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DarkGodAkito chapter 45 . 8/1/2013
Omg this chapter was epicly brutal, and I love it. I cant wait for the next!
Kyral chapter 45 . 8/1/2013
DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUNNN! Izanami is playing for keeps this time! I never really caught that Izanami's little "drag your party into black pit" move was a reference to her being the master of Yomi (and I *really really* should have, seriously kicking myself here). Little gruesome with the "death" scenes, but then again it made Naoto's cry to Kanji all the more better (SQUEE). I'm also wondering if the little fighting scenes in between the Investigation Team was inspired by P4 Arena since it's kinda the same situation. Idk, it's late and my mind is all over the place. Can't wait to see what next, though at the same time I'm a little sad that I know it will soon be over
MMOandFrUK chapter 45 . 8/1/2013
What's your estimation for how many chapters are left/when you plan on completing this fic from.
Secondly, OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGOGOMGOMogmomgo*explosion* that was a really, really well done job at keeping up the tension
Sepsis chapter 44 . 7/29/2013
Every time I’m reading a chapter of yours I seriously just want to leave everything else I have to do here to re-play the game. ;)
“Grinning, Yosuke slung an arm around Souji's shoulder. "We've been with you all the way. What makes you think we'd quit now?"
Whoever this Margaret was and whatever reason she had for picking a fight with Souji, she'd picked one with all of them. "We're with you, Senpai," Kanji said.”
Aww! :)
I ove it how they want to help him no matter what and no matter how strong Margarete is. How they’re working together and taking care of each other, this is wonderful.

“"Senpai, you can't do this alone!" Rise had evoked too, a new Persona standing at her back. "We're not letting you!"”
Souji really needs to understand that he won’t have to deal with everything on his own.
“Worse, she looked like she was enjoying it. Eyes narrowed, she smiled. "You will honor me by fighting as though you mean to kill. To hold back would be nothing short of insulting!”
I love how you’re writing her! :)

“Of course Naoto was scared shitless; if nothing else, her leaving Inaba had proved that. And hell, he knew the feeling, to the point where his chest ached with sympathy. But the way she expressed it – the secrecy, the paranoia, the arbitrary lines she drew in the sand – fed into all of his own insecurities. Buying into the she's-too-good-for-me deal was way easier than facing up to the truth: that Naoto had no idea what she was doing, that he was almost as clueless again, and that between the two of them they stood to break a lot of stuff.”
Yes, I think you captured this perfectly.
Gosh, and the dream was really creepy. Awww, but Kanji is visiting her!
“Okay, so that'd come out a little...well, stalker-ish. But when Kanji put the pieces together – the quiet and sincere way Naoto had said it, the fact that nobody had ever made him anything before, the idea that she cared enough to wonder where he was – he couldn't help grinning back”
Haha, and I loved this so much! XD because it was awkward and adorable, just like them.
Guest chapter 44 . 7/20/2013
D'aww. Cutest couple.
lizzyytx33 chapter 44 . 7/14/2013
Oh my god. The part where Kanji went to Naoto's and on, I was squealing from the cuteness. They are too adorable.
I thought it was hilarious when Yukiko just blurted out their relationship but its no surprise everyone knew ahaha
Also Kanji's nightmare was beautifully written, I got chills while reading it.
Wonderful chapter, I can't wait to see how the battle goes!
Imaginistic chapter 44 . 7/13/2013
Da'wwwwww! What an adorable chapter, well the ending at least. Beautiful chapter!
DemonRaily chapter 44 . 7/12/2013
Well the team defeated the one who rules over power, I guess Margaret did not tell Souji that his predecessor actually managed to defeat her sister mono on mono, otherwise Souji could feel quite inadequate XD

I always found the investigation teem self righteous prick that are too full of themselves, mostly when facing Izanami. The goddess is not wrong, the humanity as whole was calling out for her like they did for Nyx, in despair and pain, to the point that the goddesses where forced to respond. And the Investigation teem was like :"Nope, you're wrong, disappear even thou you helped to create our homeland that we love so much, all your opinions are invalid and we do not need to even take your words in account at all", Instead of something like: "We can make world better, but we need a chance, and we will fight for it". It's hard not to cheer on Izanami in the fight...

But now I suspect that they kept the bullšhit coming out of their mouths so they would not trow up in fear XD Well, I will be interested to see your interpretation of it all.

The two lovebirds got some alone time, but that's understandable considering the end of the world may be coming and they might die tomorrow.
Sapphirina chapter 44 . 7/11/2013
Aw... That was a really sweet way to end the chapter. I'm glad that Kanji and Naoto had one final moment together before they had to face Izanagi. Bringing up Izanagi makes me sad because I feel like after the battle, there can't be many chapters left. Even so, the character development of these two characters have been phenomenal. This story does them justice as a couple. Everything is so right :) I'm still hoping Naoto becomes more open about her and Kanji's relationship. Anyway, I look forward to the next chapter!
Ikasury chapter 44 . 7/9/2013
first things first... Naoto, go into the Tsundere corner now!

