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No Idea What to Name This chapter 27 . 8/26
Hello! I recently discovered this fic on tvtropes and I just finished rereading it! You’ve probably have a lot going on right now but I’ll wait years if I have to for the next update. Thank you for writing this lovely fic!
BrideOvAlucard chapter 10 . 5/14/2017
I know this is a Kurama x OC ff but I can't help fangirling. over Kaname and Setsu's relationship too!theyr'e just so cute together.I love Kurama,I really fangirl over him on YYH and he's my 1st anime the way you wrote Kaname and Setsu's past and their current relationship is so adorable!..And Im excited to know what is Kurama and Setsu's seem to have history together the way the OC acts around what Im reall curious about is why does it seems Kurama doesnt remember her if they had history
RohithTK chapter 27 . 4/9/2016
u r just awesome. waiting for ur next chapter. words cannot explain ur talents
RohithTK chapter 1 . 3/27/2016
Awesome to like it already
Lariee chapter 1 . 11/12/2015
Hi. I just found your story by chance and I immediately loved it. I love the girl's personality and that Kurama has been caught so unprepared. I am looking forward to read the next chapters.
Leychan chapter 27 . 10/20/2015
Me encanta esta historia, soy española y para leer este fanfincs he tenido que traducirlo con aplicaciones de Google crome, debo decirle que es una de las pocas historias realmente buenas que he leído en esta página, su talento para la escritura es realmente fascinante, me encanta como describes los pensamientos y sentimientos de cada personaje, tiene usted un talento realmente extraordinario si continúa por este camino, no abandonar su pasión por la escritura, no me extrañaría que algún día sea una famosa escritora, perdoname por escribir en español y no en inglés, pero mi inglés no es lo suficientemente desarrollado como para expresar todo lo que pienso sobre su escritura, debo decirle también que ha conseguido con este fanfincs que mi pecho se mantuviera en intriga constante siento como si estuviera realmente viendo y viviendo cada pensamiento y sentimiento de los personajes eres fantástica, y solo puedo decirle que muchas gracias por su tiempo su trabajo su agilidad de expresión en párrafo de esta emocionante historia. MUCHAS GRACIAS
SilverDewDrop chapter 27 . 9/3/2015
Wow... What an amazing story!

I apologize. I don't really review more than once in a fanfiction. I am impressed at how long your updates are! I couldn't type that much even if I stared at my computer for a year! (Okay, maybe that's a little exaggerated, but still!)

I love the plot and the characters themselves. The plot is very original. :D

Your story is very detailed and I hope you cheer up soon! You are probably an amazing person! I know you're an amazing writer as well... wow... that's a lot of amazings... How about... Fantastic? Or magnificent? Whatever. You choose the compliment.

I hope that you update soon and I'm glad that you're not abandoning this story~
LadyEllesmere chapter 27 . 8/31/2015
Finished all 27 chapters...only took me a couple hours...*looks at clock* oh crap...its 1:20 am...i always seem to do this...well good job mame. You made me so entranced in your fic...i didnt pay attention to the time. I need to sleep now. ..anyway loves the fic.
Xxser3ndipityxX chapter 27 . 8/30/2015
Hi! Hi! Welcome back! It's great to here from you again! I've actually been doing quite well ever since this summer break. Let's just say some important things in my life changed and I don't think I've ever been doing better. Thanks for asking~ :)

Okay...with your laptop dying, which made the will to write just utterly drain out of you, there is absolutely NO need for apologies. You hear? There was a perfectly good reason for your absence. I'm no writer, but even someone like me is able to empathize with a predicament like that. If I were nearly done with a 22 page Nursing paper and my laptop suddenly died out on me? I can't even tell you that I wouldn't enter a state of depression after something like that. For who knows HOW long! Ahhhh...I don't even wanna think about it. :'( So I have the utmost of understanding for your plight. Rest assured that no apologies are necessary here.

Shall we instead look at the brighter side of things? Today, you were able to gather yourself, even if it's still not fully, enough to jerk yourself up and out of what I'm sure must have been a devastating fog and let us all know of what's been happening. ..That's MORE than enough. Do you know that there are other writers that would have likely called it quits and had their stories kick the bucket right then and there had the same situation ever happened to them? Can we just, like..take a moment to marvel at your sheer amount of strength, will and perseverance, please? Like seriously. It's like every time there's a new update or you leave a new author's note, I'm always learning one more amazing thing about you as a person.

And before I go on any further, I HAVE to say this..please take care of yourself! It sounds like you've caught a very bad infection, too! That saddens me to hear. As a nursing student, I recommend that you always keep up plenty of water and nutrients so that your body will have the energy needed to continue to mount an adequate response to that infection! And rest! I know you spoke on now having to support your family, but you HAVE to make sure that you're getting an appropriate amount of rest while your body is having to fight of an invasion! And please, if at all possible-because I know now what you've been going through-try to take it easy and not stress your body and mind so much. The stress will make your body just that more vulnerable while infected.

