Reviews for They Brought The End: Later Chapters
Xeelia chapter 3 . 9/3/2009
If Angel doesn't become Angelus then Spike won't need to work with Buffy to stop him and Dru won't leave him and so is Spike just not going to be there? Plus Jenny knows how to fix the spell, that's one of the reasons Angelus kills her. So Buffy and Angel can have their happily ever after? I guess you could always pair Dawn up with him, I'm a Spike/Dawn shipper anyway but it didn't seem like that is where you were heading.

Interesting...Can't wait to learn more!
Xeelia chapter 2 . 9/1/2009
Not a criticism just a my opinion.

Looks interesting but the Giles/Dawn thing bugs me. It's not the age thing, even at 30 she is much younger than he is, it's that Giles had really wanted Buffy to kill Dawn in during the Glory thing. Maybe an original character or someone from Angel, like Lindsey or Gunn, or Wesley he would be in her age range and still a watcher.