*snickers* XD

i'm sorry, throughout this whole thing, i SWEAR she was being her most Tsundere... sure not the Asuka-level physically abusive or some cheesy Love-Hina-esque harem cliche Tsundere that's only conflicting because that's the only thing that separates her from the other 'potentials'... but STILL... i SWEAR! Naoto... YOU ARE A TSUNDERE! XD

proceed to be cute :3

"It – It isn't like—"

that's a start... i'm imagining continued extreme blushing with loads of denial... hrm, yep that sounds like Nao-chan, denial and cute affection, hrm, is their a dere-type out there i don't know about that's that specific? until i find it i'm going to stick with Tsun... *snickers* let'see, confrontational, check, denial, check, adorable while denying especially, check check, CAN be violent... *stares at gun* check... does stupid bullsh*t then denies its because of love-interest *glances back at the TV incident with narrow eyes* hrmm... -.- *checks the box* protects love-interest then denies it stutteringly cute *glances at previous quote* oh f*ck YEA! XD check... *snickers* gets pissy for stupidest reasons when bullsh*t is called out about involvement with love-interest *glances back at Yukiko stating obvious* :x *trying not to laugh* c-check... resorts to ultimate cuteness when alone with love-interest and completely avoids/ignores/forgets-conveniently-previous-fight ... sofa-scene... oo-oo-ooh yea... *checks box*

:x *trying not to keep laughing* XD

well Naoto, i think you've just covered all the Tsundere points, most in one chap... *rips off paper and pins it to her jacket* good for you :3

Zero, i think you've made me slightly insane from this awkward cuteness XD or maybe it was the babysitting that interupted me half-way through so i had to re-read and... *busts out laughing* oh who am i kidding, so much freakin' fluff... WHO CARES about fighting a rather SM-other, or figuring out the original Goddess of Japanese mythos is after you, or more accurately Souji but that's technicalities, when there's just SOOOOO MUCH fluff XD and my kind of fluff, littered with awkward, angst, denial, and stupid... so much fun :3

I LOVE YUKIKO! :D very rarely do i really love her, i can literally tell you the only other fic i REALLY loved her in was one that was a character examination of her being 'the healer', forget the title *sigh* but here... oh, so much love... some times, you just NEED that blunt person :3 because blunt people can be surprisingly poignant... good advice, right when needed... so much love :3

but oh, understanding... in relationships this is such a hard thing to get, and with two people that don't know jack, have lots of baggage, and considering the situation surrounding everything adding extra levels of stupid... *sigh* personally, i think its better this way :3 people always get this funny idea that people with 'lots of experience' are better off, but what's the point of repeating the same first steps over and over when that same amount of time can be spent applied to figuring out ONE other person :3 figuring out the nuances, the cues, the small things... understanding why one person does what they do... even seeing their most hidden fears still takes time... good step in the right direction :3 heck... years later, they'll STILL be figuring stuff out XD it's all gotta start somewhere... i like Kanji's optimism, its cute in its own way, someone has to have the faith to keep things together, just believing it'll all work... :3

... and excuse me if i squeal a bit at Naoto being more adorable with techno-babble and Kanji thinking stalker XD

and good job Kanji on saying those dangerous words... be glad she took it a lot better then 'some' people... *whistles innocently*

i'm still looking for cameras XD i have a bad day, i get this to make me squeal stupidly, only you Zero... go work on that 'final BATTLE!' bit :3 btw, loved Margaret's backhanded tactics for teaching the obvious, i think me and her need to go share a margarita XD

Till next *hugs* Sayounara, Zero!
DarkGodAkito chapter 44 . 7/9/2013
*EEEEE* Oh how I LOVE this paring, and how brilliantly you've told this story. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Ulcaasi chapter 44 . 7/9/2013
/flails. /spasms. /rollsaround. YOU'RE ALIVE AFSDHKDLATHTLKVHADSFLKH0IBA. :3 update!

This has made my morning completely awesome. I wake up and find an update for this story. huhuhuhu thanks. Looks like things are slowly working out for them huh? Tough luck on the TV side though. Fight against a near god and now they gotta go in to fight an actual one. Talk about daunting tasks. /shudders. Somehow all this reminds me of when tera first join teen titans. Just... less serious? :P
Kyral chapter 44 . 7/9/2013
EPIC throwdown with Margaret. I think your version fits better with the whole "bonds" theme running through Persona. Also Rise being jealous is always fun. Add in Izanagi messing with everyone's head and the lead up to the big let's-take-down-a-god finale is done. I trust you to make it suitably EPIC.

And on the other side of it is the bit that you are so very good at writing. Yukiko's inadvertent forcing of the issue between Kanji and Naoto was great (loved Kanji's "even the oblivious Amagi Challenge figured it out!" comment) and the second argument between them followed by Kanji's introspection was great just amazing. And finally the night before the battle, Kanji says the three most dangerous words that someone can say to another, Naoto finally lets down her barriers (nice touch with her giving him the watch) and they just finally curl up with nothing left to say. Goddamn Zero you are good.

So I expect that the story is wrapping up soon eh? I'm wondering if we'll see another Interlude type chapter before the end. At any rate, as always, can't wait for the next one
jarkhideous chapter 43 . 7/8/2013
I check every day to see if this has been updated. That is how much I've enjoyed this story.
lizzyytx33 chapter 43 . 6/17/2013
Oh mannnnn at first, I was disappointed when I saw that there weren't a lot of Kanji/Naoto fics but then I found this wonderful story. There aren't enough words for me to express how much I love this story. From the accurate character portrayals to realistic interactions; it's too great. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter!
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