why she should love him instead, but love is a strange thing isn't it?

So I suppose this story, like the distance, is coming to a close? If so it will be missed (but then again, who knows what else you will write next)
ViktorMayrin chapter 42 . 1/3/2013
*squees like a schoolgirl*

Sappy. Vanilla. HEARTWARMING.

*diabeetus occurs*
Sapphirina chapter 41 . 12/28/2012
It took me a while but I finally got through this entire story. All 279000 words of it. I'm glad I stumbled upon this story. The characterization is wonderful. I liked the way you integrated elements of the gameplay into the story. It really added to Souji's character. At points in the story I was nodding my head in agreement/approval/awe - the explanations of why a four-man squad is used, of how the Goho-M works, of Souji's use of the social links, etc. I hope you update soon because I really want to know Naoto's side of things. Keep up the great work!

PSKira chapter 41 . 12/27/2012
Thanks for the thank you! I'd also like to let you know your depiction of these characters is spot on. You don't really tread too far from what's already in the game and I love that. This series has a special place in my heart and this story now does too. It's not often I find a fan-fiction I love due to its masterful depiction of characters and scenario. You really are doing a fine job and I cannot wait to see what happens! _ -Kira
Lady Cheshire chapter 41 . 12/26/2012
Ah, nice work. This one was a bit of a downer. Gotta say, Rise, though her part in this chapter was short, really stood out for me. I love their platonic relationship in your story, and her caring nature easy to read underneath all of her teasing and prodding. When Kanji's serious, she gets serious.

Sigh. My fangirl cravings for another Naoto/Kanji kiss have been dashed. Don't get me wrong, the hug was great; sweet and cute, but damn it, they were just too close to kissing again there! Great work on this one; tense, strained, a bit resigned, yet hopeful. Can't wait for Naoto's interlude- You've got me helplessly addicted (if you haven't noticed by now)!
Lady Cheshire chapter 40 . 12/26/2012
Oh, Kanji. Kanji, Kanji, Kanji. I think this is the smoothest he's been in a long time! Well, smooth by Kanji standards anyway. The dance between these two has gotten more and more intricate with each chapter, and each time it builds with a new sense of tension and volatility, until FINALLY! This confession takes place. On that note, a lovely scene you've created in sync with the rest of the story - Naoto flees after she and Kanji kiss and Kanji's left wondering what happened - One step forward, two steps back.

It's the tempo of this story that's got me hooked! That and your amazing and creative portrayals of Kanji and Naoto. How I heart their awkwardness!

Not sure what to say about the confrontations between the Investigation Team and Adachi/Ameno-sagiri other than HELL YEAH! You are extremely talented with combat scenes. The writing is really light, but cuts like a knife (something I struggle with!)

One more thing I loved about the confrontation between Adachi and the Investigation Team was how eerily similar it mirrored the Team's encounter with Namatame with some subtle setup. No one went in planning to kill Adachi, but they could have all easily fallen into that trap had they not experienced their thought process with Namatame. The depiction of Naoto with her gun firmly trained on Adachi during the whole bout painted a very striking image. Not sure if you meant to revive memories of the hospital room with that scene, but ah well. Long chapter, yes, but extremely well executed.
Imaginistic chapter 41 . 12/22/2012
Wow, it took me a while to read this story as I just can across it. This is brilliant! I love this story! Thank you for writing it! When are you going to update?
Guest chapter 41 . 12/21/2012
Wow. I recently discovered your fanfic and have been reading it nonstop. It's nice that someone has bothered to do a looong multi-chapter story including Kanji and Naoto. All I ever stumble on are one-shots or short ones, not that there's anything wrong with them. I just personally prefer long stories.

And I absolutely looove the way you portray the two. Naoto seems so stubborn and formal and Kanji the awkward tough guy. Weh. I can't get enough of the blushing and stuttering and everything, it's just too good. I could go on about this for ever, seriously.

Also, Souji. I think you managed to write him very well. The sort of authority and intelligence and the kind of 'having everything under control' aura he has. I think it really suits him.

