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HubrisP chapter 23 . 6/23/2016
Excellent work, as always.
Dizasteriffic chapter 23 . 6/23/2016
Hoooooooooly moly that chapter was BOMB! I couldn't put it down, no breaks. Seriously everything was so good! I wouldn't possibly know where to start, aw man I'm still reeling from how perfect everything was. I know you said you struggled with writing action scenes, but I want you to know I'm able to get amazing visuals from your action paragraphs, I can practically build the scene in my head shot-for-shot. Thats really impressive to me. Anyways I won't overwhelm you with a long review and I should probably go to freaking bed now anyways but as always I adore what you're doing and eagerly await any updates. Take care of yourself!
AzureMage chapter 23 . 6/22/2016
The amount of excitement that I felt when this came up on my notifications was only topped by how mind blowingly awesome this chapter was! I happened to be listening to Halsey's "Ghost" when I got the update and that song, plus the rest of the soundtrack, fit the story so well that it was scary.
Richard was such a fun villain for the short time that he was around, and I'm a little sad to see him go, but then so was Gaston and eventually they both had to go. Maybe it's because Jr was being held prisoner and Albedo fought to protect him in a scene so precious and loving that I almost completely forgot that they were in an enemy ship being shot at, in this chapter the overarching Beauty and the Beast theme was in its prime. Of course, our beauty IS a beast so for the most part Jr was able to look after himself, until the darkest hour when our Beast proved that if you mess with his heart, he'll rip out yours.
Action scenes can be a challenge when written rather than seen, but you always step up to the plate magnificently. I loved the descriptions where Jr slid down the shute and had to find something to grip before he fell, the tense scene where he's got both Richard and Hermann under the barrels of his guns, and my favorite action scene was when Jr took on the 3 soldiers and had to use his reflexes and the smoke from the machine to take them down, nearly getting caught when his trench coat was grabbed and then sacrificing the coat just in case they found it and tried to frame the kukai foundation for anything. It gave a good in story reason for why Jr switched to a new, shorter coat. And his sass as he gives the entire ship hell? Priceless.
I don't think that I can get across all of my feelings for the scene between Jr and Albedo. It was fairly short, but it was my hands down favorite thing of a favorite chapter. Just starting from the way Albedo enters the scene when Jr's cornered and on the verge of a Red Dragon freak out, wrapping himself around Jr protectively and easing him with his touch alone. Using his regenerative abilities to protect what's most precious to him, using what was his curse to shield his most beloved other half, risking Wilhelm's possible ire but doing it in a way that should be able to fall under "can't be around Rubedo physically". I figure only Kevin would consider that a breach of rules while Virgil slow claps for that brilliant gambit. The physicality of it alone is gorgeous, Jr trying to look past the helmet, look into Albedo's eyes, the way that the helmet falls against Jr's forehead because they want so badly to stay together but they can't if Albedo wants to win the game.
"You are my home." Ack. Just ack. Why won't you just kill me, the suffering is real, why can't they just be together.
Oh the mind fuck of the soldier underneath the helmet. Jr never gets a break, just a break in his sanity. He is one nightmare away from a mental breakdown I swear.
chaos you beautiful messiah you, always there to save the day. He and Jr deserve a long spa day from all of the nonsense that they go through without the machinations of white haired villainous immortals. The maneuver that gained them victory was excellent, Jr's channeling his power through the ES was reminiscent of Ep 1 doing the same with the Durandal and reminded me of a post that I read on Tumblr that examined that scene and how Jr needs a conduit to channel his power through.
This has been my favorite chapter so far and I shall enjoy reading it through again until the next update. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, it brightens my day immensely whenever I see the next part in this torrid story of love and insanity. I shall be eagerly awaiting the new chapters until we reach the epic conclusion!
Guest chapter 22 . 3/6/2016
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HubrisP chapter 22 . 6/22/2015
Excellent work, as always!
Fangs of Lightning chapter 22 . 6/19/2015
Finally got to catch up with this story, and it's still one of my favorites.

