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Aankon27 chapter 54 . 1/28
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Please don't leave it as a cliffhanger :C ITS KILLING ME but seriously please please pleaseplease update (or don't) but i hoe its the frst and btw this story is like one of the best naruto fanfic/fanfic I have ever red it ROCKS SASUKES ARSE (or maybe thats way to easy for it to rock so then it kicks ITACHIS ass or gaaras or sasoris or nonfangirl!Sakuras or or or konans or any of the other awesome characters that kick ass in my crack filled imaginations (btw that doesnt include sasuke hes a absolute moronic stupid dooshbag of a idotic asshole that should be dead in a ditch some where with a festival celebrating his death (the party/festival isnt in the ditch tho)) its awesome was what i meant tho
equastar chapter 54 . 1/23
wow cant wait for the next chapter, it will be awesome
equastar chapter 53 . 1/23
hmmm omg xiao so sad, so thats the trigger to dark oku
equastar chapter 52 . 1/23
OMG Oku-kun, dark oku is sexy, and so many fun scene in tis chappy so happy
equastar chapter 51 . 1/23
hii ikasury i'm back real life has been keeping me busy and stress, as always awesome chapter, but really i should know better this story is just so deep, so many angst so many hurt, really took me sometime to finish reread and this chapter lol, read 1 or 2 paragraph and i need to calm down taking a nap lol, the emotion running in previous chapter just so chaotic, it really touch the reader, Sasuke hurt, Sakura sacrifice dunno i just feeling so overwhelming, and you know the way almost all of them belittle Sakura i just don't know how to feel, but so omg this chapter so many fluff ha ha ha i'm just so happy especially Yorihi and Xiao interaction so cute lol, hope next time there's more fluff ameen
Guest chapter 54 . 1/20
Hello there,

Back from the grave and I've been silently reading and rereading for awhile. Honestly, I was a tad afraid to review, especially since in our last messages you seemed rather dismissive of me- though it was totally my fault for having such an incoherent life. Anyways, I've returned once again, just in case you wanted to know. I really enjoyed all of the chapters thus far, especially the forest of death. The scene with the snake bastard was entertaining, yorihi has grown so much yet so little at the same time! She went mano e mano (kinda) with a Sannin! How curious I found that to be! And what happened to Xiao poor soul, and Oku's hidden insanity! I adore it. I would write more but one I'm losing my nerve to face you and two its 2am and i have a 9am class tomorrow...will yorhi's chakra affinity be revealed? Xiao gas Lightening Oku earth so the princess? Whats Bachi up to? Gah, okkk I'll just ummm, see you later...Onee-chan?

nikols chapter 54 . 1/17
Greek myths are entertaining so it shouldn't be much of a hassle.
Thanks you for not cheapening the fights. It was great seeing all of them getting their fair due. I honestly was a little surprised, I don't think surprised was the right word, about the fight order for a second I wondered if Yorihi would really end up fighting Neji. I really enjoyed this chapter. I mean reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally enjoyed it.
impatient person chapter 54 . 1/16
oku vs xiao is going to be interesting, looking foreword to the next update and i swear if tsnade doesn't beat some sense into sakura i am goina punch what ever device i read this on.
Reader chapter 54 . 1/14
What a way to wake up eh, Naruto?
I don't know what to think about him, I'm going back and forth between believing he will never leave Konoha to thinking it a high possibility. He doesn't seem to have any proper connections with the rookies or the adults, it makes me kind of sad(was it this severe in cannon? I can't seem to remember...) I can keep writing more on that subject the rest of the night so I'll continue with my review...
Real good fights, it was really interesting to see what you did with them.
Moving on to medics and Konoha-medics. Xiaos explanation on the healing-palm technique from a previous chapter makes so much sense I almost want to pull my hair out because of Konoha-medics stupidity. And Sakura (Argh!) I can understand that she may not fully understand what Xiao did for her and that Sakura is more prone to listen to medics from her own village but to insult her and her work like that, just because she's just...don'
But hey! Maybe Tsunade can come and knock some sense into them (and maybe lay a comment on Kumo-medics proficiency, wouldn't that be fun? No matter of how unlikely it might be)
Prepare yourselves for incoming Raikage! Reinforce everything!
Oh, and thanks for the update!
DeborahBee chapter 54 . 1/13
Fucking loved this. (Are you young? Sorry about the cussing if you're young) This was amazing. It felt so good for her to just smear Neji across the field. Also, I lied all the fights as they were written. GREAT WORK! Wonder why she was nervous about her dad coming to see the finals?
drmonicblood chapter 54 . 1/13
Happy new year, also I am really glad you got this segment of the exams out of the way in a single chapter.

