Reviews for Unspoiled
Guest chapter 91 . 3/15
Yeah... this is when Kagome lost me for real. She seems really... oblivious in this story and a bit naive.
Seven chapter 100 . 3/15
This story has been incredibly heartwarming (and I apologize for not reviewing sooner) and has made me look forward to coming home everyday, snuggling up in a mountain of pillows and blankets, and just reading every word you have written! I look forward to reading more of your stories!
Scarlet Dewdrops chapter 9 . 3/11
YES! FINALLY! I spent the last 12 hours looking for this fic. (Granted, I got distracted by a couple others along the way. My bad.) I was so close to posting what I could remember about it on the 'searching for stories' section of Dokuga, haha. I suppose that's what I get for forgetting the title, huh?
isara-love chapter 52 . 3/7
How thoughtful of him, I like it, would seen more your stories about pair sessho and Kagome
isara-love chapter 4 . 3/7
Poor Kagome., she's is ill, sessho doesn't know anything about human,, he thinks humans are some pet
isara-love chapter 2 . 3/7
He doesn't know nothing about human,.
isara-love chapter 1 . 3/7
I like it, it's funny beginning.
Marie-S-Raven chapter 100 . 2/18
Oh my gosh, I love this SO much! You're amazing, thank you!
TheCannibalisticKitten chapter 100 . 1/22
Ahh, this was an amazing story! I truly enjoyed it!
TheCannibalisticKitten chapter 95 . 1/22
Yay for the reunion!
TheCannibalisticKitten chapter 85 . 1/22
I don't blame him for whisking her off so they can kind of settled some matters between the pair of them.
TheCannibalisticKitten chapter 80 . 1/22
My favorite had to be when he showed Kagome the baby since he was seventeen years old as well, it got a laugh out of me!
Second favorite might have been her fussing about her hair being brushed.
They all were good though, I really enjoyed them!
TheCannibalisticKitten chapter 75 . 1/22
I'm so nervous now..
TheCannibalisticKitten chapter 70 . 1/22
I was wondering when, or if, Kagome being a miko would be discovered!
TheCannibalisticKitten chapter 66 . 1/22
Congratulations examinee number seventy-seven lol!
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