I love what you did with Richard. He's a character I've always liked despite what little is actually shown about him, so I'm glad to see him really fleshed out in such an interesting way here. It's kind of a shame he had to fall for someone like Albedo, but also oddly fitting for his character.
Dizasteriffic chapter 22 . 6/12/2015
Wow, this was such a good chapter, oh man. I'm gonna be thinking about this one for a while. I really love how you wrote Richard honestly, and that ending... so good. I wish I could say more, but this has been my favorite chapter in a while for sure. And I just wanna say how great it is to read new stuff from you so much more frequently! I look forward to reading more!
AzureMage chapter 22 . 6/11/2015
Of all the things that I was expecting, Albedo/Richard was not even in the top 100. I had to read the last chapter again immediately to look at the scene where Jr is taunted by Richard with new eyes. No fury like a lover scorned indeed. Though I wonder if Richard can even claim the title of lover considering that Albedo was only using him as a placeholder. Regardless, you made me care about a minor character within the span of one chapter and flesh him out in a way Xenosaga never treated him by half. Excellent character building! Especially since until at the very end Richard was his own entity with the ability snark with the best of them and hold his own even in the face of Albedo. When he shot back the line "Everyone except Rubedo" I laughed from deep within the depths of my soul even as I cringed in prep of the immenint beathdown. Sure, Albedo succeeded in beating the crap out of him but really the physical fight was a moot point because Richard won. Rubedo is the ultimate win button against Albedo even if he doubles as his berserk button, one only needs to be strong enough to mash it. Even with his regenerative abilities Albedo needed an ether drive after a burn that fierce.

It's a bit funny that Richard goes after Rubedo with such vehemence when it was Albedo's love for Rubedo that saved his life. It was clear that if not for the few similarities they shared Albedo would have been more than happy to end Richard's life. I'm quite surprised with the ease that Richard had taking a place next to Albedo and becoming his partner, among other things, but apparently family problems are the quickest way into Albedo's heart. Or bed. Probably more of the sex thing, because there's only ever been room enough in Albedo's heart for one and Nii-San ain't noticing him until the game time line starts.

Really, this chapter was full of the things I like. We get backstory, specifically Albedo's eternally interesting ode of his Ormus times, a fresh yet familiar character entering the fray, motive for the things that are going to follow in later chapters, Virgil being the perfect grumpy audience surrogate, the reveal that Jr's dream in the previous chapter didn't actually come from Albedo (intentionally, at least), great verbal sparring, an ex of Albedo's returned with a vengence, another villain to sympathize with (absolutely no one blames you for going after Albedo, Richard, absolutely no one who has heard the dulcet yet maniacal voice acting of Crispin Freeman), the follow up to chapter 14, and Albedo covertly sneaking onto the Foundation to send waves of love in Rubedo's general direction.

That last bit really got to me because of course it makes sense that Albedo would try to sneak a look at his beloved even if it's from far away like the stalker he is. The fact that no one in the Foundation ever realizes that he's been doing it is astonishing, but Nigredo probably wouldn't tell Rubedo about it even if he did know as long as Albedo kept his distance. It's unbearably cute and sad that Albedo would hang around Rubedo's favorite places for the chance of being in Rubedo's presence just for a little while and the moment Albedo runs at the prospect of Rubedo's arrival wrenched my heart. He knows that the best thing that he could do for Rubedo is to stay away from him but he can't help himself, he probably would have gone even crazier if he couldn't have those precious few seconds of being near him. The sheer amount of will it must of taken him not to take action in his younger years when he didn't have more control over himself! And the Ormus info on the Foundation. Oh my poor heart. As hated as he believes himself to be, he won't let anyone hurt his family, not Nigredo and especially not Rubedo. To protect them with such steadfast loyalty and to do it so well that no one has any idea that he's been doing it is wonderful. No one hurts his family but him!