Another thing I love about this story is how you don't rush anything. The time slowly stretching from their first encounter to Kanji confessing to Naoto. It might have been slightly irritating/boring, if I wouldn't have had an opportunity read all the chapters right after eachother. It has happened in the past too many times but now, reading like this, it all flows so smoothly. As much as I'd love to read another chapter, please take your time on writing it. I can honestly say it'll end up in the most wonderful results.

I hope you have a pleasant day,

Lt. Shinjiro Taiga chapter 41 . 12/18/2012
You sir...well let's just say that during the better part of the previous week (finals week mind you) I have been utterly and completely ENGROSSED with this work. Like, It's just about 6am where I am, and I've been reading this straight since midnight... This is my first review on this site, though I am quite the frequenter.I had completely forgotten about this pairing and I'm glad I remembered it. I'm not sure whether I like canon pairings...or just the writing skill of the author; in this case it's 100% of both. Considering I read this in about 3 days, there are a few things I must say about it as I haven't continuously been reviewing. I REALLY appreciate your fleshing out of the characters and backstorylines. Also, the characters rarely went OOC, if at all. Your plot someone who knows the fandom and universe on a prodigious scale, I have to say I didn't mind them at all. I'll compare it to how Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part II strayed a little from the plot of the book; some things you just can't put on a screen...they must be described. Yours what the complete opposite; some things in the game are a little more difficult to describe concisely and must be seen. It's reading stories like yours, and ones written by other equally as talented, that make me want to get off my procrastinating ass and write what I have in my head...Well, that's about all I have to spout off about. Thanks for the entertaining 12 hours...
Sinuhe chapter 41 . 12/12/2012
Would you at least update before the end of the year, pleeeease? As a christmas gift for all of us your loyal readers? We love your fic, man! ;A;
Tarantula chapter 41 . 12/7/2012
I... just holy shit. This fic is incredible. It's very rare you come across one with this level of quality. It's difficult to describe, but the detail of the interactions just... fits. Their feelings are believable, not to mention the characters themselves are written incredibly. I am greatly looking forward to the next chapter.
ByLanternLight chapter 41 . 12/5/2012
Ow. Right in the 'feels'. 5/5.
sidefury chapter 41 . 12/5/2012
congrats, you are now the owner of my soul and affection. this is the single best fic I have read in my life (and i can pretty much say this without any exaggeration) and I can't believe how dedicated you are to write such a long, amazingly detailed fic. I have literally read it nonstop for the last three days, despite my looming exams, and every moment was amazing. I eagerly await more!
Lady Cheshire chapter 39 . 12/3/2012
Ahhh, what's that saying? Don't fear the Reaper? ;)

How do I say this? I love your Kanji, but I LOVE your Kanji from the viewpoint of head-injury!Naoto. :) (side thought: What better time to confess your feelings for someone than when they're suffering from a concussion?) These last two chapters are my favorites so far, if just for the simple fact that it's Naoto and Kanji stripped down to their very basic personalities. Kanji's grim optimism simply shines, and I love the patient tones underlying his reminders of Naoto repeating herself.

These last few chapters remind me very much of the amazing descriptions that struck me in your other story The Scientific Method, although here there's a solid foundation of camaraderie that (quite literally) pulls Naoto and Kanji out a hellish situation.
Lady Cheshire chapter 38 . 12/3/2012
So. . . I swear, I reviewed. I really did! FFN didn't seem to get the hint, though. So I'm re-reviewing here.

My biggest applause is for your consistent ability to maintain tension in this story. Ever since the installment with Namatame and Nanako, it hasn't broken. The suspense has leveled out and spiked, but the stakes keep getting higher, just like in the game. Easy to enjoy, hard to construct.

Favorite line: "You're fricking bleeding, dumbass!" - Don't get me wrong, I love me some awkward Kanji/Naoto interaction, but when the chips are down there's nothing better than raw personality shining through.

Second favorite line: The brawn was crippled and the brains couldn't think straight. - Comedy of errors, but still grim and unnerving. Seriously, this is a perfect chapter! Sorry this review took so long!
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