Reviews for Unspoiled
Guest chapter 1 . 8/8
My friend just shared with me a book I should read. She said it's by someone who wrote InuYasha fanfiction and she knows I used to read it a lot. (I still do. ) IT'S YOU! YOU ARE ONE OF MY FAVORITE FANFIC AUTHORS AND ONE OF THE MOST TALENTED WRITERS I'VE READ! And I majored in creative writing and started reading your stuff when I was super stuck up and judgy. CONGRATS!
4Eva Dreaming chapter 100 . 8/8
Ohhhhhh such a sweet precious ending!
estefania chapter 100 . 8/5
Es mi tercera vez leyendolo. Me llevo dos dias pero valio la pena. Lo he disfrutado todas las veces. Una historia muy linda de verdad. te animo a seguir escribiendo mas historias. y si utilizas a inu no taisho como pareja de kagome la leere de seguro. porque esa pareja me encanta tambien. gracias lo disfrute.
Toly chapter 100 . 8/3
Hola! Que bella historia escribiste me gusto mucho es la segunda que leo de tu creación espero que sigas escribiendo
Guest chapter 100 . 7/27
I. Have been looking. For this bitch. Since 2010. Couldn't remember the name, didnt even know what happened after Kagome finally got through the well. Now it feels like my 6 years of depression have been cured. Fuck.
the Honeycomb chapter 18 . 7/20
There are many precious moments within this story, but even after reading it multiple times I think my favorite is still the Ear Check Compromise. And yes, it's a big deal so it has to be capitalized.
Guest chapter 100 . 7/9
Awww 3 love it!
gaurdianfairy chapter 100 . 6/21
I know, I am more than a decade late with this fanfiction but I enjoyed every bit of it, You are an amazing writer. This is definitely one of the best fanfictions I have ever read in my 20 years of life.
nicoll.nara.94 chapter 100 . 6/13
Thank you so much for such a beautiful story, you really brought a different side of the caracthers without loosing their true essence, I really enjoyed it and I taste every single word you wrote, you are an amazing writer and you made me really thankful... Also you helped me to improved and add new words to my vocabulary, I am Peruvian and English is my second language... So many many thanks, hope you kept your account and read this, because I really want you to know that THIS was best fanfic I ever read. I send you the biggest hug, for give me more stories about this anime that I love so much
Chrispt chapter 39 . 5/30
I absolutely love this story but so far chapter 39 has been my favorite. I've reread it twice and Sesshomaru song was just amazing. Hats off to the author very well done.
undercelestialstars chapter 100 . 5/24
The first time I read this, I must've been... 12? 13? Young and stupid, for sure. Recently, I went through all of my old "favourited" fics, and I happened on this one.

Honestly, I don't remember many of the fics I've read from ffn, but your stuck with me. I finished rereading it in less than a day, and I've cried, laughed, smiled, and swooned a little too. Everything about this fic is what I aspire to be as a writer, although I tend to use ao3 nowadays. You are one of my favourite authors, and honestly? Your works were the ones that inspired me to write.

So thank you for this fic & your words, even though they're fairly old! I've got praises to sing about this, from your creativity to your characterization to just... everything :)
Rokizol chapter 100 . 5/22
Thank you so very much for GIFTING us this BEAUTIFUL story!
Rokizol chapter 100 . 5/22
Sad that the story ends! Thank you for GIFTING us with this BEAUTIFUL story! ️
Rokizol chapter 99 . 5/22
This chapter makes me happy!
Shion Lee chapter 100 . 5/22
Scratch that. THIS is my favourite.

Thank you so much the wonderful story!
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