Reviews for Who you callin' Hyuuga?
Guest chapter 60 . 7h
Amazing. You're a genius. Please keep doing what you're doing. Art that is what you make.
HTMLfreak chapter 60 . 10h
Dayum, Kemui knows how to play the game, even the hokage got nervous.
drmonicblood chapter 60 . 21h
So that was Kabuto's plan. admit able it was rather well thought out, but it fell apart because of his own arrogance. Naruto completely missed the point of staying back and it sounds like Sakura is infected with the curse seal and linked to Sasuke in some fashion.

wow. just wow. a foreign Kage is coming, and your letting him sleep outside. there are so many things wrong with that statement that I don't know where to begin in how terrible that is.

thank you for the chapter and I look forward to the next update.
Flameraven chapter 60 . 22h
Danzo gave up some patsie and is trying to hold Kabuto, a man who is more skills would allow him to kill all but two Root with ease and one who hates Danzo himself for the crap life he was forced to lead... oh this is going to end in blood and tears and I don't know whom I am going to root for in that conflict.

The 3rd is being an obtuse ass. I can almost understand why, but he is still being an obtuse ass.

Go inner Sakura, you show that snake what for! And while you're at it, take some of that power and eat it to grow stronger, and bring Sakura up with you. Really dig deep into Sasuke's phyci and you can grow ever stronger then him by conquering a power he can only give into.

I really am going to have to wonder if that little group of people that Kumo is brining is going to be equal to all of Suna's forces. After all Garra is, seemingly, one of if not THE most powerful thing in all of Suna and the Leaf has several people stronger than him. With the power level difference seen between many in Kump and most of the leaf, it doesn't stretch outside possibility.

Kabuto fighting that well against the two-tails is worrisome as well. I know his skill set is nasty if you are not ready for it, he isn't really 'stronger' than many just a really bad matchup. He still learned quite a bit and that getting back to the snake can't be good.

Nice to see Kumo's white wolf kick his arse though, very cathartic.
Guest chapter 60 . 23h
Another excellent chapter... are you going to cont or break this up into arc wad start another... book to cont?
CaptainHuggyface3218 chapter 60 . 8/21
um, wow. just- i really have no words (i say as i am ready to type a million paragraphs). FIRST OF ALL, kemui cant feel pain? shes so badass? I LITERALLY CANT, TEARING MUSCLES AND TENDONS AND STUFF LIKE THAT SHOULD IMPAIR HER FROM WALKING YET HERE SHE IS, HAVING A DISCUSSION (IF YOU CAN CALL THAT A DISCUSSION) WITH THE HOKAGE. AND DAMN, KABUTO CAN HEAL FROM HAVING HIS HEAD CHOPPED OFF? im sorry, i laughed. he was all like "it felt like my head disconnected" and im like IT WAS KABUTO IT WASSSS. also, not much yorihi, but i cant complain. i missed KEMUI-SENSEI! Little hint of Yandere-Oku which, i loved to be completely honest. just letting you know, i made a ship of our favorite medic and badger boi, just havent thought of the name *cri cri* ALSO, CAN I HAVE YOUR ABILITY TO WRITE AND/ OR THE NAMES OF YOUR CHAPTERS. i find them all unique and actually thoughtful, like especially "SHUT UP!" really enjoyed that one XD. hmmmm, a part of me craves for the Raikage to stay with the Hyuga XD im actually laughing omfg im just dead. i can see the Hiashi death-glare now. thank you so much for updating, and im guessing the next chapter is about yorihi meeting up with her father (Raikage father of course!, not he-who-shall-not-be-named... wait, didnt i already name him? XD) but i say guessing because you have a way of surprising me that i always enjoy! ... P.S.: IM GLAD YOU UPDATED TODAY BECAUSE SCHOOL STARTS UP TOMORROW AND THIS WAS AN EXCELLENT WAY TO RELIEVE STRESS OF JUNIOR YEAR.
Nikols chapter 59 . 8/12
Not a lot might have happened but this was a nice little interlude.
You really make it hard to comment on your work. So little to criticize or how to help you to further improve. I know it's been a while since I've commented, I should really login, but the feeling remains the same. You are a great writer.
I do feel that Konaha it's not good for Yorihi. Since being there her attitude has changed quiet a bit. I hope this doesn't spell trouble but something has to come from it.
Anyway great job as always.
Hyonnonnaises chapter 59 . 8/3
I love reading this. it never gets boring. I like how Neji-ish this chapter has been.
King of Fans chapter 3 . 7/26
Let killer bee rape. I am pretty Sheri he can only speak throw raping and I would love it if he dose it like that.
p.s update the cloud charters based on were they are in the manga.
King of Fans chapter 1 . 7/26
Interesting start. yes you are right he was the kage at this time.
However the charter are a little oc, but that is to be expected at this time.
equastar chapter 59 . 7/24
So neji is fulfilling his job as hinata guardian
Cheeta4797 chapter 7 . 7/23
Only a few chapter in, and I love how you are pacing the story. It's not rushed, and takes time to know in more detail of why Hinata will be OOC instead of her just appearing changed after many years.

Well done, keep it up.
Flowerbelle chapter 4 . 7/23
I love this it is so heart warming and cute!
anime pryncess chapter 59 . 7/22
This was intense. I am nervously waiting to see what will become of this relationship between Yorihi and Neji! Deep down I want them to bond. So sorry for Neji... Siighhh
HTMLfreak chapter 59 . 7/22
Hyuuga Hinata? Who's that? All I know is a badass Kumo-nin named Tenkyuu Yorihi. Hehe
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