Reviews for The Girl Amongst The Wolves
Spidey2 chapter 38 . 4/7
Awesome story!
Guest chapter 38 . 3/24
OH MY GOD. You have to update! PLZ don't do this to me I have to know what happenes! Please please! This story is amazing! Keep going and PLZ update! Great I sound like a parrat! Love ur story!
Melda91 chapter 38 . 3/9
I love this story please update
Guest chapter 38 . 2/24
Could you please update. Pretty pretty please with cherries and sprinkles and chocolate on top.
luizan chapter 38 . 2/22
Hello? Please, continue! I need to know what happens!
sullivan89 chapter 38 . 2/16
Umm any chance of finishing this?
purpleVampire22 chapter 38 . 2/2
So i just read this in two days! I really need you to update as soon as possible! I need to know what happens next!
edger2deadly chapter 38 . 1/23
Omg I'm really into this story when I realised its the last chap, I REALLY REALLY hope u update soon I can only hope since u last updated in 2012. Plz update soon this story was getting very very good.
Guest chapter 38 . 1/12
Please update some time soon! You're killing me just leaving it like this!
Guest chapter 38 . 1/4
Update please you already let me down with your other fenrir/Hermione story (hidden, lost found) because they didn't end up together this is my only chance for them to end up together.. Please update im giving up this story by March if you still haven't updated :(( because it's too heartbreaking waiting for something that won't happen
Guest chapter 38 . 12/30/2014
Please update! I love this story and really want to see it continue! Hope you are ok.
kaylafillpot chapter 7 . 12/28/2014
Update soon
YAYA Kitsune chapter 38 . 12/25/2014
please please PLEASE, update soon! please. Thank you for being an awesome person and writing this too.
1stSoulVamp chapter 38 . 12/11/2014
Please continue!
FlooCauldron27739 chapter 37 . 12/1/2014
please update. i dont care if its just one more chapter left, i need to know what happens. Its awesome that you've left it as a cliffhanger, just not that you left the cliffhanger there for 2 years
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