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EvilBunny chapter 7 . 12/4/2002
this is bloody brilliant! i really just want to sit and keep reading, but i have this paper to write...

Ranma's plan to get rid of his problems was completely unexpected! good show! and the way you kept the different parts from coming all together, and i even love our witch doctor, although usually i don't like invented characters. somehow he's just perfect and adorable. i even like the random song lyrics at the beginning of the chapters (alright, so i'm sure they aren't random, but carefully selected) so brava!
Jonas M chapter 16 . 11/25/2002
Ah..well...its me again. Better late (even very,very late) than never, neh ?

This chapter was great just like the preceding ones. In many ways this reminded me a lot of "24", the FBI-thriller tv-series where everything happens in Real-Time. Just when you are getting deep-deep into the story the whole thing is over and you wonder Who the Hell, stole your last 60 minutes.

The "Support Group" sounds like a real riot, the situation with Kinyou, Kodachi and Ukyo is getting steadily more interesting, the "Chinese Connection" is once again on the move, Kasumi could use a visit from , Ares is lose in Nerima, Nabiki is plotting and all is well with the world. Hmm...perhaps not that last part. Anyway, this is going just great so now all Im hoping for is that it KEEPS going!

The last time my review seemed to produce a new chapter as if by magic, so Im keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh yeah, in case you dont read this until much later... Merry X-mas ! or possibly...Happy [Insert Name of Holiday Here]!, whichever comes first.
Miaka Kiri chapter 16 . 11/21/2002
P I'd just FINALLY found the story again, K? I went through 70 pages of listings looking for it (because stupid me had forgotten the title) and then found that it hadn't been updated. So of COURSE I had to review and complain! Will you be finishing the story now, though? I really hope you do, because I REALLY want to find out what happens...*_*
Kung chapter 16 . 11/5/2002
Great stuff moreeeeeee!

mhairiraven chapter 16 . 9/30/2002
Wonderful story I can't wait to read more from this author. :)
Ushio chapter 16 . 9/30/2002
About time you got another chapter of this up.
Ryoshu chapter 16 . 9/30/2002
nice to see a new chapter from you again, and i hope to see another new one sometime in the future. thanks for sharing and i really like the support group idea for the 'cats'. very amusing. plus i look forward to seeing what shampoo has planned for akane.
Sterling-Ag chapter 16 . 9/29/2002
Hello there,

This is a new fic for me I just started on it tonight and I have read every dang chapter. It has been nothing short for GREAT. I can't wait to see the next chapter or 12. It's real hard sometimes sorting through all the thousands of fanfics that are out there skimming through multitudes until you come across something really worth your while. I just want to say that this work is a real gem. I have enjoyed it immensely and thank you for your effort.

Also I have noticed a few (not many) spelling errors and some misused words. NOTHING compared to some of the fics out there. But if you'd like someone to help you with any editing I would be pleased to help. I really don't have a lot of time at the moment to do any writing myself, at the moment. But, I do have the time to help out with a little editing if you are interested. Mind you this is not an insult. Your writing in this story has been superb. It is just a friendly offer if you are interested.

Once again, Thanks...
lija chapter 16 . 9/29/2002
You're back! Yay! Was afraid that this story was going to discontinued. Thx goodness it's not. :)

This chapter reminds me of a little interlude before the action. No cliffhanger or anything. :) Anyway, the only problem that I can see is that you still using certain words that sound the same yet have different meanings. An example is '...stepping on the break...'. The word should have been brake.

The appearance of Shampoo and Mousse is a nice surprise. Wonder what she have planned... BTW, write a sidestory between Kinyou and Kodachi only if you want to.
Foxboy chapter 16 . 9/29/2002
'Bout time ya posted again! *Looks nervously at own reviews on "The New Guys"*

This'll be an interesting support group, tho'. The funny thing is, when Ranma's able to become human again, he might help Spike out. A little Maoniichuan for his object of desire . . . HAHAHA!

Welp! Just keep on pluggin' away at it. You might just finish this thing!
Vivi chapter 16 . 9/29/2002
Argh! Just as I thought I was going to get to read a bit more on the story, your chapter ended! *Sigh* Hope you write more next time.
ordnance11 chapter 16 . 9/29/2002
Well done. One of the more entertaining stories of ranma 1/2 of the net. The idea of a self-help group was funny. Your subplot of a romance between Kinyou nd Kodachi is touching.

Ranma is coming back. But there is always a price to pay for such help. What are the reponsibilities and duties of a hunter? And what sort of foe is required for such a guardian? (Jaeger is the German word). That also denotes an elite unit if I recall correctly.

What sort of surprise are you planning to spring on Akane by Shampoo? And the complications of Ranma comng back to life for Shampoo and Mu Tsu?

As between shoosing what sort of least you did your duty...
Miaka Kiri chapter 15 . 9/17/2002
Aw, man...all that time and effort I spent FINDING this story, and you haven't even bothered to update it since the last time I read-which was in APRIL! I couldn't get on ffnet all summer, so I'd figured the story would be almost complete by the time I finally got back...but NO, it isn't even one TINSY bit further than it was!

OK, sorry to bother you with that complaint. Just kinda needed to say that. Anyhow, the story is GREAT so far, but you have GOT to finish it! Otherwise the suspence is gonna kill all your readers!

Where was Ranma-neko sleeping, anyhow? I would've thought Akane'd take him to bed with her...unless she took P-chan back from her sister? Speaking of locating people, where DID Tatewaki disappear too? Also, Shampoo-chan mentioned that she was gonna come back to visit Japan, this time bringing gifts for her 'sister' she likely to show up anytime soon? Ranma seems to be getting a little better about his alliurophobia ('scuse me, I probably misspelled that) but is that just a facade? Or is he really doing better? I can hardly wait to find out what Pepe has to teach Ranma...*_* And how good Kasumi is at keeping the secret (if Tofu-sensei told her...). And if Akane gets any better at figuring things out/finding things out...(By this, I mean is she gonna find out about P-chan actually being Ryoga anytime soon? Either through physical revelation of his curse or through someone happening to tell her?)Gah! PLEASE update soon!
Jonas M chapter 15 . 9/8/2002
Wonderful Story !

I have to admit it took me a looong time to "get a clue" about this story. First of all I thought the summary with "Ranma eliminating..." hinted at something more gruesome (propably involving axes and lots of insane giggling). After I had finally decided to try reading this story anyway I came across Ranmas Death... and stopped reading shortly after that. After all, I felt I knew what would follow (I have seen Ghost), propably tons of angsting and traumatic stuff and then it would all end with Ranma "Stepping Into The Light" waving a last goodbye to Akane cuzthey both had to "Move On" (with violins playing in the background).

As of right now, I feel both really happy and really stupid. Third time WAS the charm, this time I kept reading and discovered a SUPERB story behind all of my misconceptions. Great humour, great characterisation, great dialouge etc. etc. etc.

Please Continue This ASAP !
Sparta chapter 15 . 5/4/2002
This is a great story that only seems to get better with each chapter. Cant wait for the next chapter
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