Albedo and Richard's relationship was entirely believable and intriguing. It's an entirely toxic one that was doomed to fail but it was a wild ride for everyone. Poor Hermann struggling to do what's right by his friend and the desperate relationship that he has with Richard to the point where neither wants to be apart and how that changes thanks to Albedo's influence. I don't know what's wrong with Richard mentally but damn, the way he emulates Albedo and tries to make his madness his strength is something to behold. The differences to their insanity is something Im still working out fully. Albedo was already strong when he became mad, partially mad before UDO ever got to him, and his madness strengthens him. He's capable of cognitive thought and even philosophical thinking, able to rationalize the thoughts and motivations of others until they're wrapped around his fingers. Richard's cripples him despite his attempts to control it and his instability is only ever encouraged by Albedo. He's not a mutant bred for destruction like the URTVS are and thus lacks the abilities to make up for his fragile state of mind. In addition it seems as though his trauma was caused by the death of his family, possibly during the Miltian conflict rather than being touched by UDO so while his mind is more manageable he can't draw upon UDO's power like Albedo does. The two have a point of fixation for their madness; Rubedo and Albedo (because even when it comes to crazed lovers going after them with no hesitation they have to be the same even in that, stupid codependent adorable babies). Both recipients of the love are stronger than the ones chasing them and not about to let their chaser win without a fight if at all, but Rubedo doesnt egg Albedo on in the slightest. Albedo seems to want everyone to be as bonkers as he us since he views himself as a higher being, and the only one who exists on equal footing as him in his mind is Rubedo. I think a crucial difference between Albedo and Richard is that Richard deludes himself into thinking that if Rubedo is gone, Albedo will love him while Albedo knows that Rubedo loves him. Rubedo doesn't kill Albedo because in spite of everything Albedo's done he does care about him and Albedo doesn't kill Richard because it's fun, because he doesn't see Richard as a living being with emotions but as a puppet, a toy to play with and discard as he chooses. Rubedo can eventually return Albedo's love the way Albedo desires him to, but Albedo is incapable of returning Richard's.

On one final note (sorry for the length I have a lot of feelings when it comes to Albedo and his backstory) Jr and chaos's cameo was great. We see Jr as he entered the fic, acting drunk and happily goofing off with chaos indulging him serenely. Poor Richard, he can't even dream of getting on our dragon's level though his injuring Jr was quite a feat. Considering that Richard scratched Rubedo's lovely face in an attempt to murder him I'm amazed Albedo didn't have a bigger meltdown. When someone blows up their organizations spaceship leading to untold death and beats the offender to the point of near death it's actually progress, wow, Albedo you are fucked up. Poor Jr had no idea what was coming for him then and we'll probably not see him so carefree for quite some time, if ever again. Poor baby dragon.

As ever, eagerly awaiting the next chapter!
Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus chapter 21 . 5/11/2015
I’m quite impressed with the mech-action scenes in this chapter. Personally, action-writing isn’t my forte, so I’m always impressed (and admittedly a little envious) of people who really can write it. :) For me, action (especially JRPG-style combat) tends to get dulled-down in the written form, because it’s usually more exciting to watch action than read it. Your beginning A/N mentions this chapter being “rushed,” but faster pacing actually works in the action’s favor to keep things moving (literally and figuratively) and avoid boredom. I know I certainly wasn’t bored whilst reading chaos’ fight in this episode, especially since the segment was divided between chaos’ literal battle with Asher *and* his mental battle, constantly fretting about Jr.’s wellbeing.

Okay, I definitely did not expect to find Richard and Hermann in this story. Then again, when do I ever? Those two aren’t exactly frequent flyers in Xenosaga’s world. It’s rather refreshing to see them here, and you’ve piqued my curiosity about them and their relationship with Albedo. I also laughed when Richard threatened to “break” Jr. Hate to break it to ya, Richie, but you’re 21 (and counting) chapters too late for that. :P And we all know Albedo won’t take too kindly to anybody else horning in on his twisted territory. Oh yeah, I’m predicting plenty more fireworks to come as this story continues!

