Reviews for The Legend of NamikazeUzumaki Naruto
ethan.lukkar chapter 16 . 7/6
Magnificent chapter can't wait for more please update soon.
Guest chapter 16 . 6/27
Please update
Guest chapter 7 . 6/25
Honestly I was liking this fanfic until i realized the amount of women in The harem and that trully turned me off. Dude really! I get it it's fanfiction but harems or pairing of more than two is just plain annoying there is no character development and frankly disgusting. That and you have an near to immortal fox lusting after a 5 year old with parental approval.
Voltrasin chapter 16 . 5/23
Please continue.
awefanfic chapter 16 . 5/2
please update soon!what would happen now?when would gaara and naruto meet?
Guest chapter 16 . 4/21
Please update
Guest chapter 16 . 4/5
I know its an old fix but if please consider continuing it
Annabell242 chapter 16 . 4/1
damit another gem of a story abandoned at it's prime by the infamous author~ Cock block no jutsu!~
my 2 guys chapter 1 . 3/26
that was good keep the chapters coming
Squarekiddo chapter 3 . 3/5
That is WAY to many girls... theres no way you can have a relationship will all of them, I guess I get it if he simply fucked them all at different times of his life but an honesty to god relationship? theres no way, sorry.
Squarekiddo chapter 2 . 3/5
Enough! are you some kind of weird perv? I mean seriously what kind of person writes a 5 year old thats a charmer, and blushes by flirting, that he SOMEHOW understand. Hell the whole concept of this is crazy his 5 years old dude. if I ever saw a 5 year old kid walk up to someone in a store saying calling her beautiful, and asking what someone as pretty as her is doing here, while blushing at her smile. I would literally call the cops cause theres something obviously wrong going on in his life.

now granted Naruto dosnt get any affection in his life so far, but I dont see why that would accelerate in this sort of way, in fact I can only see it going the other way around.

there. I had to write this, almost every writer ignore age for the simple fact that they want to establish relationships early for the readers, but it just comes across as disgusting.

Ill review more seriously once Ive read more of the story, would be fair to review the story itself before actually giving it a try.
NIGHTSHADE180 chapter 3 . 2/9
the fifth mizukage is mei terumi
the-Jack-of-swords chapter 3 . 2/8
46 girls now that's a massive harem
Astroman1000 chapter 16 . 2/3
Well it's been years so I doubt you'll even return o this site to look at this review but I will still say it. This has been one of the better harem fics i have ever read and I really wanted to see how the rest of it would go. Not to mention the writing and flow of the story were spectacular. We still haven't seen him get Tsunade! And what about being King and stuff! Argh oh well maybe one day you'll start writing this again, I can only hope and pray.
Can't wait
Thx ;)
qwertypous chapter 2 . 1/30
this story was written in the year 2009 write? how the hell did you not know the real reason of the kyubi attack?
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