You need to know that it's perfectly OKAY that you couldn't have the real chapter ready and posted by today. Again, just the fact that you even returned to talk to us at all..that's more than enough. We've waited this long, a little extra waiting isn't gonna hurt~

You're in need of help? Say no more. I just hopped over to Reddit and put in a vote for you. I've not yet had the chance to check out the fic (I'm SOOO busy nowadays..) yet, but I know that I don't even need to in order to be able to vote for it. I've read the two chapters. Even if it HAS been adapted from them, this is YOU we're talking about. The fic should be amazing.

And I wanna say this..if the fic doesn't win out please DON'T be discouraged. Yes, just taking it with a grain of salt is best. You say you'd like to succeed at something? Don't you know that you've succeeded at so much already? Over the years, I've searched and searched through this site for fics capable of blowing me away. In just that regard alone, don't you know that you're one of the biggest winners I know?

The seek peak was delicious! xD I feel like I'm going to wait on giving an extensive response until the full version has been released, so that it may receive the reactions and words I'm sure that it'll deserve. But THAT right there...was sexy.

And as for that Yoshi-rin de Pon parody, HELLO?! Okay, I seriously did not even know that Doujinshi existed until now. Omg..what did I just read? What did I just search for on the Internet and FIND? xD Goodness me. lol I'm never very good at this type of thing. I feel mind-raped right now. Hahaha xD

And possibly the most important of all...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D It really ducks that you have to feel the way you do on your own birthday. :( Get better soon!
tazdevil chapter 26 . 7/29/2015
Is Kaname stupid? No really. Is he stupid? I nearly choked when I read that he was going to free her by shooting the Armor. He has to know how bullets work. If it penetrates it's going to hit her... What, was he going to stop it with his powers before it got to her? Jeez...
AMAZING CHAPTER THOUGH. And you're right. I really did want to punch Kaname while reading this. However there were really happy moments for me. I love Setsu so much. She's such a little derp. Does she just really love flying? The swinging scene reminded me of her time on the oar with Botan. Also, finally reading Kurama's realizations of her (watered down) true feelings was great.
I really can't wait for the next chapter. I'm so ready for Kurama to just take out all the stops against Kaname. My empathy drastically dwindled after he shot to kill Setsu (even if it was to prove a point).
Well, I hope everything is going well in your life right now! Can't wait to hear back from you!
tazdevil chapter 25 . 7/28/2015
STILL ALIVE. Wow... Just wow... I congratulate all those who had a hand in the creation of this chapter. Sensui really just makes me sick. Unfortunately, so does Kaname. I wonder percentage wise how much of Kaname's actions is due to Tsuki's "death" and how much is due to his newly recognized hatred of humanity. I'm also wondering how Kiyoku went about forgiving all this once she came back to Nigenkai. She has to have forgiven all this right? Seeing as she is dating him in the beginning of this fic which takes place after these events. Kiyoku is almost too long. But that's another reason why I enjoy her so much. So much love and humility. Anyway, onto chapter 26! I'm already anxious seeing as you said that chapter will make me even angrier with Kaname...
tazdevil chapter 24 . 7/27/2015

Woo. Ok. Just got back from trying to be an adult. I have a job and have to pay for my own gas, and who boy, is that tiring! Anyway... I have taken a break from adulting! I'm so happy to be back!

This was a pretty... gruesome chapter. (It's so awesome how you're giving the back story before the Chapter Black Arc) While I'm still irritated that Kaname is getting in the way of some serious love, I feel for him and his plight. I hope he figures out that it was Sensui who ultimately took his Tsuki away from him. As much as I want to not like Kaname at times, I do have to remember that he is human and he has his faults and mistakes, and he has just as much right to love as Kurama does.
Kiyoku's rousing speech was very important for me to read. I also had a conversation with my friend the other day about morality and the subjectivity of good and bad. (I was talking about DC superheroes and how I like that it's usually clear cut who the villain is. It's much easier for me to find comfort in such simplicity. I find that too often I have to think about the complexities of human nature following the tragedies over here in the U.S.). I now realize how important it is to think of Kaname and his humanity and not fault him for his choices made in this chapter.

Anywho! I can't wait to read what happens next! And I'm really wondering how Setsu comes back to life.
Animekitty47 chapter 26 . 7/20/2015
No updates since March? But this story is so awesome!

And a cliffie ending! What's Kurama gonna do? Setsu is too attached to Sniper to make killing him a viable option, but he's not *listening*!

I guess you knew SSA Javier Grey PI has another homage to your story out? Genderbent this time, but still cute.

I hope you're doing ok. Update soon please!
Animekitty47 chapter 25 . 7/19/2015
Poor Sniper, he keeps looking for Setsu in all his other relationships, but this is a KuramaxOC fic. I wonder if Sniper'll die? He did attack Kurama, after all. And a train full of innocents died for it too.
Animekitty47 chapter 24 . 7/19/2015
You did a great job with Sensui's mindset, as unpleasant as that must have been. Sniper's pre-and-post-Sensui views were awesome!
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