Speaking of the white-haired devil, I loved Jr.’s paranoia towards the end of this chapter, thinking (and perhaps hoping) that any minute Albedo would grace him with his crazy presence. “Yo, Rubedo.” Because, of course, Albedo has a knack for doing just that. ;) My big question is whether or not Albedo’s next appearance will be another nightmare, or the real deal. Jr. still seems torn/indecisive as to what he’ll do if the latter occurs (not that I blame the kid. You can’t exactly plan too far in advance when you’re handling someone as wild and unpredictable as Albedo).

Lastly, the brook sequence featured some of my favorite imagery; great contrast between the tranquility of the scenery and the madness Jr. beheld and felt. Once again, you paint a very vivid picture of Jr.’s complicated mental state, always keeping us guessing without totally confounding readers, too. Do keep the plot-twists comin', Tylida! :D
Izumi Hamasaki chapter 21 . 4/30/2015
Not gonna lie, whenever I see an update for this I freak out. In a good way. :) Looking forward to the next!
Dizasteriffic chapter 21 . 4/27/2015
Ummmmm oh my god? I somehow missed the last update, and was shocked (pleasantly!) to see that I had TWO new chapters waiting for me. Congratulations on your achievements! Cranking out chapters of your quality and length is no easy feat I'm sure, especially if you've got a lot going on in life. I'm not trying to be patronizing, you just deserve to be proud of yourself!

I'm so excited to read the next chapter. I can't imagine Albedo will be pleased with Jr.'s current predicament. I'm really looking forward to it! Can't wait!

Anyways I hope you're well! :)
AzureMage chapter 21 . 4/26/2015
An update! I was so happy to see this on my notifications. So this is short and sweet, but it looks like we're heading into significant tension that is Albedo related but not directly involved. It looks like a rough trip from here on considering that Jr.'s been kidnapped and Albedo's plans seem to be on halt since a nightmare would leave Jr vulnerable to the captors. I was thrilled to see the dream, especially since we know it's Albedo freaking out, but I was a bit sad that we didn't get to see him losing it in person because Albedo's freak outs give me life. I'm much like Virgil in that I love to see him lose his cool.

Now I forgot all about chaos' ability to breathe I'm space until you brought it up, so that was a great twist. Specifically a twist in the heart for chaos knowing Jr pointlessly sacrificed himself on his account.

While I don't have too much to discuss on the river bank dream, I felt that it was truly poetic. They're on opposite sides, one grasping violently, Jr sinking to the bottom unable to save himself, Jr being incapable of seeing or hearing Albedo properly. I wonder if Virgil is going "Hey, audience imput!" due to it being a reflection of his comments about Narcissus and how Jr wouldn't reach out like the reflection did.

From their first lines to each other and to Jr, the synapses in my brain screamed out "Are Hermann and Richard Audacity and Hesitance from 14?!" I thought that those two would've died, but if they are then this is just crazy. I need to go through this story with a fine tooth comb, nothing is unrelated! Everything that happens is relevant! Wow, Albedo's sins are coming back to haunt him by hitting him where it really hurts: Rubedo. Bet he never saw that coming.

I adore seeing and hearing about Albedo's post Milita and pre Xenosaga years because watching someone like him grow is so interesting and I feel a bit robbed that we never saw it in series. Seriously, a regenerating twincestous white haired Crispin Freeman voiced psychopathic teenager? If Albedo's teenage angst bullshit was as long as the Harry Potter series, it still would not be enough. Sure it would be mostly consisted of blood and gore and mad cackling, but it would be damn good literature nonetheless. Probably the reason why 14 is one of my favorite chapters.

