Reviews for An Opportunity Presents Itself
Sophie Michard chapter 13 . 5/31
So wonderful to see Legolas able to stop himself before doing lasting arm to his shoulder.

And Thranduil accepting the fact that his young son has grown up. :)
Sophie Michard chapter 5 . 5/31
He's really a skilled archer... but so much in troubles, now.
Sophie Michard chapter 3 . 5/31
He he ! nice encounter, and Legolas may participate in this contest.
Sophie Michard chapter 2 . 5/31
Well played, Legolas and Glavreth. Funny moment.
Sophie Michard chapter 1 . 5/31
It seems hard for Thranduil to understand that he's wrong... Legolas needs his freedom.
Effie17 chapter 1 . 1/2/2017
Great first chapter
Effie17 chapter 5 . 1/2/2017
Great chapter
JulieArchery107 chapter 13 . 3/29/2016
Awesome story :-D wish it had a sequel though...
palantir chapter 8 . 9/7/2015
This is a fantastic and beautifully written story and I loved the way you write how Estel and Legolas met. This was an entertaining read and constantly engaging, full of little twists and quirks and humour. This is indeed a rare gem among others and I thoroughly appreciate your efforts to see it to the end! I would love to read more of your other stories.
LegolaslovesME chapter 2 . 9/3/2015
Nice! I like where this is going.
LegolaslovesME chapter 1 . 9/3/2015
Thranduil and my mother should get together sometime. No,seriously, that was such a coincidence for me. 'your just a child. I know what's best.' sound familiar? I hear it every day. Sorry. Rambling. Galvreth is right, about what will happen, if Thranduil keeps this up. Anyway, nice writing, and interesting plot. I look forward to reading the rest. This could be interesting.
HassleCastle chapter 1 . 9/18/2013
You write very well. A perfect arc of beginning, rising action, climax, and falling action. And yet you manage to maintain unpredictability. Hats off. I also love the emotional tangle you present in tthe beginning and so patiently untangle throughout the story. I love that you do not fall into the trap if making it too angsty or a series of dramatic occurrences. I live the feel that each event in your stories is logically connected to your previous ones and thought out far in adavance. And I have to sat that your writing has steadily improved. This story is so much better in quality then mortal thoughts, though that was pretty good too. I hope u write a sequel to mortal thoughts or at least find a few favourite authors and stories on fan fiction.
dark11krad chapter 13 . 1/22/2013
I loved every moment of this story! It's quite original and humorous-I've read quite a bit of Legolas-centered fanfics on this website, but I had yet to encounter something like this. (I must admit that I have a habit of writing reviews only for the stories which I consider to be very, very good... *laughs*) I enjoyed the hints about a certain prince's identity between his "keepers," the friendly banter between Estel and Legolas, the moments of Orc-fighting action mixed with the trials at the archery competition, and the like.

It was well-written, and there were moments where I laughed because of the dialogue between two characters. Wonderful fanfic, I say! Thank you for writing and sharing.
ConfusedPumpkin23 chapter 13 . 8/31/2011

Legolas and Aragorn never stop getting in trouble, do they? And you can really tell that Legolas is young here, especially how he does things impulsively, and is quite reckless when it comes to having an adventure. And it's very good how you showed his inexperience in actual combat; as an penneth, he would have all the fighting skills but little of the split-second battle instincts that come from a real fight. I can also see how Thranduil wants to smother Legolas to keep his precious golden son safe, and how his youngest would rebel against the confinement. All in all, I like the characterisation very, very much. You did a wonderful job here, and I was entertained all throughout the story.

So, whatever happened to Tsthar? I imagine that he was met with disgrace when he returned to Mirkwood.
Elvish Lightsaber Dancer chapter 13 . 4/10/2011
I had thoroughly enjoyed this story of yours. Enjoyed it so much that I waited until the end chapter to review. Well done.
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