Reviews for A Good, Good Year
Guest chapter 13 . 9/10
Hey there I just want you to know that I really love this fic and I can't wait to see where it ends up going. Keep up the great work it is definitely interesting and I will have this story bookmarked for a long while.
Cookie-chan99 chapter 13 . 9/7
Guest chapter 13 . 9/6
Loving the SasuHina fluff in this chapter, can't wait to see how it progresses.
Ignore the haters, they have no life and no concept of 'fiction'. Such idiots.
Guest chapter 13 . 9/6
Don't take the hate reviews personally. They troll and write the same message to all SasuHina writers. They can go shove it. I'm enjoying this story immensely!
guest chapter 12 . 8/21
No one wants this shit, Ashley. Kill yourself, virgin.
Saki-Hime chapter 12 . 8/21
LOL very good.
Guest chapter 11 . 8/7
Glad you're back. Any update is better than none! Can't wait for the next chapter
farahb chapter 11 . 8/8
Hey! Thanks for replying to the question about the languages! Also just realised my last review barely made any sense lol. I don't even know what I was trying to say. Sorry about that haha!
Really looking forward to the amusement park scenes! Hopefully some more SasuHina interactions? :D

Good luck with your new job btw!
Saki-Hime chapter 11 . 8/7
LOL didn't expect Hinata today have it in her to act like that, very good.
SumoTheGreat chapter 11 . 8/7
I love this! It's genius.

"I don't think Naruto would be a good shinobi." (oh, the irony!)

"I nicknamed Hinata 'sunshine'." (Since Hinata basically means something along the line of sunny place facing the sun)

I love it! Keep updating ;)
Cookie-chan99 chapter 11 . 8/7
I really enjoyed the chapter!
Icanfeelitinmygut chapter 11 . 8/7
... I don't think I can wait that long though, but I'll try...thinks about Sasuke in diapers *
farahb chapter 10 . 7/26
Awwwww my baby Hinata! How can Sasuke speak to get like that?! He better apologise in the next chapter!
Btw are they supposed to be speaking Japanese in this story? Or does speak with them?
farahb chapter 9 . 7/26
Loool I find Sasuke's behaviour so funny you know. So he actually is scared of his father haha. Trying to be so tough lol.
PeinAkatsuki chapter 10 . 7/21
sasuke is so mean but i hope he can realize his fault and what is it? neji is a liar or what? keep updating...
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