Reviews for Mixed Character Roleplay Quickwrite
fluffypenguinscandy chapter 1 . 9/7/2009
So... confused. xD But that was great. You got Wataunki's character right, and Doumeki's and Youko-san's. Which I wanted to ask, it is Youko or Yoko right? I didn't think it was Yuko... But anyways, was that Eragon? And Code Lyoko, and Danny Phantom (surprise surprise XD) although I don't recognize anyone else. Cooro... not ringing many bells. (I think it should..) And the Ninja boy doesn't really remind me of anyone either.. hm..

But I love how you described the action, and Youko's reaction. The characters (or at least the ones I knew) seemed really in character, and I like the suggested pairings. _ Update?