Bachiko is a troll, helpful but still very troll-y.

Ino you moron! you broke the number 1 rule of body/mind snatchers, do not, under any circumstance attempt to steal/possess/mind control random people, especially psychopathic people. who knows how horrible it can turn out!

Shino, your awesome. to be honest I always thought an Aburame would make a terrifying close-combat specialist.

Huh, your idea about the cheating-eyes-of-cheat copying fighting styles backwards is pretty cool, and I'm surprised I haven't seen it before.

Shikamaru's fight, if said tactical beat down could be called such, was fast, brutal, cunning, and above all else minimalistic. by the sounds of it he barely wasted any energy taking Kiba down.

chuckles, naruto and tenten's fight was oddly heartwarming. the two of them would make great friends and sparing partners, but I personally see tenten as being almost like the gender-flipped version of naruto. (that is if you turn your head and squint a little) also sounds like Yorihi is a little jealous.

once again Oku proves he is a scary badger. bat man has a long way to go before he can call himself the batman.

I wonder what people will think if Neji told everyone about Yorihi's eyes. on one hand I can see people point to the scares and eyes and saying she obviously a hyuuga because of the veins and eyes. on the other IIRC the same effect (black veins, unmoving pale eyes) can happen when something truly messed up happens to your eyes. there's a lot of evidence for both sides of the argument.

Yorihi being a hyuuga side has the evidence that 'Yorihi' is about the same age, and hair color as Hinata. she also has eyes similar in color to a hyuuga's.

on the other hand we have a failed kidnap attempt by the hyuuga's, a hatred that's just not natural, vague comments about a dead mother, and the fact that she is treated like her kage's child.

personally I think that without a DNA test only the most biased people will see Yorihi as a Hyuuga. and I doubt few people would believe Neji because he lost so horribly that it would just seem like being a sore loser.

I want to like Sakura, I really do. she has such high potential that I can't help but root for her. but when ever she opens her mouth, especially when she opens it in canon, I am reminded by how stupid she is, I just hope she out grows it. reading her dialogue and thoughts in this and the past few chapters is almost physically painful with how...blind and dim it is.

Xiao-chan, so few understand your suffering, you need a hug.

the goat-sized crickets are still alive, Anko is still Anko and Hayate is surprisingly kinda awesome. I have to say I have never seen anyone give hayate a cough drop before, I have to admit I thought you would keep that annoying writing style of every few words having 'cough'.

Naruto, have you already forgotten that Yorihi is the daughter to the Raikage? if she looses in an embarrassing way, she's not only embarrassing her self and her family, but the village as a whole.

I look forward to your next chapter, and good luck with school!
Flameraven chapter 54 . 1/13
Shino gets the buy? If his fight even happens I almost feel bad for Temari, as good as she is right after her fight with Shika there is no way she will be able to take Shino.

This should be interesting. Kakashi only got Naruto into the finals. He can't really just dump him like he did in the cannon. So will the old Perv even show?

And of curse the most important part of everything, Raikage in the house! Now just will snake boy do with THAT wild card?

Tenten and Naruto training is always good. Though it does bring up a point that I've always been upset with. After all why doesn't Naruto just use 'kage shuriken no jutsu' with his clones and/or the Tajuu versions. He does something like this ONCE in his fight against Garra, but never stacks the two and its such a missed opportunity for death of anyone not a Hyuuga or earth style user.
WarFlower chapter 53 . 12/7/2015
So, hoping Kumo finds out about Orochimaru and Suna's invasion and decide to strike once Orochimaru and Suna are driven out. Whatever happens from there I'm game. This is gunna be so cool
WarFlower chapter 50 . 12/6/2015
Yorihi had years of superior training, excellent matters, her bloodline and her experience but was still having a hard time with sasuke and his newly awakened eyes... He's gunna be a threat to Kumo. I hope at some point Yorihi gets Tesigan
WarFlower chapter 44 . 12/6/2015
This story is one of my favorites. Also, there's Bachi-chan. You haven't written much for him lately and I thought the worst, what a relief
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