Reviews for A Family
minerva's-kitten chapter 8 . 9/6/2009
(sighs) Thank goodness. I was starting to think she would leave and Min would go into depression.

Min's a good mummy she would let Hermione be left out.
preached chapter 7 . 9/4/2009
Brilliantly written..

I got to admit that seriously, a MMSS relationship never cross my mind before, and you have done it rather beautifully. Although the students (including Harry and Ron) might have thought that Hermione and Snape must've gone bonkers for all that actions.. (no offences)...

And, please update soon... D
minerva's-kitten chapter 7 . 9/3/2009
Who a girl! I love babies girls they are so adorable and I think Hermione would be better with a baby sister.

Awesome little chapie!
crowned tiger chapter 7 . 9/3/2009
aww such a cute short little chapter, I can't wait for more and thanks for the dedication :)
CYMKK09 chapter 6 . 9/3/2009

Wait for your next chapter!
Mrs. SRE Snape chapter 1 . 9/2/2009
Severus seems a little OCC, but it sound cute
Melora chapter 1 . 9/2/2009
For further writing, you may be interested in this site:

w w w . geocities sapienti_university_of_magic (without the spaces)

It's a role playing site based on the Harry Potter world.

Either way, good luck with your writing and I look forward to reading more.

Melora Brockert, SUM student
minerva's-kitten chapter 6 . 9/2/2009
Precious. Just precious my dear it was wonderful!
crowned tiger chapter 6 . 9/2/2009
Minerva's letter was beautiful, I'm so enjoying this story and I can't wait to read more :)
minerva's-kitten chapter 5 . 9/2/2009
AW sad nightmares?

But yay they're going to take Hermione back! Woot!
minerva's-kitten chapter 3 . 9/2/2009
Oh cool. Wait so Hermione is eleven then? She'd have to wouldn't she for Minerva to be able to pick her up...or have you been playing with he time lines of their ages? XD

Interesting little story.
CYMKK09 chapter 5 . 9/2/2009
Lovely chapters,it's great to see them together!

Please update soon!
crowned tiger chapter 5 . 9/1/2009
aww poor minerva... but yay hermione has parents I can't wait for more great job dear :)
crowned tiger chapter 4 . 9/1/2009
aww I great chapter, i can't wait for more..i hope Hermione will start calling them mom and dad... so cute ok hehe.. good job dear
Mary McGreggor chapter 3 . 8/31/2009
Awsome chapter. I am so happy you update really quickly. I love seeing these three together as a family, and I am looking forward to seeing Hermione's reaction when she finds out that her mother is pregnant. :) Chapter two was also amazing, sorry I forgot to write a review for it.
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