Anyway, lovely chapter, can't wait to see where we go from here, Albedo's suffering should keep my soul well fed for a good few weeks. The closing line was truly a thing of beauty and summed up Jr and Albedo's entire relationship. I'll be waiting for the next great chapter!
Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus chapter 20 . 3/30/2015
No intermissions here. Unless you count how long it took me to actually send my reviews. ;

I’ll admit, when I first heard about Pleroma in this story, I immediately asked myself, “Didn’t Sellers destroy that place? Is there even anything left to investigate?” (If not, Jr. would be in for another crushing disappointment, wouldn’t he?). But of course, it wasn’t long before this chapter answered my burning questions. ;)

No worries on the amount of descriptions throughout this chapter. Technically, we know what Pleroma *looked* like…before Sellers blew it to bits. So it’s anyone’s guess that Pleroma looks like *now* and that’s where this story comes into play. It’s a whole different place, mangled and even more dangerous than before, so this chapter never felt as though it rehashed any scenic details we already knew. If anything, it’s interesting to read how different the ruins of Pleroma are. Not that Pleroma ever was a “pleasant” place in its glory days, but now it’s even creepier and you captured its ominousness perfectly. Jr. said it best: it has Albedo’s signature all over it.

And if you ask me, Pleroma’s silence was the creepiest detail of all. It’s waaay too quiet! “He wasn't quite sure what he had expected to find on the other side. Maybe he'd been expecting to find something or someone or really anything worth all of his careful planning and nothing like the strangely tranquil silence that met him.” I think I felt just as on-edge as Jr. throughout this episode. The tension’s practically palpable.

The church so reminded me of Jr.’s earlier nightmare, no doubt why the boy felt so attracted to that particular area in Pleroma. Again, karma!

Jeez, I’m spending a lot of this review just gushing about Pleroma, aren’t I? (You did such a great job with it!). But as for the rest of this chapter… I’m glad you brought up questions about Albedo’s life with U-TIC. “What had Albedo's life been like? How long had he worked for U-TIC? What had his position been? What weight had he carried and how in the hell had he made it off of Miltia in the first place?” I’ve wondered those same questions, myself, though it probably goes without saying that, at the very least, both Albedo and U-TIC used one another for their own gain.

I was glad that nobody tried to stop Jr.’s journey. No surprise, he wanted to go solo, and I *am* glad that people like MOMO and Ziggy stayed behind. The duo would’ve been assets to Jr.’s team, no doubt, both being more familiarized with Pleroma. Ziggy’s a powerhouse and MOMO can certainly defend herself, too. But in the end, I understand Jr.’s decision. Yes, he’s reckless and stubborn, but he also cares too much about his friends to drag them into his own mess...again, to boot!

But chaos is the perpetual godsend. :3 Not only is he strong enough to help protect Jr., but I melted whenever chaos lightened the mood whenever Jr.’s thoughts spiraled into paranoia. (I do adore chaos’ subtle sense of humor XD). And the boys’ more personal conversations brought smiles to my face—there are some things Jr. can only confide in chaos. And the seraph is so selfless that he’s happy to do "Whatever needs doing." My heart just squeezed when chaos said that. Bless him! He IS a true best friend.

chaos’ thoughts on young Rubedo and Nigredo were spot-on. “Inseparable,” and “indestructible.” Those are strong, yet unquestionably appropriate, words to describe the U.R.T.V.s. Especially Rubedo, you just know he’d climb the highest mountain for Nigredo, especially after "I lost the other..." *sniff* Way to make me tear-up there, Tylida.

Lastly, I couldn’t help but appreciate this line: “Jr. realized with no small amount of irony that his obsession with Albedo's death mirrored Albedo's obsession with his life.” I’ve probably said this before, but I’ve always believed that both Jr. and Albedo harbor their own degree of madness. Albedo’s mania is obviously more extreme, but you can’t tell me Jr. doesn’t obsess over his twin—we’ve seen how he behaves whenever Albedo is added to the equation. But now, it seems like Jr. is finally accepting his own obsession, instead of just assuming Albedo was the only mad brother. And for a proud person like Jr., it can’t possibly be easy for him to admit that he may harbor some of his other half’s craziness.

