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Ravyn chapter 1 . 12/26/2011
Having read through a ridiculous amount of Smallville fic, it was really nice to see the Lana/Clark connection through another universe. This was such a sweet piece, especially in the places where you could just see the relationship between them. I love this bit because it’s uncomplicated and wonderful and Clark’s utter assurance that they would be together, regardless is fabulous. And I love the fact that you have them in such an open, loving relationship that this kind of discussion is possible.
MegasaurusRex101 chapter 1 . 6/4/2010
Okay . . . So I avoided this one based on principle alone . . . and then I says to myself, "Self, she hasn't let you down before right?" and so I respond to myself and say, "You know what, self? You're right." So myself responds, "Of course I'm right,now go read this." So myself responds, "I think I will"

And I am so very very glad that I listened . . . and argued to read this because it was fantastic. And I love Lois' arguments and crazy reasoning . . . another hilarious fic.
megamom2 chapter 1 . 5/3/2010
This was completely charming from start to finish!
t wrecks chapter 1 . 11/15/2009
Awe wonderful
Fay chapter 1 . 10/11/2009
Such a great story, so sweet and well written. I love that he has faith that they would have met and fallen in love no matter what. Because it's true the whole of the Supman Universe shows that time and again.

[quote]He closed his eyes in a blink, “Just like that. Face it, Lane. Me and you? In this life, in another life, in any life.” He fixed her with a look that made the nape of her neck tingle, “It’s meant to be.”[quote]

That just sums it up really

[quote]“So, I guess what you’re really saying is that I best Lana in all ways, in all areas?” [quote]

lol you've just got to love Lois.

Brilliant story
RouthFan chapter 1 . 10/2/2009
Oh my, this story is just perfect.

The reflection on the life that could have been, and how Lois and Clark are really the life that is meant to be. Just beautifully written in a "trademark" style of yours, it gets the pitch of sincerity and witty banter that we all love between Lois and Clark just right. As always.

You do drama so well my dear, yet fluff is so your stuff!
SassyReaderGirl chapter 1 . 10/1/2009
Love it!
Alphie chapter 1 . 9/8/2009
Sigh... you astound me. You really do. I just need to throw in the towel and never write again. Why are your published?

“I’m not sure what part of our domestic life could possibly be improved upon by either one of us making jams.”

You are too funny! I always find myself snorting and giggling through your fics even when you aren't setting it up to be funny. It's the tongue in cheek way you write I think.

And then you go and knock me down with the romance... and the touch of Jason... and everything that I love about SR fan fiction. This was just beautiful.
NiteAngel chapter 1 . 9/7/2009
Here am I, out here, doing... whatever,

you mean... 'here i am'...?

“That’s what your counting on?

it's 'you're' not 'your'

hah! love this line: '“This hay isn’t going to bale itself, sugarbean...'

“The hypothetical her can kiss my hypothetical me’s hypothetical ass.” - lol

i love the script. Great banter b/w lois and clark. very like a married couple, i think. D


mistressbabette51 chapter 1 . 9/4/2009
Only Lana or maybe her father, could bring out Lois' insecurities, and how she really feels about her relationship. Excellent scenes with her and Clark. You are soo good with these two. I truly admire your work!

metaphor chapter 1 . 8/31/2009
I admit that due to Smallville and some comic arcs, I had a decidedly negative reaction to the title of this story. But since it was written by you, I forged on. What an unexpectedly sweet piece. Clark's reassurances to Lois were spot-on and perfectly stated, and I loved the banter between them. You really understand these characters and write them beautifully. This was truly a joy to read. Thank you.
ChristyCat chapter 1 . 8/31/2009
*twirls you*

Girl I love you so much! Forward thinking to my review I tried to keep track of how many times I smiled or laughed as a result of your fabulous prose and I literally lost count. You have such an amazing visual style of writing and it flows so nicely in a way that highlights your wit so well! A few oe my favorite lines"

“Five helicopters, two hazmat teams, thirty-six metric tons of iodine solution forming an entirely new compound with a vat of surgical lubricant, and all of it,” he searched for the right word, “...seeping into three stories of underground storage compartments.” He looked a little haunted, “I took a shower but the suit is a mess.”


"She has absolutely no sense of the sisterhood,” Lois continued. “I think it’s because she was prom queen.” Her fingers waggled in the air, “I have a theory that it fosters an unhealthy superiority complex over other women.”


She stopped him, “Will you allow me my unfounded prejudices, please?”


“You’re back in Metropolis. Ace reporter for the Daily Planet. You would find some exciting and well-publicized way to risk your life eventually.”


“The other you of the other us,” she replied. “You just cast aside one woman,” she gesticulated with her hand like a fishtail, “run off with another?” She chucked her cheek. “That seems kind of flaky.” She looked sad, weighing it all up, baiting him, “I don’t know if the other me’d be interested in that.”


And that whole speech about how they were destined? Please. Puddle. Of. Goo.


"You’d drop the F-bomb? Just out of the blue? With no warning?” Lois looked incredulous.

HAHAHHAHAHA I love that in this instance F means FARM HA!


His shoulders lifted to his ears, “I dumped the hypothetical her to marry the hypothetical you!”


This one was one of my favorite favorites:

"After a series of blinks, Clark rolled his lips. “I’m not sure what part of our domestic life could possibly be improved upon by either one of us making jams.”


He looked adorably concerned that he might have hamfistedly squashed down a hidden dream that Lois had just let out into the light, “We could do it together?”


“A blatant swipe like that? Right at my competitive instincts?”


“Let me tell you something. When I’m done with you, those stars out there are not the only ones you’re going to be seeing.”

In conclusion I love you. I love your writing. I am going to kidnap you and force you to write stories all day long.
girlinflux chapter 1 . 8/31/2009
This is great. Love the way you have them really be honest, playful and direct with each other. All couples have moments when they need that reassurance and Clark gives his easily and willingly to Lois. Neither gets defensive and it's just easy. Loved it.
lilbit4 chapter 1 . 8/30/2009
Oh how I love this story some how some way I need more, WOW
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