Reviews for Unspoiled
Coolfire30 chapter 82 . 3/4
I'm trying very hard not cry...and very unsuccessfully at that.

The urge she must have had to tell The Inu no Taishou that he was to be injured and die under the hands of that dragon Ryuukotsusei and Setsuna no Takemaru...ahhh...It must have been almost unbearable.
Coolfire30 chapter 58 . 3/3

You're positively amazing at balancing Sesshoumaru's personality with his still child-like behaviour!

Not to mention how you manage to add in the little 'egg' continuity!
Coolfire30 chapter 39 . 3/3
This always... manages to make me sob. I'm such an ugly crier that I hope to god no one sees me.
Coolfire30 chapter 4 . 3/3
So...I'm back for the...hmm...5th time? And I Sesshoumaru is adorable in such a dangerous way!
And Then A Little Dash chapter 1 . 3/1
This is a story that I first found years ago. I never finished reading Inuyasha, and I never got around to watching the anime— but for some reason, this story has stuck with me for years. Every so often, I find myself coming back to read it again. The slow build of their trust in each other, and the pain of their separation... and the eventual reunion! It’s always struck something in me. Even better is that I inevitably forget some of the details, so reading it again is always exciting!

Point being, this fic has been on my mind again recently. I’m always a little worried that it won’t be around anymore, and I’m always so grateful to find that it still exists. Thank you for keeping it up all these years. I must have been in my early/mid teens when I first read this; reading it again, even now that I’m into my 20s, always feels comforting. I’m looking forward to starting it again tonight.
Zanahoriabaila chapter 100 . 2/16
I can't express how wonderful I found this ride. From the fluff and beautiful imagery to the intricately braid of time-travel that made this plot, and all the lovely feeling encapsulated throughout, it was exquisite. So much that I read most of it in a sitting, I found it that enrapturing. Thank you for sharing this diamond
Zanahoriabaila chapter 97 . 2/16
I'll quote Kagome and her mom, and say that my heart is too full too. That chat with Inuyasha game all the feels
Zanahoriabaila chapter 94 . 2/16
When they were talking about Hisoka being put in charge, I kept thinking about Kagome telling him "brains over brawn"
Zanahoriabaila chapter 78 . 2/15
Oh, lord. My heart. I'm in awe of the attention to detail to cause/effect and chicken/egg instances from the stable time snarl you put into your story, and how each and every one is like a dagger to the heart. So damn lovely.
Tahere-Ravenword chapter 100 . 1/23
Absolutely love this! Such a wonderful read! I ened up staying up late I got so enthralled in the story!
jlynnebass chapter 100 . 1/22
Very good story. You do a great job with letting things develop.
LimitedEternity chapter 98 . 1/19
The dynamic between the four of them is perfect, Hisoka's easy friendship, Shippo's mischievous ways, Sesshoumaru's steadiness. Lovely.
LimitedEternity chapter 90 . 1/19
Ohhh when she said he was her third option Hisoka didn't say don't like ya like that! Sorry, just mulling over everything I missed the first few times I read this.
LimitedEternity chapter 88 . 1/19
Poor Hisoka. I think he doesn't quite love her romantically, but he does in that way when you know you could love someone, but also know you can never ever have them. So you love them dearly but aren't IN love, and there is always a deep fondness for them there. I would have loved to have seen what a romance between them could have been like! I love how subtle it is, you see it in his actions, not words... Goodness just like Kagome said back in the beginning of the story, I just got that holy cow.
LimitedEternity chapter 48 . 1/18
Your Miroku is the golden standard for all Mirokus. I enjoy his quiet wisdom under all the bluff and bluster. When it counts he's there with something insightful to say.
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