Overall, these few two chapters have broken a lot of ground regarding Jr.’s character development. He’s becoming stronger, I think, though time will certainly tell once Albedo (literally) reenters the stage. I know I can’t wait!

Keep up the awesome work, Tylida! :D
Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus chapter 19 . 3/30/2015
The first words of this chapter really hit me: “Surprise, surprise; Virgil had a heart.” Well, *of course* he does, else he never would’ve fallen in love with Feb in the first place (and if you ask me, he always had a soft spot for young Shion, too. He risked his life for her on Miltia, after all). To be brutally honest, I find Virgil to be the only Testament who seems to really understand what “love” is (or what love should be). Each Testament is bound to a certain someone, but Virgil is the only one who never abused the object of his affection/obsession (if anything, it was Febronia who inadvertently haunted HIM). Whereas Kevin, Voyager, and Albedo are all guilty of manipulation, revenge, and plain twistedness towards Shion, Ziggy, and Jr.

Isn’t it ironic how disturbed Jr. feels WITHOUT the nightmares? No matter how damaging Albedo’s nightmares were, Jr. obviously took a sliver of solace from them—else he’d feel 100% liberated by now. There’s just no easy solution when it comes to those twins, is there? Much of this chapter kept me guessing (in a good way) if what Jr. saw as real or not. I love stories that mess with the readers almost as much as messing with the characters. :) It’s a great writing technique!

My favorite parts of this chapter concerned Jr.’s dilemma regarding “what” he’d do if/when he finally found Albedo. It’s a decision (and responsibility) nobody should have to shoulder—and especially in Jr.’s case shoulder AGAIN. “What exactly did putting an end to Albedo mean? Could Jr. truly bring himself to kill his brother again?” We’ve already seen the devastation Albedo’s death wrought on Jr. T_T That’s why my heart continuously goes out to the boy throughout this fanfic. He’s suffered so much…

But beautifully in Jr.’s character, he’s never backing down. :) It was inevitable that he’d finally seek out Albedo once and for all. Plus, “Jr. held no illusions of 'fixing' Albedo,” only “bringing him home,” even if doing so was akin to opening Pandora’s Box. Those are the types of difficult decisions I’d expect from our determined little redhead! I’m so proud of him, yet at the same time I’m also experiencing déjà vu—Jr. said something vaguely similar about dragging Albedo back to the Durandal just before their final showdown, and look how that turned out. O_O; Karma can be such a bitch. Like I said, Tylida, your story just keeps me guessing. I haven’t foggiest idea HOW Jr. and Albedo will settle this affair once and for all, and I’m equal parts excited and scared to find out.

The word “transcendence” also piqued my curiosity in this chapter, and it really made me contemplate the Testaments. Really, though they’ve “transcended” mortality, they haven’t exactly “ascended” to a higher being because they’re all bound to certain people from their pasts. So it makes me wonder how “transcendent” Testaments really are…and if they’re any better off now opposed to their mortal lives.

Overall, I found this episode to be another thought-provoking installment. Although Jr. isn’t entirely “okay” and still suffering aftereffects of Albedo’s nightmares, he IS pulling himself back together to the best of his abilities. More and more we’re seeing signs of the Jr. we know and love, and that’s a great big step in the right direction for both him and this story. Such vital character development can only mean more good things to come in this fic. :)
Izumi Hamasaki chapter 20 . 3/17/2015
I saw the notification for this in my email and I seriously shouted "YESSS!" My cat looked at me like I'd lost my mind. xD
Anyway, the point is I love this story, thank you so much for continuing it. :) It's worth the wait.
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